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Amphitheatre Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam

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Amphitheatre Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam

  2. 2. SITE Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, 40000 Shah Alam.
  3. 3. SECTION
  5. 5. Site B is hardly accessible by public due to the lack of attraction. Most of the structures were not well maintained. List of existing structures on site: 1. Gazebo 2. Signage 3. Feeder pillar 4. Picnic table 5. Amphitheatre 6. Concrete water tank stand
  6. 6. GAZEBO
  7. 7. CONTEXT - surrounded by trees Surrounded by trees, blending into the environment with the usage of brown color material, timber and bricks. Height of the gazebo, lower than the trees. Trees surrounding act as a shade for the gazebo.
  8. 8. The walkway connecting the road and the gazebo. Increase the accessibility of the gazebo. Platform elevated above ground level, allow ventilation underneath, in a way reducing the temperature within the gazebo.
  9. 9. ● For the public to rest, relax, chat, and enjoy the beautiful view ● Enhances public's experience in terms of their senses. -beautiful greenery as views -sounds of the people carrying out activities ● Damaged timber, and rubbish being disposed everywhere ● Destroys the attraction of the gazebo towards the public.
  10. 10. SIGNAGE
  11. 11. ● The signages are located at a position, which pass-byers from both direction is able to spot. ● Plantations partially blocks some of the signs. ● Information on the sign board are not updated, ● Signages are covered in rust -shows that its under maintained.
  13. 13. ● Not visible -Due to the location under the trees -Covered by shades
  14. 14. PICNIC TABLE
  15. 15. ● Located near the entrance of Bukit Sapu Tangan. ● Rest and rejuvenate. ● Leisure time such as having a picnic. ● Damaged picnic table and benches. ● Unable to last long without proper maintenance. ● Not shaded enough by trees.
  17. 17. Not maintained well, trees are not trim and plants are overgrowth.
  18. 18. Stairs levels are too high, not suitable for old citizens and children, reduce the accessibility to the space. 250mm
  19. 19. ● Damaged benches with exposed steel parts. ● Lack of maintenance deteriorates the condition of concrete benches and steps. ● Great view and atmosphere. ● Maintenance and reconstruction of amphitheatre that is able to cater functions. - cultural events
  21. 21. ● Abandoned after a new water tank was built ● The concrete structure is out of place ● Not demolished, serves no function
  22. 22. LANDSCAPE
  23. 23. Placement of Trees
  24. 24. Soil Condition
  25. 25. Direction of water flow Drainage System Direction of water flow (in smaller scale)
  27. 27. MACRO ROUTE Main highway leading to site is Federal Highway From Plaza Toll Sg.Rasau From Plaza Tol Batu3
  28. 28. OPERATION TIMES - Closed on Mondays - Open from 9am to 4:30pm
  29. 29. PARKING There are 8 car park zones in the park.
  31. 31. OVERALL ROUTE LEGEND Pedestrian route Bike route Car route PEDESTRIAN ROUTE LEGEND Pedestrian route
  32. 32. BICYCLE ROUTE LEGEND Bike route LEGEND Car route CAR ROUTE
  33. 33. ACCESS TO AMPHITHEATRE MAIN ENTRANCE TO AMPHITHEATRE Highways leading to site include
  34. 34. SPEED - As indicated on the plan, the wider the gap between the dashes, the faster the vehicle is moving. - - Average speed of vehicle Bicycle- 30 km/h Car- 60 km/h Ambulance- 80 km/h LEGEND Bicycle Car Ambulance
  35. 35. LEGEND Concrete Road Concrete Staircase Grass CONDITION OF ROUTE
  36. 36. CONDITION OF ROUTE Concrete Stairs Concrete Road Grass
  39. 39. DENSITY OF PEOPLE INCREASING Public Holiday Weekend Weekday INCREASE Morning Afternoon Evening
  40. 40. STRENGTH - Natural green surroundings. - Fresh environment to enjoy the greeny scenery. WEAKNESS - The lack of railings for the staircase can potentially cause someone to fall off and into the drain - The grass areas in between the benches are not properly maintained
  41. 41. OPPORTUNITIES - Add railings to each set of stairs - Proper maintenance of grass to prevent overgrowing - THREATS - Placement of side platforms prevent the addition of railings as it would make it harder to get to other sections of the amphitheatre
  43. 43. SUN PATH - The site is located 343 km from the equator - On average, the sun rises at 7 AM and sets at 7 PM - In the hours between 7 - 9 AM and 5 - 6 PM, sunlight is of a comfortable intensity - Sunlight is harshest between the hours of 11 AM - 2 PM
  44. 44. LIGHT INTENSITY - Sunlight is most intense along the road, being sheltered only at certain times of the day from overhanging branches of trees along the road - The amphitheatre receives sunlight of a medium intensity as it is surrounded by canopy trees which provides shade at various points throughout the day - Several trees within the amphitheatre itself provide shelter throughout the day depending on the direction of sunlight
  45. 45. SHADED AREAS - Most shaded areas are those areas which inaccessible because those areas are covered by bushes and lots of trees. - Few trees are planted at the side along the trail, and only some part of the trail is covered by the tree branches - The gazebo also provide the shading area for people to rest. - The theater provide lesser shading area compare to the gazebo, itself is not much covered and some trees are withered
  46. 46. WIND DISTRIBUTION - Elevation of the area affects the hot & cold wind. - Lower area of the amphitheatre experiences hotter wind and air as compared to the top portion of the amphitheatre. HUMIDITY - Descending the amphitheatre, the humidity level increases. - The charts below displays the average relative humidity of Peninsular Malaysia.
  47. 47. WIND DISTRIBUTION - Wind flow & speed around the area is affected mainly by the amount of trees in the area. - Dense trees around the amphitheatre area reduced the wind speed dramatically. Adding on with the hotter wind this gives an unpleasant feeling to visitors
  48. 48. RAINFALL - Rain direction depends on the wind direction. - Gazebo provides shade (1) - Amphitheatre has minimum to no shade WATERFLOW - Surface of the road isn’t curved causing only some of the rain to flow into the culvert. (2) - The steps causes the rain to flow downwards.(3) - Drains that catches water under the steps.
  49. 49. POTENTIAL NATURAL DISASTERS - Soil erosions -#1 on list of PND in Malaysia (62.5%) based on surveys from 1990-2014. -#1 on average annual loss in Malaysia (98.7%) -Very small drains. -Flash floods from heavy rains will cause overflow of water; leading to soil erosions and landslides. -Damages existing flora and fauna. - Forest fires -March 2016- 8914 cases nationwide. -April 2016- 1708 forest fires recorded in Malaysia. In 10 days, the number increased to almost 3000. -Flammable material/dry vegetation + weather conditions -Damages existing structures, flora and fauna.
  50. 50. ACTIVITIES
  51. 51. ART Drawing or painting the natural view of Taman Botani Negara
  52. 52. SPORT The green atmosphere makes people (with family or friends) love to exercise walk or run here SPORT People (Friends and families) love to come here and hike to enjoy the view of nature
  53. 53. SPORT The road is smooth making people loves to ride their bike around the garden
  54. 54. RELAXATION Visitors taking a much needed break at the amphitheatre benches after some hiking
  55. 55. PHOTOGRAPHY Visitors seemed to be engrossed by the scenery and atmosphere there
  56. 56. VIEWS & VISTAS
  57. 57. Space beside the gazebo Entrance into the amphitheatre (view from the right) Entrance into the amphitheatre (view from the left) Road to the site (facing North) Walkway path between two forest Small open space parking lot opposite the amphitheatre
  58. 58. The view towards the north side gazebo. The view towards the forest from the walkway path. The view towards the T junction from the walkway path Plantation and forest
  59. 59. Different kinds of tree species were planted for good views from the walkways path The tree trunk signifies the T-junction and the way to Menara Sapu Tangan.
  60. 60. Walkway outside the amphitheatre Walkway leading to the amphitheatre Another walkway leading to the amphitheatre
  61. 61. VIEWS THROUGH SITE Panorama view from the stage to the top Left hand side of the amphitheatre Stage view from the right to the top View from the left side seats
  62. 62. S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS Shah Alam National Botanical Garden
  63. 63. STRENGTHS - Refreshing getaway. - Provides sufficient resting stops along the hiking trail. - Government support. THREATS - Destruction of cleanliness of the garden by pedestrians. - Further development would hinder or worsen the condition of the eroding soil. - Cutting down of trees would lead to landslides. - Lack of funds. WEAKNESSES - Steep slopes along the trailways. - Humidity increases as you descend the amphitheatre. - Low maintenance. - Cost structure. OPPORTUNITIES - Preservation of the natural environment. - Nurture of flourishing flora and fauna. - Event organisation to fully utilise spatial potential. - Tourist potential.