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Place Positioning & Branding Toolkit

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City branding requires taylor made branding and positioning tools, since cities demands a more integrative thinking including extensives fields of interest. Fmcg models tend to discriminate while places requiere a more integrative thinking

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Place Positioning & Branding Toolkit

  1. 1. Place Positioning & Branding : Strategic Tools & developments
  2. 2. The strategic positioning of a city brand have to consider all the visions & outputs of the framework in order setting the key competitive vision in relation of a chosen frame of comparison
  3. 3. City Positioning Model whom Relevant target markets how what where City driving Competitive & dimensions & Competitive city frame differentiation opportunities Model o segment to compete city positioning statement why Key superiorities
  4. 4. City Positioning Process Targeting Strategy Summary City management Secondary representatives data Driving dimension opportunity Competitive windows Research & data Target collection 3D competitive workshop POSITIONING STATEMENT Frame Superiority promise Primary data City Branding Team Key Superiorities Discussion Hypothesis deliberation Conceptual alignment
  5. 5. City Brand Model The aim of this model is to build the content of the brand meaning (what) from the functional and emotional dimension in order to concrete the elements that will give uniqueness to the brand (how) and the way it will perform for the different targets (whom).
  6. 6. City Brand Building Model Why Competitive Strategic Framework What for Brand Positioning Whom Perceived competences Perceived engagement Brand RATIONAL Essence EMOTIONAL People Growth &Enjoyment : Leisure/Cultural DIMENSION DIMENSION What Performing & profits expectations : Business Core Brand foundations Perceptual City Brand Model Key Values How Performing Guide lines Unique personality Identity footprint ownables Durable Brand Idea Residents People Ownership & contributions
  7. 7. CBBM Process 1 Definition Brand key brand inspirational values essence POSITIONING Brand Foundations Main PERCEIVED Multidimensional framework COMPETENCES Quantitative Insights & Research social (performing and demands functional Projective + attributes) Motivational Target WORKSHOP Brand attitude Visual identity & Encounter & personality ownable profile footprints EMOTIONAL City Cultural Analysis ENGAGEMENT Knowledge (values creating Performing Guidelines involvement) EXPERT TEAM BACKGROUND BRAND IDEA DEVELOPMENT Exploration Themes/ BRAND IDEA Storytelling process territories Best Line
  8. 8. CBBM Process Travellers, Business Residents Targeting Brand Idea Brand idea Determine how the brand idea performs and fits in each of the target approach Relevant drivers descriptors Personal growth Economic Emotional Enjoyment performance engagement Leisure Stability & Ownership Tourism development
  9. 9. Strategic Communication Process Strategic & Marketing Communication Brand Planning Input Planning Process Platform Input What Where Who What for & How Communication Communication Communication Communication on Paid, Owned Targets Objectives messages & Earn media Communication Communication Communication Owned Media Paid Media Earn Media City owned media exposure Media Presence Content Development Guidelines & Orientation Media Relation ship Social Media