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ERP Lecture NotesMonojit BanerjeeLecturer, School of Management Studies, Techno India            List of ERP software pack...
SAP     SAP pioneered ERP. The company’s R/3 system is a family of integrated components such asproduction, sales and dist...
client-server model. Oracle Applications is used in over 76 countries and available in more than 29languages. It comprises...
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ERP Products&Vendors

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ERP Products&Vendors

  1. 1. ERP Lecture NotesMonojit BanerjeeLecturer, School of Management Studies, Techno India List of ERP software packages & their vendorsProprietary ERP softwareSl.No. PRODUCT VENDOR [1] 1C:Enterprise 1C Company [2] 24SevenOffice Start, Premium, Professional 24SevenOffice and Custom [3] abas ERP ABAS Software [4] Accpac The Sage Group [5] Agresso Business World Unit 4 Agresso [6] AMS Advantage CGI Group (formerly American Management Systems) [7] BatchMaster ERP BatchMaster Software [8] Enterprise Business System Made2Manage Systems [9] Epicor Enterprise Epicor [10] ERManager SuperNova Solutions [11] ERP LN (aka Baan) Infor Global Solutions [12] ERP LX (aka BPCS) Infor Global Solutions [13] ERP XA (aka MAPICS) Infor Global Solutions [14] IFS Applications Industrial and Financial Systems [15] JD Edwards EnterpriseOne & Oracle JD Edwards World [16] kVASy4 SIV.AG [17] Lawson Financials Lawson Software [18] MFG/PRO QAD [19] Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft [20] Movex Intentia [21] NetERP NetSuite Inc. [22] Openda QX Openda [23] OpenMFG XTuple [24] Oracle e-Business Suite Oracle [25] Paradigm Consona Corporation [26] PeopleSoft Oracle [27] Plexus Online Plexus Systems, Inc. [28] Ramco e.Applications Ramco Systems [29] MAS 90, MAS 200 and MAS 500 The Sage Group [30] SAP R/3 SAP [31] SYSPRO Syspro [32] mySAP SAP [33] Visual Enterprise Infor Global SolutionsFree and Open Source ERP software • Adempiere • Compiere • ERP5 • GNU Enterprise • JFire • OFBiz • OpenBlueLab • Opentaps • PostBooks • Tiny ERP • SQL-Ledger • WebERP Well known ERP software providers include BAAN, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP, collectively known to industry insiders as the "BOPS".ERP Products Page 1 / 3 Monojit Banerjee
  2. 2. SAP SAP pioneered ERP. The company’s R/3 system is a family of integrated components such asproduction, sales and distribution, controlling, and human resources, which can be used as a whole orindividually. R/3 is also Internet-compatible and can easily be combined with other types of software orcustomers’ own systems. SAP R/3 tracks financial accounting data within an international framework ofmultiple companies, charts of accounts, languages, and currencies, and is in use in more than 107countries. The complete suite of R/3 applications is available in 24 languages. While it complies withinternational accounting standards such as US GAAP and IAS, it also caters to local requirements. SAPhas developed an extensive library of more than 800 predefined business processes, spanning eachfunctional software requirement. These processes may be selected from the SAP library and includedwithin installed SAP applications, after tailoring the application solution to suit the user’s exactrequirements. The company has continued to gain market share despite stiff competition in the ERP market. It hasspecified the following growth engines for the future: • Constantly expanding and improving the R/3 family of ERP software products. • Developing and marketing complete, specialized industry solutions based on the R/3 system. • Broadening the product offering with new dimension products. These products shown below are business solutions that are independent of R/3 and span system platform, enterprise, and organizational boundaries: o SCM software o CRM software o Business intelligence software.PeopleSoft The company started its operations in 1987 to design client-server applications. In 1988, the firstproduct PeopleSoft HRMS for the human resources (HR) market was released and today commandsmore than 50% of the HR market. Currently the company provides e-business and analytic applicationsfor HR management, financials, distribution, manufacturing, and supply chain, along with a range ofindustry-specific solutions. The company has more than 3000 customers, and an employee strength ofmore than 6000. Its products include: PeopleSoft 7.5 PeopleSoft Materials Management PeopleSoft Manufacturing PeopleSoft Distribution PeopleSoft Financials PeopleSoft HRMS PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management People ToolsIn 2003, it acquired JD Edwards and hence became the second largest ERP vendor in terms of marketshare.Oracle Founded in 1977, Oracle Corporation, California, offers database tools and application products, andconsultation, education, and support services. Oracle Applications was among the first suites ofenterprise business applications that followed the Internet computing model. Each of the modules forfinancials, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, and front office automation is Web-enabled. The architecture enables companies to shift complex applications from the user’s desktop ontocentralized professionally managed servers. This drastically reduces the cost of deploying andadministering software, and enables the applications to be deployed over WAN more easily than in theERP Products Page 2 / 3 Monojit Banerjee
  3. 3. client-server model. Oracle Applications is used in over 76 countries and available in more than 29languages. It comprises over 45 software modules falling into the following categories: Oracle Financials Oracle Human Resources Oracle Projects Oracle Manufacturing Oracle Supply Chain Oracle Customer Relationship Management Oracle Front OfficeBaan Baan is one of the world’s leading providers of scalable enterprise business solutions. The companywas founded in 1978 by Jan and Paul Baan. Currently, more than 2800 of its enterprise systems havebeen implemented at approximately 5000 sites in more than 80 countries across the world. It has morethan 4500 employees worldwide. It delivers a comprehensive and flexible suite of enterprise businessapplications that address the complete value chain, from ERP and SCM to customer interaction software.The company’s flagship product Baan IV is a suite of open-systems-based applications for enterpriseinformation management. The software enables companies to manage all aspects of the business, fromsales forecasting and inventory control to manufacturing, distribution, and finance in one integratedenvironment.Ramco[Ramco Systems, Headquartered in Chennai, India]This is the only Indian product with a global presence. It provides personalized enterprise solutions for themanufacturing as well as service industries.Ramco Systems is in the enterprise software product market space. Ramco’s web-based CorporatePerformance Management & Business Intelligence product, Ramco DecisionWorks, is intended toaddress the enterprise analytic needs of services related businesses such as government, education andhealthcare, and asset intensive businesses such as aviation, logistics and utilities.Ramco OnDemand ERPSoftware as a service ERPSoftware as a Service (SaaS) is a model of delivering software applications to customers over theinternet. Ramco OnDemand ERP solution enables to integrate and streamline the business process intoone solution, which gives the customer total visibility and control of operations. SaaS takes away thehuge capital expenditure involved in an on-premise model. The ERP users can obtain the optimal usageof an ERP suite without buying the software. It is a subscription based model and the solution can bescaled up to accommodate multiple locations, currencies and business units. Ramco OnDemand ERPhas all the features required to run an organization; if customization is required, it is feasible as therequisite tools are available for customization. The customers find the application to be user friendly,more responsive and efficient enough to coordinate & integrate the business processes.Even though the global financial crisis (2009) has hit India, the growth story for Indian manufacturingremains robust. Therefore, India, with a growing economy and expanding manufacturing industry,provides a good platform to Ramco Systems to establish the necessary proof of concept for the product.The company is banking on leveraging the success of OnDemand in India to secure the necessaryfoothold in the global marketplace.The solution is powered on Ramco VirtualWorks technology that keeps the solution evergreen andconstantly tuned to changing business needs, also reduces the business cycle time hence maximizes onopportunities for growing businesses.ERP Products Page 3 / 3 Monojit Banerjee