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Beacon Applications for Retail Industry

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In Retail industry beacons are used to drive customer engagement, increase sales, or build loyalty through personalized marketing. Know more about beacons in retail industry and how it is changing its lanscape.

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Beacon Applications for Retail Industry

  1. 1. www.multidots.com Beacon Applications for Retail Industry
  2. 2. Beacons - At a glance ● Beacons are small devices that transmit radio signals using Bluetooth technology. ● Beacon technology allows apps installed on mobile devices to listen to signals from beacon devices. ● Hyper-contextualized content is being delivered to the users based on their location. www.multidots.com
  3. 3. Concept of Proximity Marketing ● Beacon technology uses this concept of proximity marketing. ● Proximity marketing is a wireless advertisement of the products based in a particular region or area. ● Advertisements can be received by only those individuals who wish to see them ● Distribution of advertisements can be through traditional localized broadcast i.e. BEACONS. www.multidots.com
  4. 4. How does Proximity Marketing work? www.multidots.com 0 1 0 2 0 3 Mobile application to be downloaded by target consumer Deployment of beacon in the area Bluetooth Enabled device at the location
  5. 5. www.multidots.com Conversations work best when you catch up at the right time Category by search Consumption Analysis Near-buy offers Internal Navigation and Floor Map Sub Checkout
  6. 6. Proximity marketing enhancing retail business ● A new approach of marketing for retail business ● Use of mobile channels to advertise content to consumers ● Clients/customers receive fixed messages when they are at certain place ● For instance, when a customer is in the proximity of your cloth store, he/she receives a message offering discount on a particular brand. www.multidots.com
  7. 7. Common Objectives of Beacon Application: ● Promote consumer awareness ● Use potential of differentiated data ● Focus on providing quality and relevant Content ● Transactional Data Analysis to form effective promotion strategy ● Maintain customer Loyalty and increase repeat customers ● Offer an integrated platform from coupons to counter sale www.multidots.com
  8. 8. Opportunities for retailers The impressive growth trend of beacon technology is due to the accessibility of wide range of fresh and advanced marketing opportunities. Retailers can benefit by: ● Provide personalized experience to customers ● Time relevant advertisement ● Impactful triggers at a particular region ● Better user engagement for the customer www.multidots.com
  9. 9. Things to do for Retailers ● Detection: Detect your customers at all the locations of your organization or retail outlet ● Insights: Gain valuable insights into the customers’ visits, walk-throughs and the dwelling time. Target those customers based on gained insights. ● Drive in Loyalty: Keep your customers engaged by providing proximity based coupons and offers. www.multidots.com
  10. 10. Reduce your overall marketing cost ● One time investment into beacon technology ● Quick design cycles get products to the market ● Enhanced range of beacons give more opportunities ● Operability between multiple vendors www.multidots.com
  11. 11. Increase footfall to your outlet ● Use Location based notifications to invite customers to enter nearby store. ● For instance, send welcome message, greet them when they leave or give rewards to them in the form of discount or coupons to motivate them to come back on your store. www.multidots.com
  12. 12. www.multidots.com Near mannequins Shopping Malls Food Courts and Restaurants Movie Hall and Art Galleries Advertising Boards Beacons mainly used in...
  13. 13. Do beacons really increase store sales? www.multidots.com 65% 59 % 24 % Retailers say they are able to target the customers efficiently with the help of beacon technology Of those who deployed beacons say they have registered a steady growth in sales Of the customers are opined of being more engaged in stores having installed beacons
  14. 14. Multidots Solutions Pvt. Ltd. C-202, Ganesh Meridian, Nr. Sola Over-Bridge, S.G. Highway, Sola Ahmedabad – 380060, Gujarat, INDIA +91-79-2970-8121 Multidots Inc. 2301 Gallows Road Suite 205, Dunn Loring, Virginia – 22027, United States +1-646-568-5447 inquiry@multidots.com inquiry.multidots www.multidots.com