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How to automate your social media posting schedule and content calendar

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I used to be soooooo inconsistent with posting content every day & it was really hurting my business. Life always seemed to be getting in the way or I would sit down to write, but not feel inspired or sure of what to write about. I even began to feel like a bit of a failure, because I knew how important it was to be consistent, but I just couldn't seem to stick to it.

Do you ever sit down to create a new post and before you know it, 30 minutes or more have disappeared and you're still not even sure what to write about? Or maybe you wrote an epic post, but only 2 people liked it because you sent it out at 11PM? Or maybe you only work your business a few days a week & then Facebook tanks your algorithms & stops showing people your stuff on your off days?

I was right there with you until I realized that I could put a system in place to set myself up for success. I could collect content ideas & inspiration as they popped up and then pop them into a process that would automate looping my content, so I could post multiple times a day to various social media completely on autopilot. Suddenly, this task I had started dreading became more fun & I could add content when I felt like it, rather than having it be a daily obligation.

I've been traveling a ton lately & I have no worries whatsoever about failing to provide my audience with valuable content while I'm gone. Why? Because my best content is looping automagically to my social media platforms while I'm busy doing personal development (so I can provide even more value later).

The loop keeps growing, but my best content is no longer lost forever in cyber space. It's going to get posted again to create value for those who didn't see it the first time around.

What would a system like that do for your business? How much time could you save? And what could you do with that time? Could you spend it focusing on income producing activities or playing with your kids?

If you are a network marketer growing your business online, you need to automate your social media posting schedule and content calendar. In this blog post, we’ll continue the conversation about why you need to automate your posts, then I’ve got a video walkthrough for you of my favorite social media post looping tool, so you can take charge of this aspect of your business & stop wasting time & energy & get back to enjoying your home biz again.

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How to automate your social media posting schedule and content calendar

  1. 1. by Misty Dorman July 19, 2019 How to Automate Your Social Media Posting Schedule & Content Calendar mistydorman.com/how-to-automate-your-social-media-posting-schedule-content-calendar/ If you are a network marketer growing your business online, you need to automate your social media posting schedule and content calendar (and today I’m sharing the best tool to do that). First we’ll talk about why you need to automate your posts, then I’ve got a video walkthrough for you of my favorite social media post looping tool. Why Do you Need a Post Scheduler for Network Marketing? 1/5
  2. 2. Because ain’t nobody got time for creating content every single day AND doing everything else on your daily action plan. You also can’t be on every social media platform at once if you’re a one-woman operation…. or can you? You don’t have time to waste! You need to spend your time on income producing, impactful activities that get you more leads, sales, recruits, and ultimately cash money to pay your car note or take your kids on a cool vacation. Wouldn’t it be easier to batch your content creation into a time block where you work on it just once a week (or even once a month)? If you’re anything like me, shiny object syndrome is a real struggle. Something I’ve started doing, which has really helped me to focus better & prioritize my tasks is save my ideas as they pop up and get back to what I’m supposed to be working on. Having a designated space for your ideas not only saves time in the moment, but also gives you an easy list to pull from when you sit down to create new content, so you’re not stuck staring at a blank post wondering what to write about. I recommend that as new content ideas & inspiration pop into your head, you save them somewhere like Evernote, Trello, Airtable, or Asana. Then schedule a weekly block of time on your calendar to just plow through creating new posts. When the timer stops, you’re done, whether you finished or not. For more on this, check out this blog post about killing the squirrels. With the right tool (keep reading), you can set your posts to loop, so if you run out of content, your older content will cycle back through. You might be questioning if it’s a bad thing to repeat your content. The short answer is no. The new people who are following you didn’t even get a chance to see what you posted 3 months ago… and it could really help them! Plus, only a small percentage of the people who are following you will even see your stuff, so it’s just giving them a fighting chance to check out all of that value you’re dropping. What’s more important is CONSISTENCY. If you are struggling with posting consistently every day, then you need a post scheduling tool that loops content. 2/5
  3. 3. If you’re just starting out, you may be primarily using your personal profile on Facebook to attract new leads…and that’s fine! It’s actually what I teach in the S.M.A.R.T. P.L.A.N. Guide. But what if you went ahead & created a Facebook page, a group, and maybe even accounts on a few other social media channels? A social media post scheduling tool will allow you to be present there without having to spend much time there. Instead of creating new content every day to post to your personal wall, you can just pop over to your business page and share or copy the latest post to your personal wall. That means your daily posting now takes about 60 seconds instead of the 30 minutes it probably takes you right now to come up with an idea & perfect it into a post. Sure, you’ll still make time-sensitive posts in the moment, but think about how much time this strategy can free up from your day! Enter SmarterQueue – My secret ninja hack for being everywhere all the time, when really I’m just riding around catching pokemon with my kids (don’t judge). Why SmarterQueue is the Best Post Scheduler Do you ever wonder how people seem to be popping up in all of your social media platforms all day every day, when some days it’s hard for you to even get motivated to type up one post? It seems like you have to be constantly posting everywhere in order to get even just a few eyeballs on your stuff. Just the idea of all of this is exhausting. How these rock stars do it is they are not only repurposing content, but also they’re automating (or paying someone to do all of this for them manually, but not everyone has money for that & it’s really not needed for this). The primary reasons I chose SmarterQueue after trying out and researching several other post schedulers are… SO much bang for your buck. SmarterQueue is half the price of other post looping tools that I looked into (and you get a 30-day trial if you use this link). It can do #allthethings. Many other schedulers don’t loop evergreen content. SmarterQueue can help you discover popular content to mimic or share. 3/5
  4. 4. It’s connected to Pixabay & Giphy, which makes it insanely easy & fast to slap a stock image or funny gif into your post. There are so many more reasons to use SmarterQueue, but we don’t have all day. Just grab your free 30-day trial and play around with it a little to see if it’s your jam. It’s time to Ron Popeil your content (just “set it & forget it”). This is part of Step 5 on our Systems Of Success (S.O.S.) Roadmap: Here is a super quick walkthrough video of my most favorite social media post scheduler, SmarterQueue, so you can get a peek at some of the features. 4/5
  5. 5. I’m sure you can expect more training on this from me in the future. I LOVE teaching network marketers how to save time by automating and outsourcing their repetitive business tasks. See ya next time! P.S. - Did this inspire you or bring you value? Don't forget to share &/or pin this. I appreciate it sooooo much! About the Author: I'm Misty, wife to a handsome fella & momma of two amazing kiddos that I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with. I struggled for over a decade in home business until I finally found real online marketing strategies that work & my network marketing business started taking off. Now I help other network marketers get un-stuck too, so they can create that dream life. Come join the conversation in the Life Ninjas Hot Mess to Success Facebook Community. https://youtu.be/KAnNz8G49rM 5/5