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MAGI West Presentation from Dale Korth (Manager, Marketing and Recruitment, Clinical Trials of Texas). http://www.saresearch.com

Clinical trials patient recruitment and retention presentation given by Dale at MAGI West.

Dale Korth
Manager, Marketing and Recruitment
Clinical Trials of Texas

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MAGI West Presentation from Dale Korth (Manager, Marketing and Recruitment, Clinical Trials of Texas). http://www.saresearch.com

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  2. 2. Case Study 1 XYZ Research Site is awarded an Ulcerative Colitis study, the first of which their site has conducted. They are a standalone research site who, from a GI standpont, has only conducted a few IBS-D/ IBS-C studies, a diverticulitis study, a few GERD studies, and 1 Crohn's study in the past and are only working with a $2000 ad budget. They luckily contract with a local GI clinic, who will be performing procedures and are listed as SubI's on the study. Although the protocol is very specific, the GI clinic indicates they have 4 patients in their system, who seem to meet criteria (whew!...right?). Wrong. Patient #1 is well controlled, patient #2 is also well controlled, patient #3 had moved out of the state recently, and patient #4 is not remotely interested in research and is also well-controlled. (Why are our doctors SO good at their jobs?!) Great, now what? Prepare. Site XYZ has already started their standard recruitment process prior to even making these 4 phone calls. This process starts with the following: 1) Creating recruitment materials -- Flyer, Site-toPatient Email, Dr. to Pt. Letter, Online Classifieds ad, Google Adwords and Facebook ads, and a Press Release. This was all done once the Recruitment Manager, who didn't have much of an idea what UC was prior to the study, knew they would be conducting it. TIP 1 - Prepare for the WORST. 2) Database mining -- An obvious step. XYZ research ran a database search within their CTMS system to actively identify all subjects coded with UC, in the age and BMI range, and dropped them into the study roster. The site-to-patient email is sent out as an initial introduction about the study. Hopefully your CTMS or EMR system is capable of something similar to this.
  3. 3. free marketing options Budgetary limitations on recruitment funds is an issue we all run into. Whether you have ad money or not, you could probably always use more! There are a lot of free options though, such as: : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn (better for bus. dev.), and the list could go on forever. : Craigslist, Backpage, Ebay Classifieds, or whatever may be available in your area. They all (likely) have free sections and any chance you have to get your study in front of a subject for free should be taken. free marketing options : There's no reason you should ever not have a study posted to your website as soon as you have IRB approval for your ads. Even if most applicants may not qualify, it never hurts to keep "filling that cup". : Goes without saying, keeping your PI/Sub-I's informed and updated about enrolling studies is a must. They're your absolute best marketing options. Paid Ad Option$ When developing a paid ad, make sure you have first clearly defined your "perfect" patient. Every advertising medium has their positives and their negatives, so consider wisely if you want to utilize that entire budget on a TV ad or if you want to spread it out among other sources. Some of the mediums we've utilized in the past: Other ideas?
  4. 4. Be Creative...especially w/ Limited Budget An Adwords campaign can go pretty far on a thin budget. Use their paid ad campaign to direct people to your site for free!
  5. 5. Email Marketing An email marketing campaign can be one of the most effective ways to reach your database on a consistent basis. Perhaps a monthly email featuring your newly enrolling studies? Or one that speaks to the benefits of research and links to your current study page? Whatever it is, make it engaging. And keep "filling that cup" of subscribers. Opting In: How To Keep the Cup Full Every opportunity which arises to collect someone's contact information (especially an email) should be taken. If you have the capacity to contact subjects and take a brief medical history to code for future studies, great, and if not they are on your email list for all your future email blasts.
  6. 6. Is my website working in conjunction with my CTMS system? The importance of a user-friendly website that works in conjunction with your CTMS system should not be underestimated. Not only does this help you accurately track referrals, but it can significantly increase efficiencies as well as total amount of study applications. Your website/CTMS should be recruiting even when you aren't. Individuals are directed to the study flyer/application page or whichever page you decide you would like them to land on. Landing pages with higher quality scores help move your search above others, even if you pay less per click. IRB approved flyer → IRB approved press release (informative article - rich in keywords) →
  7. 7. → Track referral sources. Sponsors want to know what works and so should you! Comment section to list other med conditions can be a huge time saver when phone screening. → Dropped directly into CTMS system
  8. 8. Is my website mobile friendly? Which one do you prefer ? it should be. By 2016, 88% of all local ads will be mobile.