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Hiermona God

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Hiermona God

  1. 1. God Written by Hiermona
  2. 2. Table of Contents • The Ten Commandments • Noah And The Ark
  3. 3. The Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments is very Mysterious Noah once went up A mountain because he heard Gods voice tell him to and told Him. I am giving you the ten commandments Noah said what’s the ten commandments? The ten commandments are rules that if you follow them when you die you will go to heaven. If you don’t follow them you will go to the bad place. So Noah asked why did you give it to me take The Ten Commandments and look at your village. He did exactly What God said then. He looked at his village and gasped! There was a statue and they were dancing and praying to a goat statue. That means they believe in the goat statue As god but not normal God and then he said look at the First rule of the ten Commandments. He looked ,and it said Do not obey any God except for me. So then he yelled from the Top of his lungs[he was at the top of a mountain wasn’t he.] Villagers God has given me something. The Ten Commandments. What is the ten commandments? One of the villagers said. It tells you all the rules that you need to obey to Get into heaven. We don’t care one of them said yeah yelled the rest. Fine then I shall destroy one of the most valuable thing on the Earth… Earth… Earth…KABOOM!!
  4. 4. The Ten Commandments continued… He dropped the ten commandments on purpose then he went back to up to the mountain and asked God for another stone of the ten commandments and God said sure he gave him another set of the ten commandments and this time he hided it and when he came back God said I know it is hard and that’s why I’m flooding the earth what!! You know it is goanna kill me to right It’s not. Because your goanna build an ark but what about my mom, dad, the animals, my brothers and there wifes.They will help you build it to and the animals you will have to choose. Every animal from each pack you will have to choose two zebras and two tigers. What will happen to the rest if the animals? They will either die or drown from the flood. Okay so how would you like me to build the ark? God gave Noah blue prints follow these exact blue prints and you’ll get everything right. Okay so he left and told his siblings. They believed him so they worked and worked intel they were done then they got every animal two by two from small to large and more and more. Then they got everyone in and then the flood started. It took days for the storm to stop, but it did and they knew because a dove is a symbol of peace so they went to land and a rainbow appeared and that was a symbol of God saying’ ’I will never destroy the Earth again’’ and he Kept his promise
  5. 5. Noah And The Ark Noah stored every kind of animals two by two. The rest of the animals died or drowned. One day Noah’s two cousins offered the ark a gift and got incinerated Into nothing. Did you know that the ark is made out of gold, silver, Diamonds, rods, golden crafted designs and other expensive stuff to. People think the ark was made In brown but they were wrong. People think the Ark is big but it is small and can be turned big. Once the people of Egypt find the ark. They kept it somewhere safe but then something horrible happened. Egyptian robbers set the Egypt castle on FIRE and robbed Ark for its treasures when the robbers took the ark they were never seen again people say the ark destroyed them I guess we’ll never know
  6. 6. About the Author The Author of this book is Hiermona. She is in third grade the author picked this topic because she is Christian and she loves God.