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PHP Developers: What Is Their Income in 2018 Around the World

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Let's deep into the current PHP developers rates as for 2018 in different countries. How are they compared to the rates for 2017? Check out yourself.

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PHP Developers: What Is Their Income in 2018 Around the World

  1. 1. What PHP Salary Are Expected in 2018 Comparison of the Prices in 2018 vs 2017
  2. 2. The interest in PHP developers lowered a bit since 2010, but they still remain one of the most demanded programmers all over the world due to the wide range of tasks they can perform with the help of PHP language like server-side scripting, writing desktop and cross-platform applications. Obviously, there should be a place for a professional PHP developer of this kind in your project, who is probably already waiting for you to hire. Read on to compare the salaries of PHP programmers and how they have changed within a few years. We have made a deep research and now know the current salaries of the PHP coders around the world. As you can from the numbers above, Ukraine seems to be the profitable country in terms of hiring PHP developers. Recruiting senior developer in Ukraine twice cheaper than in the USA, which is insane. However, the salaries within the country also can vary a lot. For example, in the country center or in the capitals the salaries of all workers, especially developers are much higher than in other cities. Let’s prove our words with some stats below. Average Annual PHP Salary by Level in Different Countries Country USA $72,223 $89,774 $109,334 Germany UK Ukraine Junior Middle Senior $43,969 $59,936 $69,909 $26,364 $37,458 $46,018 $18,000 $31,179 $52,650 2 sales@mobilunity.com www.mobilunity.com
  3. 3. City Kyiv $20,400 $35,593 $60,144 Kharkiv Lviv Odessa Junior Middle Senior $4,800 $15,600 $30,000 $2,400 $15,600 $30,000 $6,000 $20,400 $36,000 Dnipro $3,000 $21,600 $31,200 Now, we see that hiring a senior PHP developer in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine is twice expen- sive than in other cities like Lviv, Kharkiv or Odessa. Now let’s see how the salaries of the same position have been changing through the years. Luckily, Mobilunity has the research of the past years. So the stats for 2017 says, that PHP developers of Ukraine had been earning this amount of money: Average Annual PHP Developer Salary in Ukrainian Cities 3 sales@mobilunity.com www.mobilunity.com
  4. 4. Seniority Junior $3,600 $4,800 $7,200 Middle Senior Minimum Average Maximum $12,000 $15,600 $21,600 $27,600 $33,600 $39,600 PHP Average Annual Salary in 2017 in Ukraine We must admit, the prices of developers are rising pretty fast, so as the demand. This concerns not only Ukraine. A few years ago the average annual salary of a PHP coder in the USA was $62,400. And at the numbers above now. Only junior specialist earns $72,223 a year. It should be taken into account that the rates of programmers are provided above are net salaries, so they can vary depending on a lot of factors, so don’t be surprised developers or companies you are hiring your programmers from will ask the higher prices. Wait for our future research next year. We will see how the fate of PHP developers rates will change within this year. Sources: https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/ https://neuvoo.de/gehalt/ https://www.payscale.com/research/ https://jarboo.com/resources/ https://jobs.dou.ua/salaries/ https://rabota.ua/jobsearch/ https://www.work.ua/ https://hh.ua/search/ 4 sales@mobilunity.com www.mobilunity.com