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Cristina constandache mobpartner

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Cristina constandache mobpartner

  1. 1. Total Retail Experience © MobPartner 2013 | All rights reserved 1 Cristina Constandache CRO MobPartner Mobile Performance Marketing
  2. 2. 2 MobPartner At a Glance Superior Advertiser Organisation and Reach High Growth Leader in performance-based mobile marketing Driving rapid user acquisition for advertisers and efficient traffic monetization for publishers Mobile Performance Marketing Technology Serving brand name advertisers in mobile gaming, travel, social apps and services, utility apps and mCommerce Laser focus on ROI via tracking, analysis and optimisation of publisher mix and performance 1000+ publishers In 70 countries 6 locations incl. SF, Beijing and Paris 1 3 2 4 52 Staff with 20 nationalities
  3. 3. 6% 14% 42% 26% 12% 23% 10% 43% 22% 3% Print Radio TV Internet Mobile Time Spent Ad Spent 3 Brands are Looking for Efficiency In Mobile Advertising Advertisers increasingly require measurability and ROI on their advertising spend Traditional CPC or CPM models perpetuate inefficiencies of broadcast advertising Source: KPCB Internet Trends 2013, IDC, Magna Global, Jefferies and Deutsche Bank reports (25/11/2013) Mobile: only 3% of total ad spend but 12% of total media consumption time in 2013 Mobile Ad Spending expected to grow 2.5x between 2012 and 2016 Retail, Travel and Entertainment verticals represent 1/3 of total digital ad spending Internet Ad $37bn Mobile Ad $4bn How do we solve the need of a true omni-channel advertising retail experience?
  4. 4. 4 Retail Mobile Advertising Opportunities M- Commerce E-Commerce Mobile-Influenced In-Store Sales* $31B $12B $327B $226 B $689B $158B 2012 2016 (*) Means buying decisions influenced by mobile usage during shopping activities in stores Source: Forester: US Online Retail Forecast 2012 2016, Deloitte report « The Mobile Influence Factor » August 2012 In 2016, Mobile will contribute $689 Billion in sales to in-store purchases Mobile Opportunitie s Mobile-Influenced Store Sales vs. Mcommerce and Ecommerce Sales (US Sales) Mobile Advertising and Geo- fencing Geo-targeted ads at city, block and aisle level Retargeting Product-level ads Mobile advertising to drive foot traffic Driving and measuring in-store purchases from mobile campaigns Mobile Advertising for Loyalty and Payments Check-in and special offers, payments, receipt scanning apps
  5. 5. 5 Total Mobile Retail Future Retailers are investing massively into physical tracking, but need solutions for real-time data analysis and marketing customization MobRetail tracker Measure ROI on physical visits and purchaes Rapid retargeting of Inactive shoppers Micro geolocalisation campaign management Integration with CRM systems (cross platform targeting) 1 3 2 5 Efficient retargeting requires live user profiles and ability to access any media channel In-store micro tracking and profiled retargeting 4 360’ Retail Experience
  6. 6. 6 MobRetail: First Offline mCommerce Solution Launched Indoor location beacons (Bluetooth low energy, ibeacons, etc) add a new level of location awareness to any mobile app via low-powered, low- cost transmitters notifying nearby mobile devices tracking solution tracks and monitors mobile user actions and purchases via beacons in-store and then match them with at-home, on-the-go and online activity MobPartner reporting tools give insights into key actions to determine the LTV of mobile users for optimizing acquisition campaigns and finding engagement opportunities Hi John SAVE 30% ONLY TODAY! 30% OFF GET NOW!
  7. 7. 7 Step 1- App Acquisition
  8. 8. 8 Step 2 Locate & Track In-Store Activity
  9. 9. 9 Step 3 Re-engage your customers
  10. 10. 10 Conclusion • Beacons are easy to start leveraging today • Increase personal communications with your customers • Drive ROI via attributable mobile marketing spend and increase revenue from all channels • Become the future of the total retail experience • or Expert
  11. 11. Paris, San Francisco, Beijing, London, Singapore, Boston www.mobpartner.com Cristina Constandache sales@mobpartner.com Thank You