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Bath & Body Products

  1. We are committed to using sea salts to enhance our lives.
  2. BULK & WHOLESALE So, you need bath & body products in bulk? Our bulk and wholesale department at The Midwest Sea Salt Company is the best you will find.
  3. We supply some of the largest companies in the world who do not need retail packaged products.
  4. Either these clients will package themselves or they will use the bulk products in there day to day operations.
  5. We are here to do as much or as little as you need us to. So, if you run a thriving bed & breakfast, a hotel chain, a spa.
  6. GETTING STARTED The Midwest Sea Salt Company is known for high quality skincare products and ingredients… but what if you need more than 20 pounds or 100 pounds of product that can be purchased on our website.
  7. All of our products can be custom made to fit your needs but we can also take your formulations and ingredients and make a product for you in bulk. CUSTOM MANUFACTURING
  8. Private Label Supplier As you may know we are one of the premier private labelers in the United States for skincare products… but did you know if you are a private labeler, we can also provide you with products to private label for other customers.
  10. Cedarwood Rough & Tough Men's Bath Salt Soak
  11. Sweet Orange Pure Therapeutic Epsom Salt Soak - Custom
  12. Vanilla Foaming Bath Salt Soak - Custom The Salt Mine Brand of Foaming Bath Soaks is all about sourcing the purest salts from around the world and creating the most amazing bath soak experiences available.
  13. Cold & Flu Active Recovery Bath Salt Soak 100% Mediterranean Sea Salt (Optional - Plant-Based Coloring, Essential Oils)
  14. Unscented Premium Mediterranean Sea Salt Soak - Custom
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