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Chatbots: Connecting Artificial Intelligence and Customer Service


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Chatbots: Connecting Artificial Intelligence and Customer Service

  1. 1. CHATBOT Connecting Artificial Intelligence and Customer Service
  2. 2. WhoWe Are?
  3. 3. Warning! 51,670 messages processed in the first 30 days • 70% for Quotes • 20% FAQ • 10% Policy Changes
  4. 4. What is a Chatbot? Why do we care? A Smart Guy, A Dumb Guy & Some Other Guys Opinion The Opportunity Our Chatbot Experience
  5. 5. What is a Chatbot? chat·bot ˈCHatbät/ noun 1.a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.
  6. 6. Messaging: It’sThe Reality Of Today!
  7. 7. People Love Chatting 18.7 BILLION text are sent worldwide every day (not including app to app) 60 BILLION messages sent every day through Whats App and Facebook Messenger https://www.textrequest.com/blog/texting-statistics-answer-questions/
  8. 8. More People on Messenger Apps!
  9. 9. Messaging Stats 60% hate waiting for more than a minute for support when online 54% prefer interacting with providers through messaging apps over email http://visual.ly/how-long-are-you-willing-wait-customer-service 34% make or confirm orders, purchases and appointments via messaging apps
  10. 10. ButWe Already Have A Chat Feature Help Me!Help Me! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me!
  11. 11. Most HatedThing Online!
  12. 12. The Most HatedThing In Messaging!
  13. 13. A Smart Guy’s Opinion AI will have a bigger impact than any technology in the last 30 years – Mark Cuban
  14. 14. Why the Chatbot?
  15. 15. A Dumb GuyTalking AboutThe Future
  16. 16. This Guy’sThoughts We will likely cross a point in the near future where computing power, performance and availability are greater than your ability to hire and train
  17. 17. Our Chatbot Experience 51,670 messages processed in the first 30 days • 70% For Quotes • 20% FAQ • 10% Policy Changes • 65% During Business Hours • 35% After Hours & Weekends
  18. 18. How ItWorks 51,670 messages processed in the first 30 days • 70% for Quotes • 20% FAQ • 10% Policy Changes
  19. 19. Our Journey So Far!
  20. 20. This Chatbot ReallyWorks!
  21. 21. This Is Fun?
  22. 22. OH NO!
  23. 23. They Can’t FindThe Chatbot!
  24. 24. Where Is It?
  25. 25. They Found It Again!
  26. 26. The Bots Has A Lot Of LearningTo Do!
  27. 27. They Don’t Know It’s A Robot!
  28. 28. Still MoreTo Learn!
  29. 29. It’s About Being InThe Game!

Notas do Editor

  • Mitchell & Whale is a bit of a unique animal in the broker world.

    Although a third generation brokerage, it’s looks nothing like a traditional brokerage. Today the brokerage is headed by Adam Mitchell. Adam came into the industry with no experience in insurance and little with business, which for us has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

    Adam has build a team of insurance professionals like no other. With little baggage of the way it’s always been we’ve built a culture of sales, competition, customer service excellence and innovation. Resembling a HubSpot or Zappos and we’re always working on it.

    We have no dress code, flex hours, remote workers, keg fridge, cool coffee machine, office Olympics, wine Fridays, and Thursday coffee and bailey’s and are working on unlimited vacation.

    This would all sound fanciful and well if we weren’t at the same time smashing records for sales, growth and winning awards for innovation and forward thinking.

    We seen 640% organic growth in premium since 2010, and no signs of anything other than acceleration with us currently growing at 1 million net new premium every 60 days.

    It’s a pretty amazing place to work, fun and balanced and kicking ass making a difference in the insurance industry.
  • Disclosure, I’m not the expert, I’m learning right along with the bot! But I can share our experience so far.
  • A Chatbot is not to be confused with a chat feature that is available and used by many brokers on their website, that is manned by a human. A chat bot is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence that you interact with via a chat interface. The service can be any number of things ranging from functional to fun, and it could live inside any major chat product, like Facebook messenger.

    And before we starting thinking terminator and the movie her when talking about artificial intelligence, as transformative as AI is, it’s not magic, AI is simply a better way to turn data into actionable insights. AI is a blanket term used when a machine mimics cognitive functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as learning and problem solving. And there is not just one type of AI, for example the AI that detects span in your inbox (and yes that’s AI) is machine learning, and it is totally different from the AI that can understand your voice. You might not suspect it, but AI serves millions of users every day.

    Before we get to far into talking about the bot, let’s back track and look at why we’d want to use a feature like this when we have phones and email.
  • Messaging vs email and phone is a reality today that we can’t ignore. As I was getting ready for this presentation our Sales Manager sent out an email with subject line “Today’s Sad Reality” with the above memes. I’m not sure I agree it’s a sad reality, but it is certainly a reality for today’s consumers. And let’s not fool ourselves that messaging is just for the young. A long time family friend who is the lovely age of 103, decided 4 years ago to get rid of her home phone and move to an iphone, this would allow her to do that face thingy with her kids and grandkids in England and send them chat thingamabob’s to her son when she thought of them and he could read them when he had time. She now is a pretty avid message user. (BTW, my 73 year old Dad was the one who taught her how to use the new iphone) But if that doesn’t convince you maybe these numbers will.
  • 18.7 Billion text (not using app to app) are sent worldwide everyday, But that’s not all, Over 60 Billion messages are sent through Whats App and Facebook Messenger EVERYDAY! That’s impressive given there is a total of 7.5 Billion people in the world. ( That means every person is sending at least 10 messages a day)

    Messenging apps are taking over
  • By 2nd quarter of 2015 the number of users, using messaging apps surpassed the number of users on Social Media. More people were connecting and communicating through messaging apps then on social media.

    Okay so that’s just messaging, bringing it back to the consumer
  • 60% of consumers hate waiting more than a minute for support when online
    54% prefer to interact with providers through messaging apps vs email
    34% are already taking advantage of purchasing, ordering and making appts through messaging apps

  • back to the reality of messaging, it’s here to stay, and gets more and more the norm of communication each day. I know, when calling my brother, if he actually answers the phone, I’m greeted with are you are on fire or have you been arrested, if the answer is no to both of these, please hang up and send me a message. His vm is something similar, you can leave me a message that I will never check, or you could just hang up and text me like any normal person would have done in the first place.
  • Some brokers are already using a chat feature on their web site or customer portals, but these chat features are manned by a human and are only available when a human is available and the experience is only a good as the availability of the said humans. So are they available:
    How many people can they help at onceHow quickly can you respond?
    How much lost efficiency to ensure someone's available to monitored and respond to the chat feature quickly and regularly?
    How many times are you asking and answering the same questions?

    The above are all things important to satisfy todays consumer, response time matters, and being available on their schedule matters even more. ( a minute of waiting online is, is like waiting an hour not online)
  • The most hated thing in messaging

    If they do have a chat feature how do you feel if they are not responsive?

    Sharing our experience, we actually removed the chat feature from our website a couple of months before starting down the path of the chat bot. We wanted to ensure a great customer experience, but weren’t able to do that as effectively or efficiently as we wanted. We decided it was better to have nothing, then to be slow to respond and not provide the best customer experience. That’s what lead us down the path and exploring the opportunity of the chatbot, and AI
  • A smart guys says that AI will have a bigger impact than any technology in the last 30 years!
  • Trump says he wants to make America great again, and bring back the manufacturing jobs that have been lost in recent years, but seems from this chart that the decline has been more than the just during the recent years and he’s going to have to go back, go way back.

    This chart is showing you the impact manufacturing automation had on manufacturing jobs in the us.
    Who wants to guess why I put in this slide other than a fun shot at the brilliant southern leader trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube?

    Because your about to see the same chart happen for white collar front line jobs with AI.

    White collar jobs are on the same path and about to take the same dive. Like the smart guy said, AI will have huge impact on technology, and we’re in a time where we need to learn to work with AI or maybe choose to learn how to play the guitar.
  • He wasn’t actually a dumb guy, is a really really smart theoretical physicist, futurist and popularizer of science.
  • If you are scaling your business over the next 5-10 years, you’ll need to train large sums of people to follow rules. (Imagine a call center of 100)(the same rules) You will likely cross a point in time where computing power, performance and availability are greater than your ability to hire and train.

    The chat bot is new, and it’s still has a long way to go, it could be describe as the Windows 95 of chat bots. But we know we need to start somewhere. It’s the next step to increasing productivity and we need to get ahead of it and getting in at the beginning offers us the chance to be part of the research and development for the future.

    We are only just getting started with our chat bot and have a long way to go, but we’re in the game and we’re having fun too!

  • We are working with ProNavigator to build and train our chatbot. Here are some stats for the first month we started using the bot along with a few other brokers.
  • Our chatbot is built using Natural Language Processing, which is a form of AI, but as we continue to build it out we’ll use a hybrid model to include Machine learning.
    The natural Language Processing or NLP it understands the intent of the questions or query for example if the question is Can I get a quote for my Honda, it knows that they are looking for an auto quote and will provide the response based on the specific query.

    As the bot has the opportunity to have more interactions, with machine learning it will learn what the most common response to specific queries are and start to automatically respond, but this will take millions of interactions.
  • We launched the beta version of the chatbot on our website. We made it clear it was a bot and it’s still learning so clients weren’t so surprised if the bot got it wrong.
  • Chats are starting, Holy Smokes this is really working, closing ratio for the chat bot campaign is pretty high, This is awesome!
  • This is fun, lots of test chats, this bot really seems to work, but let’s tweak this, and that and…….
  • The chat bot is slowing down our site, we have to move it.

    Change the chat icon and how it plays on the website
  • We changed the icon and moved it, now no one can find it, and no one is using it. How will the bot ever learn what it needs to.
  • So a tiny white icon on a white background, the gets lost on mobile, might not have been the best choice.
  • We updated the icon, worked around the speed issues, but oh crap, they found it again
  • It gets it right a lot of the time, quote, FAQ like office hours, contact information, getting them in touch with the right people, gathering some information. And when it’s good – the conversation goes smoothly, clients are was directed to our quote page when looking for quotes, FAQ’s are answered in the change and getting them connected with the right people to get the job done.

    But sometimes it doesn’t get it right.

    The Bad –
    Do you insure RHD vehicles.
    I’d be happy to help you with your auto insurance quote, Where do you live – OH so far so good!
    Minden Ontario
    Do you have an existing policy with us?
    No – we’re on a role
    Would you like to speak with one of our knowledgable brokers?
    If you could give me a rough idea
    You can reach us at 905-579-9701 – OH NO!
    Can I help you with something more?
    Do you insure RHD Vehicles – this isn’t good
    Do you have an existing policy with us
    Why are you asking the same questions over again!!!
    You can reach us……………
    A bit more learning required,

    The Ugly
    Hello, What can I help you with today?
    Looking for a quote for a 2017 Yamaha dual sport, been riding since 2002, clean record and I live in Nova Scotia
    I would be happy to help with a quote – OH NO, we don’t write business in NS
    What are you looking to insure –(I think he already told us)
    Did you not get my message
    I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that, (smileyfaceemoji) I’m still learning, can I get someone to call you back?
    What are you looking to insure – YIKES
    Where do you live (city province)
    I’d be happy to help you with your specialty insurance quote
    Do you have an existing policy with us
    When would you like the policy to start
    April 2017
    Please type your name
    I’ll be happy to connect you with M&W, I have a few quick questions
    Chat ended

    It’s not perfect, but each correspondence gives us the opportunity to teach the bot more and during the learning we can intercpt with humans taking over the chats

  • After reviewing more chats, it’s clear many don’t know they are talking to a bot, so let’s make sure they do going forward,
    So let’s be sure they know it a bot. All conversations now start with. A message Hi I’m your insurance Robot, just say Hi to start! And when the robot gets confused or hasn’t learned the correct response yet “I’m still learning, want someone to email or text you?”
  • It’s not perfect, and there’s still a long way to go, but it’s really about trying it, building it, testing it, failing fast, try something new test it, fail again, something new test it, success, keep learning, keep going, fail again, keep going, but the trick is fail fast, shift and keep learning and moving forward
  • Ultimately our goal is being in the game, learning the technology and tools that will move us into the future.