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CV Mike Otto 2015

  1. 1. Hans Michael Otto Contact address: P.O. Box 12005 Sea Park Port Shepstone 4241 KZN Mobile: 073 135 7275 E-mail: mike@cornergate.com Driver licence:Code C1 with PDP,own vehicles. D.O.B.:1967-10-17 RSA ID: 6710175006087 Bilingual English & Afrikaans Married 20 years with 3 children, no criminal record Personal Profile An adpatable and responsible worker seeking an opportunity in any field of employment in the South Coast KZN area. During my work history I successfully combined my skills and experience showing myself to be self-motivated, organised and capable of working under pressure. I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I enjoy working on my own initiative or in a team. In short, I am realible, trustworthy, hardworking, and eager to learn and have a genuine interest in most fields of work. Capabilities and Experience  I have a Code 3 Heavy Duty driver’s license with PDP for the transport of goods and passengers with no previous traffic offences or accidents. Expires in 2019.  Experience in operating digger loaders, graders, tractors and hydraulic tipper trailers.  Installing CCTV cameras and DVR equipment.  Installing and setting up remote servers, PC’s and wireless equipment.  Installing alarms and alarm monitoring systems.  Cutting, shaping, bending and welding steel in the form of kapenta fishing rig/boat construction.  Installing Hydraulic winches and pumps as well as mechanical winches.  Installing drive motors, gearboxes, prop shafts, thrust blocks and electrical generators on kapenta rigs.  Installing and operating two way radios, radar, GPS and Echo sounder equipment.  Diving and recovering nets and equipment in no visibility conditions.  Employing and managing staff with the related labour laws and protocols.  Experience in the housing construction industry.  Experience in lodge management including functions, bar, stocktaking, weddings, game drives, finances and reporting.  Experienced boat driver and outboard motor operator.  Computer literate Windows Microsoft Office.  Experienced in internet advertising and research.  Love the outdoors and am a keen fisherman and spear fisherman.  Hunting, tracking and game driving experience.
  2. 2. Education 1. Primary School - Laerskool Mariepskop 1975-1980 (Afrikaans) 2. Senior School – Jameson High School, Kadoma, Zimbabwe – 1981-1986 3. Qualifications O Levels – 4 A’s, 3 B’s and 2 C’s M Level – Afrikaans A Level – Afrikaans, Geography and Biology Computer Literate – Excel, Word, Outlook E-mail and Internet PADI qualified open water scuba diver Launchmaster’s certificate (Zimbabwean) SA Skippers License equivalent South African Drivers License Heavy Duty Code 3 or C1 with PDP Work Experience 1. January 2015 ~ Current Job Position: Admin Consultant Company name: Education Matters Location : Port Shepstone, KZN, RSA. Main duties performed: Advertising and data base capture for a national tutoring agency. My duties include internet marketing of our services to clients and the recruitment of suitable tutors all over South Africa. Processing CV’s and documents that are submitted and capturing the rellevant data on our data base. 2. November 2011 ~ December 2014 Job Position: Farm Supervisor Company name: Chalala Farms Location : Malmesbury, Western Cape, RSA. Main duties performed: Construction of the biggest pig farm in Africa (50 000) Initial duties included the establishment and improvement of access roads to the various construction sites, trenching and installation of water supply lines (5km 110mm), construction and installation of two 500 000 Litre and one 1 million litre panel dams together with the pumping equipment. The establishment and development of the gravel and sand supply quarry. Once construction on the sites commenced my duties included the extension of the water supply lines into each of the 55 buildings and assisting with the installation of the water supply lines within the buildings themselves. Receiving and offloading the consigned equipment due to be installed. Installing, connecting, operating and maintaining the waste processing equipment which included the waste pits agitators and pumps, solid waste separators,holding dam agitators and aerators,solid waste collection and spreading onto lands. Servicing and maintaining the farm equipment. This included three tractors,a digger loader, a grader, four trailers including a hydraulic tipper trailer, two tanker trailers and two farm vehicles. Environmental training of all new staff members on the farm. Stock control and supplying fuel and oils to all vehicles, and monthly reports.
  3. 3. Waste control and management in accordance with environmental regulations. Water use monitoring on a daily basis and submitting monthly reports. Weigh bridge monitoring and recording of all feed trucks making deliveries and livestock trucks transporting the pigs to the abbatoir. Daily collection of mortalities from each site to the centralfreezer and weekly removal of mortalities off site. 3. February 2011 ~ November 2011 Job Position: Technical Manager Company name: Protrack Anti Poaching Unit Location : Hoedspruit, Limpopo, RSA. Main duties performed: My duties included the installation of alarms and CCTV equipment to augment the anti poaching that the company is involved in. This included setting up remote CCTV cameras and equipment that were monitored via a wireless network from the company’s main office 24hrs a day as well as cameras in hotels and lodges. This was a new division within the company and involved research and development into products and suppliers, training on the various installations and the actual installation, testing and hand over. The most complex installation involved security and access to a wildlife estate that had 70 residents. It included the installation of a gate access system controlled via the resident’s cell phone and monitored via CCTV cameras by our office 4km away, as well as access to the cameras by the residents on their smart phones. This set up included the installation of the computers, software, cameras and wireless equipment at the site and the head office. We left the company to move to the Western Cape to build a pig farm in November 2011. 4. April 2008 ~ January 2011 Job Position: Lodge Manager. Company name: Moholoholo Ya Mati. Location : Hoedspruit, Limpopo, RSA. Main duties performed: This was a very varied job, but it entailed all aspects of the management and up keep of a 34 bed lodge, 10 stand Caravan Park, wedding venue, Tea Garden, Year End and general Function venue, chapel and wedding services and extensive grounds that specialized in weddings and large functions for up to 200 people. Work performed here included front office bookings and payments, bar stocking, pricing and operation, function preparation, wedding marquee tent erection, decoration, tables and chairs transport and layout, grounds and chalet maintenance and upkeep. My main reason for wanting to look elsewhere was due to the fact that the hospitality industry does not allow much in the way of “family-time” as most of the weddings and functions were on the weekends, 17 in a row and two on one weekend was our busiest stretch. 5. November 2007 ~ April 2008 Job Position: Project Manager for a housing construction company. Company name: Houze It. Location : Hoedspruit, Limpopo, RSA. Main duties performed: Duties included transport of staff to and from work, supervising staff on duty, ordering, collecting and stocktaking of building supplies, quality and standards control on the construction site. My reasons for leaving were two fold. The company was downsizing and my wife and kids arrived from Zimbabwe and we needed some stability and were offered a position as a couple at Moholoholo Ya Mati.
  4. 4. 6. 1987~2007 Job position: Managing director, Kapenta fishing operation Company name: Matmark Fishing Location : Chalala, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. Main duties performed: Day to day operations of the fishing company based remotely 65km across Lake Kariba. This included stocktaking, ordering, transporting, loading and offloading of all consumable stock and dried fish across the lake. We used 30,000 litres of diesel fuel and 60 tons of salt and produced as much as 50 tons of dried fish every month. All supplies had to be loaded on our own ferry and transported 65km across the lake. We had a complement of 82 permanent staff and 30 seasonal staff in peak fishing season that all had written contracts and were paid cash at the end of every month. There were no banks in the area or cell phone banking back then. All 13 fishing vessels had to be serviced and repaired over full moon when we stopped fishing for 4 days every month. We submitted weekly stock and catch reports to our distribution head office in Harare every week via satellite broadband. We generated our own power via generator and supplied our own water due to the remoteness of the location. My duties included searching for and ensuring that the fleet was fishing in the most productive areas each night, identifying and solving mechanical problems on any of the vessels and equipment, diving and recovering nets that got hooked up on submerged trees, theft and stock control by use of radar, GPS, radio and echo sounder equipment, construction and refurbishment of complete fishing vessels, monthly servicing and maintenance of the fleet, quality control of the dried fish product, data capturing of daily catches, targeted projections of catches and lake levels, stock control levels, projections and orders. Skills Technical: Computer Literate, Reporting, Stock Control, Marketing, Staff Management, Analytical Thinker, Targeted Goals, Technically Minded, Problem Solver. Interpersonal: Fair and Firm manager with clear goals and target driven.  Other: Flexibility: Flexible team player who thrives in environments requiring ability to effectively prioritize and juggle multiples concurrently. Hobbies and Interests Fishing, Spear Fishing, Scuba Diving, Documentary Films, Internet Research, Family.
  5. 5. Referees 1. Will Maberly Job position: Partner and Director Company name: Matmark, Harare, Zimbabwe Tel no: +263 11205931 E Mail: wm@iitrade.net 2. Peter Schofield Job position: Owner Company name: Houze It Hoedspruit Tel no: 083 276 3199 3. Marisa Reinach Job position: Owner Company name: Moholoholo Ya Mati Tel no: 084 511 3000 Email: marisa@moholoholo.co.za 4. Vince & Leigh Barkas Job position: Owners Company name: Protrack Anti Poaching Unit Hoedspruit Tel no: 015-7932585 / 015-7933914 Email: protrack@worldonline.co.za 5. Mike Heramb Job position: Owner Company name: Chalala Farms Tel no: 083 632 7515 Email: mheramb@mweb.co.za Thank you for taking the time to read my CV.


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