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The Marketplace Effect - talk at the Women's PE Summit

These are the slides from my talk at the Women's PE Summit this year about the future evolution of marketplaces. For more voiceover, read my related blog posts on this on LinkedIn

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The Marketplace Effect - talk at the Women's PE Summit

  1. 1. The Marketplace Effect Uber and the On-Demand Everything World Mina Radhakrishnan 3.10.2016
  2. 2. Mina Radhakrishnan www.minarad.com @minarad currently: • EIR at Redpoint Ventures • advisor at Cowboy Ventures • startup consultant and advisor prior: • Head of Product at Uber • Senior PM at ModCloth • PM at Google • Analyst at Goldman Sachs
  3. 3. Marketplaces aren’t new.
  4. 4. Physical -> Digital
  5. 5. From transportation to groceries, the on-demand economy is found across many different industries.
  6. 6. Goods -> Services -> Experiences
  7. 7. Moving beyond concierges and aggregators
  8. 8. Experiences are the combined set of services • I want to be able to do X- make it all happen for me • I want to throw a dinner party for 8 at my house (Kitchit++) • I want to travel to Bali for a week and have a yoga-focused vacation (Pana++ ) • I want to plan a great date for my boyfriend/husband/ girlfriend (?)
  9. 9. Renting > Owning
  10. 10. Consumer doesn’t always mean buyer • textbooks- Chegg • cars- Uber • parking spots- Luxe • fashion- RTR, Le Tote • entertainment- Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime
  11. 11. The supply model has a fundamental shift too • Somebody has to own the items • owner | rental transaction facilitator | renter • sharing economy- companies rent from people and facilitate rental transactions when capacity is available • traditional warehousing- companies own the product and manage all the rental transactions to consumers • manufacturer rentals- companies who produce the product rent out to companies who facilitate the transaction
  12. 12. Keep only those things that speak to your heart.Then take the plunge and discard all the rest.
  13. 13. You can’t KonMari what you don’t have.
  14. 14. Living standards are not growing in line with GDP. vox.com via Paulina Tcherneva
  15. 15. The on-demand economy is a privilege of the affluent.
  16. 16. Don’t just save time. Make lives better.
  17. 17. Financial marketplaces • financial advisors attuned to people’s needs • help people save for and pay mortgages they can afford (Digits, Expedite) • lend to help accomplish goals • for elderly, for students, based on personalized data and the category of person • serve the unbanked • eliminate the payday loan
  18. 18. Healthcare and Genetics • affordable mental health practitioners (Lantern, Koko) • widespread access to genomic data for researchers • certified trainers and in-home workouts (FitOrbit) • telemedicine • physiotherapy for the disabled • doctors for the elderly
  19. 19. Marketplaces are people connectors. That’s what makes them great.