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Mobile gambling summit betfuze

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Mobile gambling summit betfuze

  1. 1. Investor presentation - June 2013 Mobile Gaming & Gambling Summit 2013 Thursday, 12 September 13
  2. 2. Mobile Gaming & Gambling Summit 2013 BETFUZE •BETFUZE is a mobile only sports betting platform •We provide access to the whole sports market •News, information, reviews & live in play updates •Odds comparison, offers & promotions •A range of tools and sports data to analyse the value of bets •Social media interaction at our core •Bespoke versions for smartphone and tabets •Designed for iOS and Android •Ability to rapidly deploy into new markets Thursday, 12 September 13
  3. 3. Mobile Gaming & Gambling Summit 2013 FIFA World Cup 2010 •Prior to the smartphone, WAP, SMS betting and voice •iPhone launches in 2007 creating the Smartphone market •App store opened in 2008 •Few mobile betting products, no real m-marketing strategy •Demand led revolution, consumers wanted mobile gambling •Mobile gambling grew by 400% the month of the World Cup •It was the biggest single mobile sports betting event in history (albeit from a low base) Thursday, 12 September 13
  4. 4. Mobile Gaming & Gambling Summit 2013 Sports Betting Now •Over $13 Billion in bets were placed globally on mobile last year •In the UK 40% of online bets are placed on mobile •Mobile gambling accounts for between 40-45% of operator revenue •In-play betting is almost 55% of all sports betting revenue and this volume is increasing •Mobile is the key channel for in-play betting due to the unique characteristics of the device •40% of all new Sports customers sign up via mobile devices. •Over 25% of all betting related searches are carried out on mobile Thursday, 12 September 13
  5. 5. Mobile Gaming & Gambling Summit 2013 Key Mobile Trends in 2013 •Increasing smartphone penetration •The move from desktop to tablet - driving the second screen experience •In-play betting revolution •Advertising and positioning •Apps rather than mobile Web •Increase in data usage and focus on content •Mobile payments becoming more integrated •Super aggregation on mobile Thursday, 12 September 13
  6. 6. Mobile Gaming & Gambling Summit 2013 Key trends - Smartphone penetration •Smartphone penetration is still under a third globally so the market has plenty of headroom •Increased affordability •More desirable handsets •Greater capability of devices •The dwindling number of feature phones on offer •Expansion of high speed data networks like 4G •Better quality content •More engaging apps •Social media usage Thursday, 12 September 13
  7. 7. Mobile Gaming & Gambling Summit 2013 Key trends - Smartphone vs Tablet Thursday, 12 September 13
  8. 8. Mobile Gaming & Gambling Summit 2013 The Football World Cup Brazil 2014 •Brazil will act as a significant catalyst for sports betting growth •There are more smart phones and tablets •There is a much higher spend on above the line advertising •Several new markets will start to open up in 2014 •Consumer confidence is much higher than in 2010 •A new mobile only sports betting segment is emerging •The mobile offering is higher quality with better content Thursday, 12 September 13
  9. 9. Mobile Gaming & Gambling Summit 2013 The Future •In the UK around 4.5 Million people use a smartphone to gamble and this will increase(GC) •The post Brazil landscape will introduce a new sports betting generation •Increased regulation will open up new markets in the EU and further afield •New Jersey licensing may see the US market open up in 2015/16 •Tablets will continue to evolve betting behavior in the home •Second screen technology and live interaction will drive engagement •Wearable technology may open up new opportunities •Mobile will be the primary channel for sports betting •Consumers will drive innovation looking at how we create new bets that are unique to mobile Thursday, 12 September 13
  10. 10. Mobile Gaming & Gambling Summit 2013 Questions? Thursday, 12 September 13