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  1. Audience survey based off my audience music like and dislike
  2. What type of music do you listen too? • This is the first question I have asked my audience. I wanted to know what type of music my audience like. Looking at this there is a lot of different genres, but a few people have said "punk and rock" this helps me as my music artist does this type of music genre, which means that these people would be interested in my documentary. • Indie music is also seen as alternative which means that they might also like my documentary.
  3. What makes you listen to that genre of music? • For this question I had gotten mixed results. One person said the "lyrics and the beat", the lyrics could be because they can relate to some of the lyrics. The beat could be drums, guitar or other instruments that creates that beat. One person has said it "helps with their mental health" and this is important as I want to talk about this in my documentary and a lot of young people would be able to relate to this comment. Another person has said the vocals, and this could be from a mix of different artists. One person said "best music" which means that they listen to that type of music because they enjoy it. Someone said "depends on their mood" which means when they are in a good mood it would mean that they would listen to music that would make them feel good. When they are sad, they would listen to music with deep lyrics or with a sadder tune or voice.
  4. What music genre of music do you dislike? • One person said mumble rap. This is helpful as my music artist does not rap which means that this person would like different music genres and could be pop punk. Someone has said drill music which is similar to mumble rap. • One person have said country music, and this is understandable as my age group wouldn't listen to that type of music. • Two people have said MC which can be hip hop in the modern age. This means they could like other type of music such as rock, indie, pop, pop punk and other music.
  5. What are your faviourite bands/ artists? • This question was essential for me to ask as it gives me information about what artists and bands people listen too. I have gotten a lot of different artists and bands that do different genres and overall different to each other. I have also gotten artists that started music ages ago and people in my generation and age bracket might not know much about unless they were grew up with that type of music, or they might have heard of them. • This tells me that they are more aware of music from ages ago rather than music that has been around for the past 5 years and now. This means that my audience could be aware of the punk genre as well as the genres they listen too. This does not necessary mean that they don't know any artists or bands that have been formed in recent years. • I have also noticed that there is a lot of artists and bands that more than one person have said. This could mean that artist or band is commonly known with people in this age bracket, and the genre of that music as well.
  6. What are your opinions on music documentaries? • I have gotten different types of answers which helps me as it gives me a wider understanding of what their opinions are. Two people have said that "they can help the audience connect with the artist more". I totally agree as it means that we see the artist in a different perspective and outside of the music world. This is what I want to show through my documentary. • Two people have said that they haven't see one before which could mean the artists, they listen too hasn’t made a documentary. Another reason could be they only want to listen to the music, and they might not want to get to know the artist more. • One person have said that they "quiet like them" which means that they could have watched some based off the artists and bands they listen too.
  7. Would you ever watch a music documentary? • These answers tells me that my audience would only watch a music documentary if it is about someone they listen too or who they know, and this is from the majority of people's answers. Less than 30% of people have said they wouldn't watch a music documentary, and this could be because they just want to listen to the music and not know the artist more. Another reason could be because there is not a music documentary that would interest them. For the people who have said "yes" this could mean that they also only watch them if it is on someone they listen too, or they could listen to them because they like to find out information about the artists and bands overall.
  8. How this research has helped me understand my audience • This information has helped me understand what genre, bands and artists my audience listens too. I have seen that some people either listen to the same bands, artists and genres. I have also learnt that some of my audience listen to punk and rock which is helpful as this is the type of genre my music artist does.