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Gaming Technology Presentation

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Gaming Technology Presentation

  1. 1. Group MembersUmer MeerDaniyal LatifAisha Minhas
  2. 2. Objectives Introduction History Consoles PC Consoles VS PC Advantage / Disadvantage Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction Peoples play games on console and pc for entertainment ,or tospend their leisure time. Pc is the major source of gaming, as compared to console, consoleis just a gaming platform while pc is much more powerful, and canoperate multifunction. Mostly gamers enjoy gaming on pc because in consoles gameshave glitches.
  4. 4. History The Magnavox Odyssey is the worlds first commercial home videogame console. It was first demonstrated in April 1972.
  5. 5. Consoles There are number of consoles in the world ,but the most famousconsoles are: PS1,2,3(Sony) Xbox360 (Microsoft) Wii, Wii U (Nintendo) Nintendo 3DS PSP PS Vita
  6. 6. PC PC is the major source of gaming, because it has the most powerful graphiccards and processors. Some of the most powerful video cards are NVIDIAGTX 690 ,ATI HD7790. Alienware & Falcon are the most expensive and powerful PC in the world.
  7. 7. Consoles vs PC
  8. 8. Console vs PCConsole Cheaper Low graphics Not upgradeable Limited PerformancePC Expensive High graphics Upgradeable Maximum performance
  9. 9. Motion Technology Motion technology is being used in consoles (Xbox , Wii), but inFebruary 2012 Microsoft introduced Kinect technology in PC andXbox. Sony also have motion technology for ps3(Playstation move).
  10. 10. Top Games Blackops2 grossed $1 billion in 15 days. Halo 4 record $220m sale in one day.
  11. 11. Top Games Dishonored Skyrim Battlefield 3 Hitman Absolution
  12. 12. Advantage and DisadvantageAdvantage Entertainment Something to do when bored Some games are educationalDisadvantage Failing vision less exercise can be addictive and take up toomuch of your time can cause stress issues when toinvolved gets frustrating after a while
  13. 13. Conclusion I like gaming in PC because PC has far better graphics than anyconsole and the controls of PC are better than consoles whileplaying first person game.