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MC CV-2016-spring

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MC CV-2016-spring

  1. 1. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 1 EDUCATION- ACADEMIC DEGREES BABSON COLLEGE, F.W. OLIN GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS WELLESLEY, MA Master of Business Administration Concentration: Entrepreneurship Coursework: Opportunity and Entrepreneurship, Creating and Leading Effective Organizations, Financial Reporting, Managing Talent- Your own and others, Strategy, Data, Models and Decisions, Introductions to Financial Management, Business Law, Defining, Marketing- Offering and Delivering Value to Customers, Managerial Economics, Technology & Operations Management, ABC Cost Accounting- Measuring and Managing Strategic Performance, Managing at the Crossroads- International Economics, Business and Govt., Global Connections Through Technology, Business Models, Negotiations, Managing a Growing Business, Public Policy Entrepreneurship, Mergers and Acquisitions, E- Venture Financing, Branding, Strategies for Innovation and Organic Growth and Capstone- New Venture Development. MANHATTANVILLE COLLEGE PURCHASE, NY Double Major in ECONOMICS & POLITICAL SCIENCE EDUCATION- FELLOWSHIPS/ SCHOLARSHIPS UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA TUSCON, AZ Scholarship to Dr. Vernon Smith’s (Nobel Laureate) Economics Science Laboratory, 1996 BABSON COLLEGE WELLESLEY, MA Fellowship to the Price Institute-Babson College Global Symposium for Entrepreneurship Education with Dr. Jeffry A. Timmons, 1993 GEORGETOWNUNIVERSITY WASHINGTON, D.C. Union Carbide Scholarship to attend the Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems with Dr. Walter H. Judd, M.O.C. and Congressional Internship with U.S. Rep. Jack Kemp, 1978 FACULTY TEACHING EXPERIENCE: BABSON COLLEGE- CSE/CREDIT/LEVEL OF STUDENTS/DATES  Social Enterprise Management- 3 credits/MBA-2nd Year Elective/ Fall 2004  Social Enterprise Management- 3 credits/ Undergraduate-Jr./Sr./ Fall 2005  Social Enterprise Management- 3 credits/ Undergraduate-Jr./Sr./ Spring 2006  Social Enterprise Management- 3 credits/ Undergraduate-Jr./Sr./ Fall 2006  Social Enterprise Management- 3 credits/ Undergraduate-Jr./Sr./ Spring 2007  Social Enterprise Management- 3 credits/ Undergraduate-Jr./Sr./ Fall 2007  Social Enterprise Management- 3 credits/ Undergraduate-Jr./Sr./ Spring 2008  Social Enterprise Management- 3 credits/ Undergraduate-Jr./Sr./ Fall 2008 BABSON COLLEGE- BABSON GLOBAL- BANGKOK UNIVERSITY- BUSEM  Social Enterprise Mgt. & Negotiation- Graduate Student Credit/ ’14, ‘16 CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK – CUNY- BARUCH COLLEGE-
  2. 2. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 2 ZICKLIN BUSINESS SCHOOL -CSE/CREDIT/LEVEL/DATES/STUDENTS ENROLLED  Social Enterprise Management/3 credits/ Ugrad-#3525-Jr.,Sr./Fall ‘09/(33)  Analysis of Entrepreneurial Experiences/3 credits/Grad-#9961/Fall ‘09/(14)  High Impact Web Education/3 credits/Ugrad-Indep.Study/ Spring ’10 (1)  Entrepreneurial Case Studies/3 credits/Ugrad-#4961-Jr.,Sr./ Spring ‘10/(27)  Entrepreneurial New Ventures/3 credits/Ugrad-#4969- Jr.,Sr./Fall ‘10/(15)  Analysis of Entrepreneurial Experiences/3 credits/Grad-#9961/Fall ‘10/(9)  Entrepreneurship Management/3 credits/Ugrad-#3960- Jr.,Sr./Spring ‘11/(20)  Analysis of Entrepreneurial Experiences/3 credits/Grad-#9961/Spring ‘11/(22)  Analysis of Entrepreneurial Experiences/3 credits/Grad-#9961/Fall ‘11/(8)  Entrepreneurial Start-Ups/3 credits/Ugrad-#4963/Fall ‘11/(23)  Entrepreneurship Management/3 credits/Ugrad-#3960-Jr./Sr./Spring ‘12/(35)  Analysis of Entrepreneurial Experiences/3 credits/ Ugrad-#4961/Fall ‘12/(29)  Entrepreneurship Management/3 credits/Ugrad-#3960-Jr./Sr./ Fall ‘12/(36)  Entrepreneurship Management/3 credits/Ugrad-#3960-Jr./Sr./ Spring‘13/(30)  Entrepreneurship Management/3 credits/Ugrad- #3960-Jr./Sr./ Spring ’13(15) MARIST COLLEGE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT- CSE/CREDIT/LEVEL OF STUDENTS/DATES  ORG- Managing Human Resources/3 credits/ Ugrad-#300- Soph./Jr. Fall ’15 (24)  BUS ADMIN- Introduction to Business and Management/3 credits/ Ugrad #100- Freshman/ Spring ’16 (24) NEW COURSES/NEWPROGRAMS DEVELOPED: BABSON COLLEGE- BLANK CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP (BC) & BABSON GLOBAL (BG)  BG- University of Bangkok, Thailand- Social Entrepreneurship, Negotiation  BC- The Lewis Initiative: Conceptualized, Co-Design team faculty member faculty fundraising team member to support the successful raise of $10,000,000 for Babson College’s Social Entrepreneurship campus wide initiative.  BC- Babson Student Business Incubator: Member of founding faculty advisory team for Undergraduate and Graduate student summer business incubation.  BC- Green Dorm: Faculty Advisor ST. PETER’S UNIVERSITY-  IGNITE- A Collaboration for Urban Revitalization through Entrepreneurship: Co- conceptualized, Co-Designed and lead Executive Team member or Rising Tide
  3. 3. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 3 Capital to establish a Social Enterprise-Academic Institution program partnership around college access and university student and faculty engagement to support entrepreneurial efforts of low to moderate income adults in the Northern N.J. WHITE PAPERS AND LECTURES:  NYU GLOBAL ACADEMIC CONFERENCE ON SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP “Exploring Transformative Scale for Social Entrepreneurs, A Practitioners Framework” Authors- Professor Mike Caslin and Joseph Szocik, MA- Harvard Kennedy School  UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG and CHARLES UNIVERSITY OF PRAGUE- “The transformative role of Entrepreneurship in emerging democracies.” An invited lecturer from The Fund for American Studies Institute for Central European and Asian Political and Economic System Studies.  UNITED NATIONS- “Towards an Entrepreneurial Culture: A vision for Europe”. A policy framework presented to 28 member nations of the United Nations Economic Commission on Europe, Geneva, Switzerland, May 2005. PUBLICATIONS IN FIELD OF EXPERTISE: College Text Book ABC-CLIO Publishers, Graduate/Undergraduate College Textbook, Featured Chapter Author, “Social Entrepreneurship: How Business Can Transform Society”. Editor, Dr. Tom Lyons. 2012. Government Reports or Monographs Aspen Institute, Federal Public Policy, Role: Founder and Contributing Member, “Advancing Entrepreneurship Education- A Report of the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy Group”, Washington, D.C., 2008. High School Curriculum Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, High School Text, Co-Author, “Eco-Enterprise: Being Smart About the Environment and Social Issues- One Enterprise, One Entrepreneur at a Time”, New York City, 1999. High School/Community College, Web Learning Portal, Co-Author, “BizTech- Entrepreneurship On-Line.” 2005 Cody Design Award Finalist For: Best Secondary Education Instruction Solution- Co-Author, 1999, 2005 OTHER PUBLICATIONS: Veritas Publishers, General Audience, Author, “Fallen Innocence, Towering Love: Thoughts For Healing from Ground Zero”. Dartmouth, MA,2001 Career Press Publishers, Adult/High School Student Text, Co-Author, “The Very, Very Rich- How They Got That Way and How You Can Too! Profiles of Phenomenal Entrepreneurs”. New York, 2000. Shore-Side Sailing, Sailboat Racing- Simulations of Strategies, Tactics and Racing Rules 1984.
  4. 4. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 4 PROFESSIONAL HONORS, PRIZES: Harvard University Harvard for Change- Igniting Innovation Summit on Social Entrepreneurship 2014 Featured Lecturer at the largest undergraduate-run conference on Social Entrepreneurship in the nation. The Summit unites students, academics, business leaders, and non-profit leaders, aspiring to be on the cutting edge of social innovation, both locally and internationally. 350 students, academics, and business and nonprofit leaders from six continents. Nominated and selected for innovative ways in breaking previous barriers in energy consumption, improving the lives of countless individuals and redefining the way in which individuals and businesses interact with and receive access to sustainable energy. Recognized “as a thought and leader for professional background, expertise, and incredible innovation in redefining civic consumption with the ultimate effect of accessible and environmentally sustainable energy for communities and as an inspiration to young leaders, entering and flourishing in a challenging, complex work world”. Website http://www.ignitinginnovationsummit.com. The Fund for American Studies, Washington, DC 2013 Alumni Achievement Award for “Honorable Leadership in promoting a Free Society; selected from a network of 14,000 Alums”. 1 of 10 Award recipients since 1970. CODIE Award for Web Business Learning-SecondarySchool Education-Finalist 2005 Co-Author of BizTech 2.0- a national finalist. The SIIA CODiE Awards recognize excellence in the business software, digital content, and education technology industries. All nominated products and services receive a thorough review from seasoned industry experts who can identify strengths and give significant insights for improvements. In 27 years, SIIA has recognized more than 1,000 companies for achieving greatness in industries that expect innovative thinking and demand market validation. Dartmouth College, Award, Tuck Graduate School of Business 2002 The Halpern Award for Outstanding Contribution to the field of Social Entrepreneurship. Babson College, Award, Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators 1999 1,000+ College Faculty Global Peer Reviewed - Appel Annual Prize Winner for “an individual who brings entrepreneurial vitality to academe in the true spirit of the Price-Babson College Fellows Program for perseverance, innovativeness and excellence demonstrated over the years.” Norfolk Charitable Trust World Fellowship Program, London, England, UK 1999 Graduate, Fellowship- Selected as sole USA Representative. Brief: Conduct a (12) city, (5) continent field observation of the impacts of mass urbanization (aka urban conurbations) on society and present a visionary solution- focused framework for effectively countering these trends. Windsor Society Member (UK), Ayershire, Scotland, UK 1998 Graduate, Fellowship- U.S.A. Representative to the Windsor Society- Discussions on the
  5. 5. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 5 Future of the U.K. founded by King Henry VIII. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION- AWARDS/CERTIFICATES OF ACHIEVEMENT: Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY 2016 Certificate of Completion, “The Art of Teaching On-line Training” Center for Teaching Excellence- Information Technology for Digital Education The Fund for American Studies, Washington, DC 2013 Alumni Achievement Award for honorable leadership in promoting a free society. Selected from among 14,000 Program Graduates. Since 1970, (10) Awards have been awarded. Columbia University, New York City, NY 2012 Certificate of Completion of SPEEDREADING 101 based on Evelyn Woods Speed Learning System. Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem –Knights Hospitaller- (c.1099 A.D.) 2008 Knighted into the oldest order of Knighthood for exemplary performance in service to the sick and the poor and the life-long pursuit of living the primary virtues- Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude and cardinal virtues- humility, sympathy, gentleness, truth, compassion, unselfishness, peace and endurance. APPENDIX A ADMINISTRATION/DEPARTMENT CHAIR/STUDENT REVIEWS DIRECT OBSERVATIONS Observations from two distinguished Babson members of the Faculty and Administration: Observations by Dr. Len Schlesinger, Babson College, President “Babson College has had the benefit of Michael Caslin’s energy and counsel as an adjunct faculty member for years and I have personally witnessed his impact on students in teaching the Social Entrepreneurship course. He has served a valuable advisor to many before the creation of
  6. 6. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 6 the Lewis Institute and campus wide initiative. As a National Board Member for NFTE, I can appreciate the magnitude of the challenges he faced over 20 years as the organization’s CEO…the reputational capital that was built far exceeded the formal resources they had available to them. At this stage of his life Michael wants to make the transition to a more full time academic career and the MBA is the first step in the process. I enthusiastically support his plan and do believe he is taking the appropriate steps to realize his aspirations and I have little doubt that he will be an important member of his Fast Track cohort.”  Oral Communication Skills - “Excellent”- Schlesinger, Brush  Ability to Work with Others - “Excellent”- Schlesinger, Brush  Initiative- “Excellent” - Schlesinger, Brush  Maturity- “Excellent” - Schlesinger, Brush  Creativity- “Excellent” - Schlesinger, Brush  Problem Solving Skills- “Excellent”- Dr. Candy Brush Observations by Dr. Candy Brush, Babson College, Department Chair, Blank Center for Entrepreneurship- Endorsement- “I first met Mike Caslin when I joined Babson College as Division Chair. He had been an adjunct faculty member teaching social entrepreneurship and I became his direct supervisor and have known him for 6 years. His strengths are personal interaction, communication, sales and marketing and non-profit/foundation work including NFTE and knows the landscape of social entrepreneurship very well. He has built connections, knows how to do research, collect data and importantly is committed to social mission ventures and non-profits. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses and I observed his teaching on several occasions and there is no question that he engages students in rich discussion and is an enthusiastic presenter…Mike’s passion, expertise and knowledge of social ventures/non-profit would be a terrific addition to the Fast Track Program and while he is more experienced and a mature candidate, I know he is eager to learn. He would likely be a leader for his cohort and embrace this role.  Written Communication Skills- “Good” – Dr. Len Schlesinger  Quantitative Skills- “Good”- Dr. Candy Brush  Decision-making Skills- “Good”- Dr. Candy Brush APPENDIX B TEACHING MOTIVATION AND PHILOSOPHY I love teaching. Why? It is an incredible gift and honor to see first-hand the power of conceiving, believing and achieving occur within my students during the length of an academic semester and beyond. Reading their qualitative feedback surveys after each semester further reinforces that I’ve contributed to their growth process. I have pursued teaching as a second stage career path. During my first stage career I built a number of small businesses and non-profits. This in turn led to my being sought out for strategic advisory services then CEO/Co-Founder role in a start-up non-profit- NFTE- Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship- that would go on to scale globally, work with
  7. 7. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 7 500,000 students and be case studied twice by Harvard Business School. The popularity of these case studies in turn created a demand for my lecturing at Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard- Business and Kennedy Schools and Stanford Universities. From this experience, I was then invited to be a “practitioner-academic” at Babson College and CUNY-BARUCH working with both graduate and undergraduate students. Since 1988, I have been able to teach entrepreneurship to students ranging in age from 15 to 50 years around the world. have had the blessing of lecturing teaching and working with a wide range of from the lowest income to the most prestigious and credentialed graduate school students, from the next generation scions of the world’s wealthiest business families to the multi- generation impoverished on many continents. From those who are physically challenge, incarcerated or learning disadvantaged to the most gifted and resourced. I have seen in the eyes of them all a desire to learn, dream, to change their lives for the better and to change the world for the better. Given the state of our very needy world, it is only through education that we can help support more flames of knowledge that will light up the darkness. This is why I must teach. I believe knowledge with wisdom (applied knowledge) is power and as a teacher I have the right and the duty to share knowledge and the accumulated wisdom of insights gained from my own career path. I always say, “I don’t have answers just perspective and that each student must come to their own answers in life.” I believe that as an educator I am walking Joseph Campbell’s, “The Thousand Faces of A Hero”. This “hero path” is with my students. We are on a shared journey beginning in the classroom which goes beyond the semester – and we grow together. Together we chose to depart from the comfortable, gain enlightenment through struggle and most importantly we commit to “the return” to teach others (our colleagues, our fellow students, our friends and families) what we have learned. From all the Babson and Baruch classes I have taught over the years I have now served as a mentor to 93 students. I believe that educators have a noble duty to find new truths and affirm old ones based on rigorous research, writing, debate and presentations. We have a noble duty to inspire, challenge and nurture our students in and beyond the classroom. In my role as a teacher I am enabled to see the potential that lies within my students and am thrilled to help it emerge. It is my sacred duty to help my students see and tap into their natural or God-given potential as well. I believe that education is a great individual liberator, societal equalizer and
  8. 8. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 8 nation builder. And I believe that social entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship that seeks to transform society through triple bottom line oriented efforts (by intentionally linking people, profit and planet), is one of the most pragmatic, radical and transformative non- coercive forces for good that exists on our planet today. For anonymous student ratings of my courses go to: www.ratemyprofessor.com Professor- Caslin College- Baruch College College- Babson College College- MARIST SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT APPENDIX C PROFESSIONAL CAREER EXPERIENCES Michael Caslin offers a diverse and successful track record as a Serial Social Entrepreneur. Investor/Co-Founder in (10) for-profit ventures and (5) non-profit ventures, he has been involved in all stages of Venture Development- Start-Up, Early Growth, Rapid Growth and Corporate Turnarounds. He has proven, multi-decade experience across (12) industry sectors. He has specialized bringing ventures to Scale, Triple Bottom Line Impact Investment Strategy Development and Venture Crisis/Turn-Around and Performance Improvement. He currently serves as the Founder/CEO of The Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network Foundation (www.GCSEN.com). He has served as a trusted advisor to the leadership of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, White House Domestic Policy Program, various Federal, State and
  9. 9. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 9 Local Officials, and national and international for-profit and non-profit ventures. His Social Enterprise work has been reported on by numerous national and global media outlets including CNN, The Boston Globe, National Public Radio, New York Times and Dalian China TV. He has been a featured lecturer at Stanford University Graduate Business School, Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School, Dartmouth Tuck Business School, Duke University Fuqua Business School, Columbia University Uris Business School, NYU, Dublin City University and the University of Prague and University of Hong Kong. Areas of his thought leadership and subject matter expertise include: secondary, higher education and adult entrepreneurship development- policy, program and curriculum development- in-class and web-based; urban, airport city and tribal reservation sustainable economic development including renewable energy infrastructure investment; Corporate Social Responsibility, Family Office Philanthropy and Impact Investment Initiatives; and domestic and international Social Entrepreneurship imitative. For the past 13 years, Michael Caslin has also been engaged in sustainable community development primarily in power, waste and water community management issues- both generation and conservation. He is committed to mitigating the impacts of rapid global urbanization by advising large and small-scale community sustainability solutions. Recognizing the long term implications of ineffective policies and practices at the global, federal, state and local level and in response to the burdensome costs of energy and an increasingly failing and unsustainable urban infrastructure affecting national and global cities, he launched URGENT VC, LLC (UVC) in 2008. UVC- Urban Regeneration Energy Technology Venture Capital was founded to provide entrepreneurial and financial solutions for community sustainability. UVC is structured to support Sustainable Urban Centers, Tribal Reservations and Airport Cities. As a three-part management firm, UVC provides Sustainable Community M-A-AP & MONETIZE© consulting Services, Clean & Green Impact Investment Venture Accelerator Services and the structuring of Strategic Private/Public Financing Investment to support renewable and sustainable infrastructure. Prior to URGENT VC, LLC, from 1988 thru 2008, he served as CEO for the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship’s, (NFTE). Over these 20 years, he led NFTE through 3 recessions generating an operating surplus each year and grew a global a team that raised Philanthropic, CSR and Impact Investment capital totaling $145,000,000 while creating a global force of 4,000 teachers serving 500,000 youth and young adults in 31 U.S. States and 13 countries on 4 continents. As an Adjunct College Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability for both Babson College and CUNY-Baruch, he is a co-author of the (3) set College Text Curriculum- “Social Entrepreneurship- How Businesses Can Transform Society” and is often called on as
  10. 10. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 10 a leading Social Enterprise, Venture Development and Strategic Impact Investing thru Philanthropy commentator. His work in leading NFTE has resulted in one of the most rigorously researched and scaled social enterprises in the world and has been case studied twice by Harvard Business School and among its the top (10) best selling cases. Since 2004, he has also served as a part-time College Faculty member, a “Prac-ademic: Practitioner Academic” member of Babson College (ranked #1 for Entrepreneurship and #9 for Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability) where he was co-founding faculty member of three signature initiatives – The Lewis Social Enterprise Campus Initiative, Green Dorm and Summer Venture Program. Since 2009 he has held a dual adjunct appointment with Babson College and CUNY-Baruch Zicklin Business School Field Center for Entrepreneurship. He has taught Principles of Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Venture Development, Venture Finance and Entrepreneurship Case Experiences to Graduate- MBA, MA and Undergraduate students. In his course work, he draws on his senior level management training and experiences from the successful implementation of Open Book Management, Balance Scorecard with Performance Compensation, IBM Matrix Management, McKinsey & Co. Strategic Growth Planning and Harvard Business School’s Go Forward Plan. C-level Responsibilities have included:  Managing multi-million dollar growth year on year in existing and new markets and (31) state, (13) country span of management.  Leading large, multi-region field based teams using effective internal and external communications, team building, performance planning, and talent development.  Coaching Executive and Staff Talent for improved performance through mission, strategy, tactics and performance plan alignment.  Developing technology-enabled distance based learning – BizTech 2.0 with Microsoft, the ALN Network and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; a Codie Award Finalist and CUNY-Baruch Graduate and Undergraduate blended learning curriculum.  Developing cutting edge performance bonus incentive compensation systems  Managing P&L and Balance Sheet profitability successfully thru recessions (’87, ’92, ’99, ‘02) via cost containment, team performance improvement and increased revenue generation.  Building brand value thru effective million-dollar CSR and CRM funding Sponsorships and success in expanding from small, local customer bases to international scale.  Establishing the first national public policy group for youth entrepreneurship in partnership with E*Trade and Aspen Institute’s, leading the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy Group. DETAILED CAREER EXPERIENCE AND RESULTS Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network Foundation (GCSEN) 2016- Present  Founder and CEO of GCSEN Foundation with a mission to accelerate Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education through innovative programs and learning
  11. 11. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 11 technologies. www.GCSEN.com Rising Tide Capital (RTC) Jersey City, NJ 2012 - 2015 Title and Summary of Duties: Managing Director, Development and Strategic Growth Results:  As strategic advisor, he supports the CEO and COO in development and implementation of its Theory of Change, development of its Board of Directors, Strategic Advisory Board and Management Team, expansion of Corporate and Academic Strategic Partnerships and Fund Development and provides guidance on RTC’s Smart-Growth Plan.  He grew new leadership and has helped shape the internal talent management development process, established a strategic partnership with St. Peter’s University generating future value of up to $2M in academic credits to program graduates.  Led the Development & Strategy Team that grew FY annual revenue $900K to $3M+ in 4 years with expanded donor base, increased gift levels and positioning for future earned income.  He also implemented the proprietary- Go Forward Plan-Fusion and Focus process to commence preparation for an internal (24) month capacity building process for regional and national organization scale. URGENT VC, LLC New York, NY 2008–Present Title and Summary of Duties: Chairman and Founder URGENT VC, LLC is an IMPACT INVESTMENT oriented venture capital manager and venture development company specializing in providing Sustainable Community Advisory Services and developing Sustainable Infrastructure for Urban Centers, Tribal Reservations and Airport Cities. As founder has served on the Board of Directors, on the Investment and Finance Committee and as CEO helped developed an operational team. He has screened investments, provided company P&L and management oversight, provided strategic planning and operational oversight and led the development of strategic investor relationships.  He assisted in the turn-around of a high visibility Carbon Asset Management Firm, through the founding and subsequent sale of a private equity partnership. He assembled a management team that purchased a distressed international carbon credit asset management firm and saved two dozen jobs in the USA and India, recovered key investor value and increased energy efficiency in 1 million homes in India through a UN Carbon Credit Approved light bulb efficiency replacement program;  He launched UVC’s Sustainable Community Consultancy that has secured and completed contracts with EU and USA Federal Agencies (EPA, Dept’s of Interior and HHS and the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution and Tribal Support), Multi-State Municipalities and Federal Tribes. UVC has since been retained via Sustainable Community Advisory service contracts and is proud to serve as a key advisor to USET-United Southern Eastern Tribes- a network of 26 Federally Recognized Tribes east of the Mississippi River and as its Technical Advisor to the Obama White House’s National Ocean Council;  He established UVC Clean&Green Impact Investment Venture Accelerator with its lead portfolio company SubSea Energy, N.A., LLC – a USA based micro-hydro energy developer working to provide in low cost, subsidy free, zero emission micro-distributed electricity systems for high cost electricity markets in the Northeast. NFTE, New York, NY 1988 - 2008
  12. 12. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 12 Title and Summary of Duties: CEO Results:  Expansion of NFTE into 13 countries and 31 U.S. States from an original base of and 2 U.S. states.  P&L Accountability- led team that grew annual system revenue from $200,000 to $25,000,000 in the USA, EU, India and China over 400 payroll periods.  Grew from a base of 200 users to 50,000 users annually; 500,000 historical users.  Achieved 14 consecutive years of annual operating surplus.  Led teams that raised $145,000,000 in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) investments/grants and Government Appropriations and Grants.  Created NFTE’s first public policy initiative with Aspen Institute. Conceived, Recruited, Developed and Managed a (33) corporate member organization Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy Group (YESG).  Developed CSR relationships with: Atlantic Philanthropies/ Duty Free Shops, Babson College, COFRA, E*Trade, Goldman Sachs, National Governor’s Association, Oppenheimer Funds, Ryan Air/One Fdn., McKinsey & Co., Microsoft; State Street Bank, U.S. Small Business Administration.  Provided expert witness testimony and policy papers for: Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Hong Kong, Prague and Stanford Universities; U.S. Congress- House/Senate Committees on Small Business, Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; U.S. Departments of Commerce, Education, Labor and State; The White House-Domestic and Economic Policy Councils; National Associations of Governors, School Superintendents, and City Councils; the U.N. Development Program (UNDP) on Micro-Enterprise with Prince Charles and Sec. General Annan and the United Nations Economic Commission on Europe (UNECE). Under his leadership, NFTE has grown to be a globally recognized movement and one of the few documented youth development global programs. He and his team achieved this through an open-book management and balanced scorecard management culture and practice and achieved the following results:  growth of annual system revenue by 124X;  growth of operational, field and system-wide staff by 50X;  growth of NFTE Certified Entrepreneurship Teachers Corps by 2,000X;  growth of users from (200) in 1988 to (500,000) end users;  established NFTE as a global and national thought leader related to entrepreneurship education with Davos- World Economic Forum, the UN Economic Commission of Europe, Aspen Institute’s Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy Group Babson College’s Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators (a network of 2,000 college faculty members);  served as founding advisor to Ewing Marion Kaufman’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and the National Association of Community College Centers for Entrepreneurship Education  and growth of NFTE’s USA 31 state operations 14.5X and growth of international operations from no activity to activity in 13 countries on 4 continents. Leadership success with teams in the following endeavors:  Curriculum innovation, design, funding, standardization and distribution leading to 12
  13. 13. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 13 iterative self-published versions of Student Curriculum and Teacher Certification Programs resulting in Pearson Publishers choosing NFTE as its entrepreneurship curriculum of record for the USA and EU  Conceptualization, funding and implementation of an External Impact Evaluation Program based on a rigorous Program Theory of Change  Conceptualization and Generation of self-sustaining revenue streams through innovative product/service sales and special event revenue now annually generating $3mm net contribution annually  Conceptualization, funding and implementation of the first youth entrepreneurship alumni services program involving nation-wide MBA student mentors and corporate executives that featured Regional Business Plan Competitions and Venture Funding.  Conceptualization, funding and implementation of the W.K. Kellogg Fdn.’s National African American Male Collaborative- a consortia of 33 national CBO’s dedicated to empowering African American young men and NFTE First Nations Tribal Youth Entrepreneurship Program. Caslin Group Business Consultants, Washington, D.C. 1984 – 1988 Title and Summary of Duties: Founder, Firm specialized in Corporate Bankruptcy Turnarounds. Results:  Consulted with 40 clients from 12 industry segments; companies aggregate value of $30,000,000  Advised (2) U.S. Members of Congress on trade and public policy initiatives Washington Legal Foundation, Washington, D.C. 1982 - 1984 Title and Summary of Duties: VP, Legal Affairs Results:  Developed U.S. Congressional outreach strategies for: Tort Reform, Tax Reform, Crime Victim Right while leading a national high-net worth individual/institutional $500,000 annual campaign. Boys and Girls Clubs of America – New York, NY 1981 - 1982 Title and Summary of Duties: Director of Development, Foundation Relations Results:  Developed and implemented a $250,000 national foundation relations campaign The Fund for American Studies- Washington, D.C. 1980 - 1981 Title and Summary of Duties: Executive Director Results:  Managed foundation, board and HNW individual giving development, $250,000 annual campaign.  Managed U.S. Congressional Outreach and Academic Program Outreach to Georgetown University SOCIAL ENTERPRISE AND COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP: Baruch College- Zicklin Business School, NY: Faculty Advisor, Private Equity and Venture Capital Club, Boys and Girls Club of New Bedford, MA: Board Member, Center for Cultural and Tribal Entrepreneurship, Santa Fe, NM: Board Member, CITI-USAGreen Jobs Awards, NY, NY: Board Member, Friends of Jaclyn, NY: Volunteer for Youth and
  14. 14. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 14 Young Adults with Brain Tumors, Hudson Valley Currents- an innovative Local Economy Flexible Barter and Currency for the Hudson River Valley NFTE New England, Babson Park, MA: Volunteer, NYU- NYACRE- NY Accelerator for Clean and Renewable Energy, NY, NY: Advisory Board Member, Outdoor Promise- promoting STEEM “in the woods” for urban middle schoolers, Russian Children Welfare Society, NY: Volunteer for Orphaned Children needing facial reconstruction, SJF Institute/Investor’s Circle, Durham, NC: Board Member, Urban Ecology Institute, Boston, MA: Board Chair and YMCAof New Bedford, MA: Volunteer- Youth Basketball League. ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES, ACHIEVEMENTS and ACTIVITIES: 2008- Present -Appalachian Trail- Section Hiker- Completed sections- Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. -Manhattanville College, Men’s Basketball, Player “Career Coach” -Mustang Horseback Training- Taos, New Mexico -Bikram Yoga, 30 Day Challenge Achiever -Sailing Instructor- Manhattan Sailing School with boat deliveries from London, England across the British Channel to Calais, France and from Ft. Lauderdale, FL in Gulf Stream to Long Island, NY -NY State, Ulster County, MAPP Certified- Partnership in Parenting- Foster Care to Adoption 1975-2008 -NCAA- Team MVP, High Point Scorer, member of first team in Manhattanville College’s history to NCAA DIII Basketball Tournament -NCAA- (4) Sport Participant- Cross Country, Basketball, Sailing and Tennis. College Club-
  15. 15. MICHAEL J. CASLIN, III 691 Hurley Avenue, Hurley, NY 12443 212-444-2071 / mike@gcsen.com 15 Baseball and Feature’s Editor of the campus newspaper and Student Rep. to the Board of Trustees. -Co-Founder, New Bedford YMCA, Youth Basketball Development Program- grown 20X over 5 years -AAU- six year coach of Women’s Basketball AAU Travel team- first season- 2-8 with average loss by 52 pts.; final season national ranking – top 50/1500 teams in USA; 4 players win MA State H.S. Basketball Championship out of 300 teams- 2 players selected as Boston Globe All State, 6/8 players selected for college teams- 5/6 players become college team captains, $400,000 in college scholarships secured. -NY State- High School- Top 8 Basketball Team All Tournament Team