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Digital IQ Model - Healthcare Customer Insight

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The future of Digital Customer Insight within Healthcare
It is interesting to see how marketers and conference programs praise social media monitoring(SMM) as the new “black” these days and announce it is something new and revolutionizing. Companies have done this for many years (pharma too despite being slow starters). Actually the majority of the pharma companies have moved beyond SMM and take a much more holistic approach to digital customer insight, where social media monitoring typically is just 1 of 4 components - the other 3 components being News monitoring, Search Engine Analysis(SEA) and Competitor analysis/surveillance. In order to get the complete overview and insight which is necessary to create a strong digital strategy I believe pharma needs to look at all 4 aspects of digital customer insight. In addition to SMM, characterized by conversations and expressed opinions and preferences, I believe it is essential to include insight from customers’ search behavior and thus how they express their information need and active vocabulary. Thirdly, I believe pharma should include insight from broadcast messaging (news media and PR messages), which provides valuable information about existing media presence, how well stories are adopted by the public and what triggers interest as well as allows you to keep an eye on developing stories. Finally, digital competitor analysis and surveillance can be an extremely valuable activity in order to identify the “white spaces”, which can be exploited digitally to create digital marketing activities in areas of high relevance and lot competition.
Today Vertic Healthcare use the combination of these 4 types of analysis to help healthcare clients create the optimal customer insight and define digital pre- and post launch strategies and operational roadmaps.

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Digital IQ Model - Healthcare Customer Insight

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  2. 2. Social Media Monitoring Demand & Supply CNA* Social Assets Combined analysis of Search Analysis of company owned demand and user generated digital social media assets content DIGITAL IQ Demand SupplySearch Engine Competition and SEO Analysis MisMatch between Search Third Party demand and digital assets Analysis
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