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Cropp (Coltures Risks Observation and Prevention Platform)

An easy and user-friendly platform designed to help farmers in monitoring their lands.
The data is gathered at two levels: distributed hardware devices equipped with sensors installed on site and images acquired from Low Earth orbiting satellites (LEOs).
The mobile app and the website show the fields' health situation in real time and alert the grower before the crop disease spreads.

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Cropp (Coltures Risks Observation and Prevention Platform)

  1. 1. CROPPColtures Risks Observation and Prevention Platform Crop Alert – Learning From The Growers
  2. 2. Simone La Fauci Virginia NotaroAndrea Gallegati Andrea Di Ruscio Nicole Segala Mohamed Elhariry Giorgio Severi Gabriele AngelettiValentina Celani
  3. 3. 25% of crops lost
  4. 4. An easy and user-friendly application designed to help farmers in monitoring their lands
  5. 5. The Platform
  6. 6. Android app Check the status of your field and send feedback to other growers Place your screenshot here
  7. 7. Android app Select your colture and get satellite images Place your screenshot here
  8. 8. Place your screenshot here Website Create an account and manage your lands from the website www.cropp.herokuapp.com
  9. 9. Future developments
  10. 10. Extend the system Support multiple insects and species
  11. 11. Precise data to biologists Predict disease evolution and environmental conditions
  12. 12. Finer SAR & optical images Access to COSMO-SkyMed, ENVISAT (radar), landsat
  13. 13. Thanks!Any questions? You can find us at www.cropp.herokuapp.com