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Vocabulary Instruction in Grade 4

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Vocabulary Instruction in Grade 4

  1. 1. Lada Martinez Benesova January 15th, 2014 ES Faculty Meeting, International School Manila
  2. 2. • Mastery of unit vocabulary is one of the essential requirements in understanding the concepts and terms of units of inquiry • Vocabulary strategies play a central role in our teaching • Vocabulary must be taught within a meaningful context
  3. 3. • • • • In the ESL enrichment classes In our Inclusion Lessons In our Literacy / Unit of Inquiry sections In Math sections
  4. 4. Unit of Inquiry Vocabulary Lists • • • • Media Literacy Migration Child Rights Scientific Process
  5. 5. Word Walls Posted in classrooms, the Grade 4 hallway as well as the Grade 4 ESL classroom
  6. 6. WOW: The Word of the Week • • • • Each week, students study one word Students analyze the structure of the word (prefix, stem, suffix) Students THRASS the word Students write a definition in their writing journals
  7. 7. Windowpane
  8. 8. ESL Vocabulary Harvesters
  9. 9. Grade 4 Vocabulary Activity Description: »Students are divided into groups of 3-4. »Each group is asked to find and to write down definitions of three words.
  10. 10. » The words and students' definitions are projected on the screen. » Each group comes up with a skit representing each word (students cannot use the word or a word that has the same stem). » Other groups guess the word.
  11. 11. »Exploitation– treating people unfairly and making them a victim; taking advantage of people in a selfish manner/ »Equality – being equal or being given the same value; being treated equally with others. »Peace – when there is security because there is no war or arguments »Segregation – separating people from each other based on race, class, religion, or ethnic group »Violation – the act of breaking rules or laws on purpose or by accident »Racism – thinking that one race (country/nationality/ethnicity) is better than another race »Discriminate – to treat others badly »Prejudice - a bias that prevents objective consideration of something »Compassion – having awareness and feeling sympathy for another person’s suffering »Poverty – state of having little or no money & possessions; being poor & not able to have the basic human needs like shelter, food and water »Empathy – when you identify with and understand someone’s situation and feelings »Injustice – the practice of being unfair; the violation of another's rights or of what is right; when there is no justice »Freedom – being free to act, speak, or think without restraint; able to do what you want »Stereotype – oversimplified idea or opinion about something or someone
  12. 12. Thank you for watching! benesoval@ismanila.org