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Mohamed Tahseen CV

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Mohamed Tahseen CV

  1. 1. / Mohamed Tahseen Personal Details Address: Al-Zawia Al-Hamra, Cairo, Egypt. Et-11321 Mobile: 002-01111-464-293 , 002-01000-847-381 Email: MOHAMEDTAHSEENSWEELM@GMAIL.COM Nationality: Egyptian - Date Of Birth: February 4th 1992. Languages: Arabic (Mother tongue), English (Excellent). MARITAL STATUS: Single - MILITARY Service: Completed Education 2009-2013 B.Sc. in Commerce. Faculty of Commerce (Department of Management), Ain-Shams University.  Cumulative grade: Accepted (63%).  Final year grade : Good. Objective Seeking for a good opportunity in an international or multinational company in the field of Computer Maintenance (Hardware and Software), with a chance to advance my knowledge and grow in my career. Experience Egypt Military Services: Computer Service Technician (Operations) (From 01-10-2013 to 01-12-2014): • Provide technical support to businesses and individuals • Prepare computers for installation • Install operating systems and environments as needed • Install and configure hardware as needed • Lay complex networks using wires, modems, routers and wireless devices • Carry out regular computer maintenance duties • Perform preventive maintenance duties • Maintain logs for all computer activities • Hardware Procurement
  2. 2. Four Tech. Company: Computer Maintenance Technician (From 01-02-2011 to 01-05-2012): • Antivirus Installation and Virus Detection • Backup Maintenance • Appropriate Driver Search and Installation • Network Troubleshooting • Patches Installation • Data Recovery • Hardware Procurement • Windows System Cleaning • Monitored and responded to hardware and software problems • Installed and configured network hardware and software • Provided network troubleshooting and support • Trained end-users • Administered network security • Backed up file server data At Mobile Shop : Sales Maker For 2 Months (Feb To April) (2015)  Reply On Mails  Make Reports For Mobile  Make Inventory For All Stock Knowledge, Skills, attribute AND COURSES A- Computer Skills : i. HTML (advanced skills) ii. CSS (advanced skills) iii. JAVA (advanced skills) iv. PROGRAMMING. v. Computer Maintenance Software. vi. Computer Maintenance Hardware. B- Work Skills & Attributes : i. Self-motivated and very flexible ii. Self-Improvement, Studies after Graduation. iii. Effective communicator, both verbal and written. iv. Responsible and reliable v. Proven ability to work under pressure, priorities and meet deadlines vi. Excellent planning, organizational and time management skills vii. Skilled in delegating tasks and managing teams viii. Able to motivate and direct others ix. Well-developed interpersonal abilities x. Energetic and extremely productive in fast-paced situations xi. Open to new ideas and concepts xii. Teamwork skills and ability to work independently xiii. Confident, critical thinker, problem solver and solution seeker
  3. 3. C- COURSES: i. First aid ii. Fire fighting