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Clearance(s): DoD Secret Clearance
Certifications: CISA (in Progress)
Degree/Education Y ears: Bachelor of Science –Busi...
Client: ARMY FIP
Provided federal accounting and general controls contributions for the ARMY FIP audit readiness support...
-Coordinating real-timecommunications, status,tasks, bugs and issues to all required stakeholders via JIRA;
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Mohamed Eltahir frontier resume

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Mohamed Eltahir frontier resume

  1. 1. 1 Clearance(s): DoD Secret Clearance Certifications: CISA (in Progress) Degree/Education Y ears: Bachelor of Science –Business Information Technology Total Y ears Experience: 7 years Profile: Experienced DoDaudit readiness analystand ITconsultant Employment History:  Frontier Inc Senior Consultant; March 2015 to Present  Air Force Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness Support; March 2015- Present  IBM Business Transformation Consultant; July 2012 to March 2015  USPS MEPT Project;Business Analyst;November 2014 to Present  ARMY Financial ImprovementProject ;Audit Readiness Support ; December 2013 to November2014  FEMA; Functional Analyst;June 2013to October 2013  United Technologies Corporation; Business Analyst; April 2013 to May 2013  Defense Manpower Data Center;Quality Analyst and Software Tester; September 2012 to March 2013  North Irving Motors;Accounting Manager; June 2006to May 2012 Summary of Qualifications: Mr. Eltahir has over 9 years ofprofessional experience performing a wide variety ofaudit, financial, IT, systems analysis and accounting functions, including multiple years ofexperiencein performing audit readiness and performing financial management audits ofFederal agencies. His expertiseincludes serving as a support analyst on an Audit Readiness engagement at the Army and also as a senior consultant on the FIARITteam with the Air Force. He possesses lots ofexperiencein analyzing and documenting weaknesses in internal controls over financial reporting, financial systems and business processes. In addition to his Federal accounting experience, he has years ofexperience in software testing, requirements writing and multiplebusiness analysis roles. His core skills include business analysis, providing training, performing controls testing offinancial statement line items, and preparing audit reports. He is currently supporting the Air Force systems for FFMIA compliance utilizing DFAS Blue Book. Experience Frontier; Senior Consultant; March 2015 to Present Client: Air Force Currently providing Federal Accounting and General Controls contributions for the AF FIAR IT team. Responsibilities include: -Developing andmaintaining theKick-offdeck, GAOQuestionnaire, TestPlan, Document RequestList and Meeting Request List, Test Results, Potential Findings document, Critical Issues document, Corrective action plan and summary report for each ev aluating system. -Assessing the system architecture configuration and infrastructure of several Air Force systems including: DEAMS, ConWrite, ABSS, ACES, REMIS and SCS/FIABS based on DFAS bluebook guidelines. - Maintaining and updating projecttemplates for DFASBluebook project thatare continuedto be used throughout the project, including documentation for the Test Plan, Test Results, and the End to End mapping. - Participating in discussions with Air Force Client and System Owners to gather information regarding the respective systems. - Maintaining the Air Force FIAR IT team SharePoint site. IBM; Senior Consultant; July 2012 to March 2015 Client: United States Postal Service -Provided support for the USPSMail Entry and Payment Technologies (MEPT) project, including business analysis expertise on USPS key business processes. -Also, provided supportto junior CATtesters and business requirement writers.
  2. 2. 2 Client: ARMY FIP Provided federal accounting and general controls contributions for the ARMY FIP audit readiness support team. Responsibilities included: -Supporting root cause and financial data analysis, developing corrective action plans, and providing process improvement recommendations on the Army’s SAP General Fund Electronic Business System (GFEBS) business processes. - Supporting boththe GFEBS and the Global Combat SupportSystem, Army (GCSS-A) SAP based systems Chart of Accounts, and the related accounting posting logic by providing subject matter expertise to assist the Army with a broad range offinancial reporting services. Principal responsibilities includeleading the GFEBS and GCSS-A Chart of Accounts Analysis, exemption analysis, and providing support for accounting posting logic documentation and validation to ensure that the Chart of Account is consistent with all applicable Army’s guidance and government regulations. - Leading the 2014 Tie-Points Initiative which included the analysis and re-design of the tie-point analysis, including documenting the methodology which significantly enhanced the reliability and accuracy of the Army’s Financial Reporting and the information used by the Army executives, congress, oversight entities (such as GAO). - Performing data analytics to determine abnormal posting and data inconsistencies impacting financial reporting and overall audit readiness efforts. -Maintaining Army Audit Readiness SharePoint site. - Evaluating system requirements for compliance with Blue Book chapter 14, Audit Trails and System Controls. -Identifying and testing internal controls and developing a corrective action plan to be sent to team leadershipfor discussion, analysis, and remediation. Tested system for compliance with FFMIA requirements. Client: FEMA Mr. Eltahir supported the FEMA team as a functional analystand had the following responsibilities: -Assisting the Work Order manager & Functional Lead with the business requirements, and the overall goals of development and support of the work order. -Assisting the WO manager and Functional Lead in managing governance documents. -Assisting the WO manager with requirements to deliverables, such as final approvals, scheduling client meetings and coordinating stakeholder schedules. -Assisting the Functional Lead with all the business requirements across each of the applications, and analyzed customer/mission needs to determine functional requirements. -Presenting myself in a professional manner and articulated my ideas to the client. Client: United T echnologies Corporation Mr. Eltahir served as a business analyst on the UTC Emporis project. He had the following responsibilities: - Consolidating over90%of$46.7Bin spend within an accelerated timeframe by utilizing IBMEmptoris Software. - Utilizing innovativequeries in Microsoft Access, completing the projectin about halfoftypical duration.  Benefits to the client included identification ofcostsavings opportunities, monitoring ofsupplier risk, increased percentageofspend under management, visibility into spend,consolidation ofspend information, and reduced time to manageand analyze data. Client: Defense Manpower Data Center Mr. Eltahir had the following responsibilities as a software tester: -Writing QA plans and test cases used to verify application functionality -Reviewing technical/functional specifications and interpreting the requirements into testcases. -Executing the test cases and also performing boundary testing. -Understanding application business rules, configuration management process, deployment process, and backend components required to support the application -Developing SoftwareTest Plans to demonstrate an understanding ofthe stakeholders, requirements, procedures and constraints for pending testing; -Updating existing Requirements Traceability Matrices (RTM) to ensure customerrequirements wereaccounted for
  3. 3. 3 -Coordinating real-timecommunications, status,tasks, bugs and issues to all required stakeholders via JIRA; -Coordinating testing activities to manage workloads and meeting testing and documentation deadlines;  As a result ofhis work, the QA team achieveda +95%defect identification rate across the suite of supported applications and had high customer satisfaction among the Government program management and application developmentteams. Worked with all DHS component financial managers to correct material weaknesses, and to develop strategies to respond to audit requests.Participated in audit status meeting at the consolidated and at the DHS component level. Prepared responses to GAOand DHS OIG audit findings and final reports. North Irving Motors; Accounting and Sales Manager; July 2006 to August 2011 Mr. Eltahir servedas the sales and accounting managerat North Irving Motors and had the following responsibilities: -Invoicing Accounts Payable and handling all bookkeeping and tax preparation duties. -Managing the finance team and overseeing all accounting duties. -Designing and implementing a decision support system to monitor employee progress and enhance purchasing decisions based on previous sales reports.Identifying requirements by surveying customers and employees, determining business needs. OT HER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Provided upon request EDUCAT ION: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg,VA, Business Information Technology,2012 REFERENCES Provided upon request