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Mobliciti's Mobile and Cloud Technical Showcase 2016

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  3. @benwood Mobliciti Introduction Founded in 2009 – Mobile IT System's Integrator Providing End-to-End ‘Mobile and Cloud First’ Services Helping Enterprises Connect, Manage & Secure Mobile Devices 'Fully Managed' Service Option
  4. @benwood Ranked 69th in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for the UK’s fastest growing private technology companies
  5. @benwood Some facts… There are already more mobile devices than people (7,5Bn) on Earth The number of devices connected to IP networks by 2019 will be three times as high as the global population Globally, mobile data traffic will increase 10-fold between 2014 and 2019 reaching 24.2 Exabyte's (i.e. 24.2 Billion Gigabytes) per month Cybercrime is already the UK’s “most popular” crime, accounting for 7.7M of the 14M crimes reported in 2014 Gartner predict that by 2017, 75% of mobile security breaches will be traced to mobile Apps
  6. @benwood Advantage of being a “Mobile First” Business IT today is about enabling business – no longer the necessary cost of doing business! Employees & Partners working better, smarter Productivity, Agility, Efficiency, Empowerment Making it easier for customers to do more business more often Building a Better more Efficient Business
  7. @benwood What the Employee of The Future Wants….  I want to use the device of my choice for work  I want to connect easily, anywhere and without wires  I don’t want to have to remember multiple passwords  I want security without it getting in the way  I want to search, create, edit and share documents…easily  I want to use corporate and personal apps seamlessly  I want it to just work!
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  9. @benwood Presented to Client X by Presenter Name Date Month Year Poacher Turned Gamekeeper By Andy Brown, COO at Mobliciti September 2016
  10. @benwood Agenda  About Me  The Mobile IT Journey  Observations “From the Other Side”  Key Items to Consider  How Mobliciti Can Help  Q&A
  11. @benwood Andy Brown Joined Mobliciti June 2015 as COO / CTO Before this…. I was a customer! Global Head of Mobile Engineering for HSBC Looking after 70,000 Smartphones & 3,000 Tablets in 70 Countries
  12. @benwood The Mobile IT Journey - 2003  It’s worth revisiting the journey of how we all got here  It shapes a lot of the Challenges now faced  Once upon a time….(not that long ago)  Mobile Phones were dumb devices used to make calls  Laptops were the only way to access email remotely  And Then….
  13. @benwood The Mobile IT Journey - 2007  BlackBerry has grown beyond all expectations  Incremental features updates make it the must have device  For a while life was good and the devices flew out the door!  And Then….
  14. @benwood The Mobile IT Journey - 2010  The scale of the estate is becoming an issue  BYOD arrives. For the first time we’re being challenged to make iOS work in the Enterprise  The BlackBerry team is now the Mobile Team  And Then….
  15. @benwood The Mobile IT Journey - 2015  The issues are starting accumulate!  Expectations have changed  Mobiles are now Business Critical devices  Mobile Email has lost the wow factor  Intranet and Apps are now the focus  Increasingly users see their personal Phone as superior to corporate offerings  Projects have delivered Managed iPads with limited success  BYOD hasn’t delivered on all it promised  And it’s still growing!
  16. @benwood The Mobile IT Journey – Legacy  The size of the Mobile team is an issue  The number of environments being supported is unsustainable  The estate has gone from 0 to 75,000 devices in 14 years  The complexity of Mobile has changed  The costs for Mobile have exploded  User expectations are now far beyond being impressed by Email on a train!
  17. @benwood Observations from the Other Side  Many of the issues I faced as a customer I see elsewhere also  Nobody has “THE” answer anymore  Just keeping up is a struggle  Overall Mobile is now a significant cost to the business  The threat to Mobile is now significant, but most organisations are flying blind to the risk  The worlds of Mobile and Cloud have collided  The wider risk of Shadow IT is particularly relevant to Mobile
  18. @benwood How to Move forward  Get out of the “EMM Loop”  Take control of the risks  Focus on building the additional use cases for Mobile  Apps really are the answer  Even “simple” Apps that perform one function are viewed more favourably by users than an intranet page  The App Store is full of answers to questions not asked yet!  MS Office on Mobile is a good place to start  The key is to get your Mobile Strategy aligned into the wider Business Strategy (and therefore the wider IT Strategy).  Good example – Wireless Strategy driving Mobile adoption
  19. @benwood How Mobliciti can help  We’re here to bring market leading partners to your attention to help you plan for 2017 and beyond  Mobile Threat Prevention is now necessary  We have a proven track record delivering this technology  Your Mobile Spend can be optimised by our experts  Our Managed Services can give your teams their time back, but allow you to retain control  We have solutions that allow you to take control of the Cloud  Our expertise can be leveraged to extend your teams  We can help you to be prepared for the next Explosion of demand
  20. @benwood Thank you. Questions? | Tel: 01483 658100 |
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  22. @benwood Securing Cloud Access for Mobile Applications Alistair Mutch
  23. @benwood In the beginning
  24. @benwood mobile or transportable
  25. @benwood 2011 “no you cannot have an iPhone”
  26. @benwood It took over your home + 1 Time capsule iPhone iPad Mac Watch TV iPod Eric 1+3 1 1 2 Jean 1+2 1+1 1 +2 Sam 2+2 1+1 1 1 1 +3 Robin 2+2 1 1 +2 Skittles 1
  27. @benwood the other one
  28. @benwood whoops
  29. @benwood enabled
  30. @benwood what you bought was the UX/App
  31. @benwood Would you like to supersize that sir ? The smaller the screen the greater the desire to move to App through UI benefits. The browser is no longer the choice for content access. Productivity in micro-apps and mobility remains highest anywhere.
  32. @benwood Crafty little devils
  33. @benwood cloud adoption from a mobile app position Salesforce Office365 Workday SAP Oracle Concur Google Drive box Dropbox
  34. @benwood what do I need for cloud Access Control. Ingress encryption. (Non-persistent data in browsers) Federated identity (User ID & PW) Browser-to-Cloud Identity / IDP
  35. @benwood what do I need Access Control. Ingress encryption. (Non-persistent data in browsers) Federated identity (User ID & PW) Browser-to-Cloud Identity / IDP Mobile apps are becoming #1 way to access enterprise cloud data & email Data is persistent. Apps can be anywhere. Traditional cloud security insufficient Mobile App-to-Cloud
  36. @benwood derived credentials become mandatory Enterprise cloud data and email wanders onto unsecured mobile device Data leakage between mobile apps Data leakage via apps into unauthorized clouds Long-lived app authentication provides side-door into enterprise cloud Unsecured apps are vulnerable to attack Data can’t be deleted creates security and compliance risks. Sales rep downloads work cloud apps (such as Salesforce or email) to Family’s unsecured iPad. Data moves into the app on an unsecured device. Family iPad Problem Honest mistake: Employee downloads business apps directly from public app stores (Vs enterprise app store)…even on a secured device. Data moves into an unsecured work app. Sloppy app download Problem Sales rep finds cool 3rd party app that connects directly into cloud service API’s – or locally on the device (e.g. SalesMesh or Pulsar). Data now in completely uncontrolled 3rd party app 3rd party Parasite -App Problem Cloud email service directly download into (1) mobile apps and (2) native OS clients via ActiveSync. Traditional Cloud Security vendors can’t control ActiveSync to ensure enterprise email only lands in secure email apps Cloud Email Problem
  37. @benwood Interface to the cloud Foundational Security Platform for Modern World Security Platform for Mobile & Modern OSMobile-Cloud Security: Correlated Conditional Access Desktop-Cloud Security: Access Control, Inspect & Encryption CASB Mobile-Premise Security: Access Control, Per-AppTunnel, & 2-factor SSO to premise apps Salesforce Office365 Workday SAP Oracle Concur Google Drive Box Dropbox Identity/SAML Azure Active Directory Mobile Threat Modern OS Security: Mail, Apps, Web, Device
  38. @benwood retain transparent user experience Standard Authentication CASB Identity/IDP (SAML)User ID? Secure Device? Secure App? Salesforce Office365 Workday SAP Oracle Concur Google Drive box Dropbox Biz Apps (secured) Conditional Access Approved Conditional Access Denied Biz Apps (not secured) Personal Apps & Cloud Services Optional: Steer mobile app traffic to CASB for further inspection No special App or Identity coding
  39. @benwood Security
  40. @benwood security homework GDPR California Legislation Sentry and patents FIPS 140-2 DISA MDMPPv2/CC Derived Credentials HIPPA Retail PCI Moral Imperative MFC2016
  41. @benwood tools
  42. @benwood Thank you. Feedback ?
  43. @benwood Consumer-Led Tech in IT Mobliciti Technology Showcase Ben Wood, CCS Insight
  44. @benwood
  45. @benwood units smart phones
  46. @benwood 0.68 0.54 0.49 0.41 0.34 0.26 0.21 0.61 0.44 0.46 0.48 0.46 0.45 0.40 0.11 0.44 0.90 1.02 1.14 1.29 1.44 1.58 1.96 1.98 2.04 2.08 2.13 2.17 2.20 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Mobile Phone Shipments by Technology, Worldwide (M) CDMA GSM WCDMA TD-SCDMA LTE/TD-LTE Others
  47. @benwood Devices Apps Information  iOS support  Experimental apps  Point products  Risk  Multi-device  Targeted apps  Platform  Enablement  Wearables and sensors  Intelligent apps  Multichannel Architecture  Transformation 2010-2013 Consumerisation of IT 2013-2016 Mobile first 2016+ Digital enterprise?
  48. @benwood Consumer Trends in Business
  49. @benwood Base: All respondents (1,207). US (518), UK (145), France (136), Italy (128), Germany (137), Sweden (143). Q16: And thinking about brands of smartphones, phablets and tablets, how credible are the following brands for use in the workplace? = 8th = 6th 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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  51. @benwood Source: CCS Insight Mobile Technology at Work Employee Survey 2015 41% of employees say mobile business apps are already changing the way they work
  52. @benwood 4.1 average number of apps used by employees for work Source: CCS Insight Mobile Technology at Work Employee Survey 2016
  53. @benwood Base: All respondents using apps (518) Q: Which of the following mobile applications (apps) do you use on a mobile device (smartphone/tablet) for work purposes? 1. Office 37% 2. Adobe 30% 3. Skype 28% 4. Linkedin 27% 5. Whatsapp 27% 6. Google 25% 7. Facebook 23% 8. Dropbox 23% Regular 9. Twitter 15% 10. Citrix 14% 11. Amazon 13% 12. Lync 13% 13. Concur 11% 14. Rmt. Desktop 11% 15. Salesforce 9% Occasional 16. SAP 7% 17. Yammer 6% 18. Evernote 6% 19. Box 4% 20. Workday 3% 21. Docusign 3% 22. Jabber 2% 23. Slack 2% 24.Roambi 1% Rare
  54. @benwood 55% of employees do NOT have a formal process for requesting apps Source: CCS Insight Mobile Technology at Work Employee Survey 2016
  55. @benwood 72% of employees do NOT have a company app store Source: CCS Insight Mobile Technology at Work Employee Survey 2016
  56. @benwood Wearables
  57. @benwood
  58. @benwood
  59. @benwood
  60. @benwood
  61. @benwood Virtual and Augmented Reality
  62. @benwood
  63. @benwood
  64. @benwood
  65. @benwood Over 40 million smartphone VR headsets in use by 2017 A billion dollar business by 2018
  66. @benwood
  67. @benwood Education Insurance Logistics and Fulfilment Technical and customer support Construction Architecture and design Games Video Social Travel
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  69. @benwood
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  71. @benwood
  72. @benwood audience
  73. @benwood Image courtesy of Dr Max Mallia-Parfitt, COINS:FULCRO 2016
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  76. @benwood
  77. @benwood Consumer Led Tech in IT Mobliciti Technology Showcase Q & A @benwood
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Notas do Editor

  1. By 2020 pharmaceutical companies become the largest vertical market for wearables - a strong health story beyond recreational health.
  2. 2,773 users. Initial steps – 9,600 High: 11,100 Eventual average: 10,600 Culture of well-being Improved productivity Better health Improved retention Companies with worksite wellness programme experience an 8% increase in productivity 45% of employees agree that an employer-sponsored wellness program would encourage them to stay in their current job.
  3. Over 25 million smartphone VR headsets to be shipped next year (2017) / At least 4 million dedicated VR to be shipped next year.
  4. Real estate Developers are using VR tours for properties which are being built Floored, Inc is one company which has been pioneering in this area It provides 3D building modelling software which can be run on VR headsets Tourism “Look before you book” Destination BC, Thomas Cook and Qantas Airways are some of the travel companies who are investing in creating their own promotional VR material The companies aim to use these videos as a taster of the “real” experiences, thus driving interest and sales Center Parks used VR demonstration at London Waterloo station as part of its new UK village promotional campaign Quantas made the Samsung Gear VR available to premium passengers on some long-distance flights GeoVegas offer 360 video tours of Las Vegas attractions, hotels and more Some of the key companies creating VR content for companies in the travel industry are Jaunt VR, Visualise VR
  5. VR is being used by product teams to better visualise the designs before creating prototypes and manufacturing them Ford’s immersive Vehicle Environment (FiVE) Lab team uses various VR headsets in its design process Design teams all around the world are able to virtually walk around and sit inside the new car No new vehicle can move into the production phase without being approved in the virtual reality first Boeing, Caterpillar, MAN Truck & Bus, Mitsubishi and Renault also doing this. VR is increasingly being used for training purposes National Training Academy for Rail was opened – which incorporates virtual reality in its courses The virtual reality and 3D simulation room allows students to use Oculus Rift headsets to understand how different components work
  6. The Surroundie is the new selfie
  7. Content distribution will drive VR / 360 degree content.
  8. Better to focus on some specific opportunities – not just Internet of Things – but Internet of Health, Sport, Transportation, Agriculture, Construction and more