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Excerpts from Full Moon at Sunrise and more recent poems by Mitch Ditkoff. Accompanied by beautiful photographs, illustrations, and paintings.

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  1. 1. Poetry of The Heart Excerpts from Full Moon at Sunrise and beyond Mitch Ditkoff
  2. 2. I had 100% control of my mind for a moment or two – the work of a thousand lifetimes hiding in a dark forest. Then I let go. It had nothing to do with enlightenment, my sudden release. No. It was more like the dropping of a heavy bag of rocks. The splash it made in the still waters below cooled a few small children. They are still laughing. - Mitch Ditkoff
  3. 3. ARTIST & PHOTOGRAPHER CREDITS Slide 1: Evelyne Pouget Slide 2: Tim Gainey Slide 4: Ira Meyer Slide 6: Leslie Dietrich Slide 13: Leslie Dietrich Slide 18: Evelyne Pouget Slide 21: Annie Lawrason Slide 22: Ira Meyer Slide 25: Evelyne Pouget Slide 29: Leslie Dietrich Slide 31: Leslie Dietrich
  4. 4. Most of these poems are excerpted from Full Moon at Sunrise, available on Amazon.* Many are also posted on my blog, The Heart of the Matter www.ideachampions.com/heart CONTACT: Mitch Ditkoff mitch@ideachampions.com * The book is text only.