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  1. BALANCE • 1989’s balance short film is a German stop motion animated film • Directed and produced by twin brothers Wolfgang and Christoph Lowenstein.
  2.  This film depicts 5 individual character living on a small platform floating in space There are five individuals s tanding there with their b acks to one another. That suggests that none of the five people are speaking to one another.
  3.  they have a numbers in their jackets That making them one unit .Like they are a team. 5 of them was searching for something with fishing rod . puppets
  4.  One individual pulls a box onto platform and their actions disrupt the balance of the platform. Music box
  5. Imbalance The characters started battling with one another for the music box, as we saw.
  6.  Balance in our world
  7. In the end, the lone individual must maintain a balance with the box, which is well out of reach. greed selfishness and loneliness