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  • អាទិកម្ម
  • We covered setting goals in other sessions.
  • Setting goals and being clear what to focus on Alignment is about getting everyone on the same pageDefine roles to have people make the appropriate decisionsPrioritize to select what should be worked onDecision making. Know how you will make the decisions before you get there.
  • What steps should you follow?Identify alternatives to be considered. Determine and confirm evaluation criteria for the alternatives. Weigh evaluation criteria for the alternatives. Rate each alternative against the evaluation criteria. Calculate ranking by taking the sum of criteria weight times alternatives rating. Categorize recommendations as either short-term or long-term.
  • 1) the organization has generated numerous recommendations, and there is difficulty deciding implementation order; 2) the organization needs to classify recommendations as either short-term or long-term; 3) recommendations will cause political conflict; this model provides an objective perspective; and 4) significant change will result from recommendations.What steps should you follow?Identify alternatives to be considered. Determine and confirm evaluation criteria for the alternatives. Weigh evaluation criteria for the alternatives. Rate each alternative against the evaluation criteria. Calculate ranking by taking the sum of criteria weight times alternatives rating. Categorize recommendations as either short-term or long-term.
  • Critical QuestionsHas consensus been achieved amongst the key stakeholders and the process owners on the final set of options that need to be consolidated? Is program and project management fully aware of the impact of each on the capability release plan? What are the objectives for considering each option (e.g., cost reduction, increased customer service, etc.)? What are the characteristics of the business processes affected by each option (e.g., are they high volume or specialized/ project based business processes)? What is the relationship of each option with every other option? Dependent? Incompatible? Unrelated? What is the impact of each option on each of the business characteristics? For example, how does buying new, faster equipment affect a high volume business process? How does buying new, faster equipment affect a business process performed in a multinational environment? How does the impact and relationship of each option to every other option, and to each of the business process characteristics, affect each of the objectives for considering the different options? What is the most effective way for communicating the consolidation and assessment results to the management of the sponsoring organization? Key stakeholders? Program and project management?
  • Lack of communicationPoor coordination“You did it / they did it” Boundary management issuesConsistent missing of deadlinesConstant duplication of workSlowwwww decision makingEveryone involved in making decisions
  • Remember new culture philosophy when defining roles and responsibilitiesEliminate “checkers checking checkers”Encourage teamwork100% accuracy not always requiredPlace accountability (A) and responsibility (R) at the lowest feasible levelAuthority must accompany accountabilityMinimize the number of consults (C) and informs (I)All roles and responsibilities must be documented and communicated
  • Planning ConsiderationsMake sure that the final decision makers are part of the evaluation process.Consolidate options to understand how the combined options will integrate to meet performance targets for the business capability.The implementation decisions of adopting an option, especially if that involves changes to the Value Realization Plan, will be finalized by the management of the sponsoring organization and program and project management.To make the evaluation process efficient, state the business capability requirements in order of importance.Consider all the options and disregard those that do not satisfy the business capability requirements or those that require an implementation approach which is not feasible. Iterate and conduct further analysis to further clarify important options.The prioritization of options must consider the effect on requirements, cost for implementation, time for implementation, skills, resources and the risk associated with each option to aid management in decision making. Quick wins can be identified and initiated here. Prioritization must be in line with the Value Realization Plan.
  • Alignment%20for%20 cambodia%20#21(khmer) 2[1]

    1. 1. អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអ កកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកក
    2. 2. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក/កកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក
    3. 3. អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអ  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអ  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអ  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ
    4. 4. កកកកកកកកកកអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ កកអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក
    5. 5. អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ ) កកកកកកកកក ) កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក • កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក • អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ • អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ ) អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអ ) កកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកក • អអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអ • អអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអ • អអអអអអអអអអអអអ • អអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអ • អអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ • អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ • អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអ • អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអ
    6. 6. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកក
    7. 7. កកក កកកកក កកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកក កកកកក កកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកក កកក
    8. 8. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកក? កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ
    9. 9. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកក1. 2. 3. 4. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក
    10. 10. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកក1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក
    11. 11. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកក?  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ”  “អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអ”  “អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអ”  “អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក
    12. 12. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកក  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអ (អអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ) អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអ  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក(RACI)
    13. 13. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក(RACI) អអអអអអ : អអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអ/ អអអ អអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអ : អអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអ អអអអអអ អអអអអអ : អអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអ អអអអអ អអអអអអ : អអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអ R- ភភភភភភភភ • អអអអអអអអអអអអអ, អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ , អអអអអអអអអអអអ, អអអអអអA, អអអអអអអ អអអអអ, អអអអអA A- ភភភភភភភភភភ ភភភភភ • អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអ, អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ, អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ, អអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអ C- ភភភភភភភ • អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអ, អអអអអ, អអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ I- ភភភភភភ ភភភភភភភភភភ • អអអអអអអអ“អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ”,អអអ អអអអអអ អអអអអ
    14. 14. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក
    15. 15. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក  អអអអអអអអអអ  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអ  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ  អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអអ កកកកកកកកកកកកកកក
    16. 16. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក
    17. 17. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក R = អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ A = អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ C = អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ I = អអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអអ អអអអអអអអ/អអអអអអអអ អអអអអ អអអអអអអអអអ(អអអអអអ អអអអអអ)
    18. 18. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក- កកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកក
    19. 19. កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក កកកកកកកកកកកកកក? កកកកកកកកកក– កកកកកកកកកកកកកកកកក អអអអអអអអអអ: