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Take a short trip around the world of Microsoft for education – right here, and find new ways of teaching, learning, connecting and inspiring. Using the latest technology for 21st Century Learning Design has never been easier.

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  2. 2. Bring learning to life like never before, with Microsoft Take a short trip around the world of Microsoft for education – right here, and find new ways of teaching, learning, connecting and inspiring. Using the latest technology for 21st Century Learning Design has never been easier. Gathering information & ideas Collaboration & communication Creation Presentation Assessment & feedback 2
  3. 3. Give students the tools to do research and find facts quickly, safely and interactively while supporting project-based learning. You’ll satisfy the lower levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy by encouraging analysing and evaluating. Perfect for students ... • Using Skype, learners can gather topic-specific, real-world information by interviewing professionals and specialists from the classroom. • Office 2016 lets everyone discover information and find images online without needing to leave the app. And it’s Creative-Commons verified. • Students can use Power BI to search and gather information on a topic from a wide variety of sources. • With Touch Develop, students independently learn the basics of coding from tutorials. • Sway lets everyone stay in just one place to search for information and images relevant to their topic from a wide variety of sources. GATHERING INFORMATION IDEAS 3
  4. 4. More for students ... • They can read uploaded attachments, follow links and ask questions to complete research and fact-finding assignments, in Yammer. • Go a step further with Office Mix and let them create a research gallery on officemix.com for all kinds of topics. • Edge turns knowledge into power. They can use search engine research, annotate directly onto webpages, turn webpages into e-reader formats and save pages to on and offline reading lists. Microsoft Account Purchases 4
  5. 5. For teachers ... • Use Delve to give students guidance on research, giving them access to the resources they need and providing them with highly relevant content. • Create bespoke reference ‘textbooks’ of information for students using OneNote Class Notebook. • Combine resources for students in the most effective way in OneDrive by sharing documents tailored to topics and linking them with Delve. • With Dashboard it’s now simpler to give students the supporting documents they need for each assignment. 5
  6. 6. The world is changing, and so is learning. Students today need to demonstrate that they can collaborate and connect. Prepare them for the real world, and give them the skills they need to thrive there! Promote team working and let them share and debate ideas in a safe, dynamic environment – with Microsoft. Beyond the school gates … • Use Dashboard to engage with students through feedback conversations. • Students can work with friends outside school via Skype. And teachers can skype students who can’t attend class. • Delve lets you share documents with your community and contribute to searchable resources. COMMUNICATE COLLABORATE 6
  7. 7. In the classroom … • Have multiple students work on single documents with Office 2016. • Watch the OneNote Classic Notebook promote real-time collaboration. • Building new worlds with Minecraft promotes peer-learning. • Use Yammer social to bring discussions to life. • Office Mix lets students “teach” a topic to classmates. • Kodu highlights the value of communicating ideas before acting. • Remove barriers to sharing with 1TB of storage per user with OneDrive. • Swaying? Not just for hammocks. Let learners ‘sway’ together on presentations. • Create and share data with Power BI. • Now, comparing favourite finds on the internet or annotated pages is simple with Edge. 7
  8. 8. Collaboration and co-creation represent the new world of work. Help students prepare for their future by making them active creators of their own content. And because great ideas rarely happen in isolation, Microsoft brings you the tools to let them create together. For teachers and students … • Yammer teaches skills about monitoring online discussions. • Meet a creation work horse with Office 2016 and its endless possibilities. • It’s easy to create portfolios of work, take handwritten notes and illustrate with OneNote. • Creating without the worry of storage space? That’s OneDrive. • Mix it up with Office Mix. Teachers create mixes from already existing Microsoft PowerPoints while students create their own mixes. • Sway makes it easy for students and teachers to gather media and create stunning presentations. CREATION 8
  9. 9. Even more for teachers and students … • Want to encourage creativity by bringing ideas to life? Explore Minecraft. • Kodu. Otherwise known as a great way to promote IT literacy via video games. • Touch Develop gives students real-world problems to solve. • With Power BI, learners create dynamic data illustrations. • Get the Edge. It’s the power to make webpages interactive. • Delve into their creativity as they create boards of resources by topic. For teachers only … • Record a presentation via Skype as a re-usable classroom resource. • There’s a simple way to deliver assignments to students: Dashboard 9
  10. 10. PRESENTATION Help students take their creative powers to the world! Arm them with professional presentation tools to showcase their ideas and thoughts. They’ll expand their skills, and build confidence. And it doesn’t stop there: With Microsoft, teachers are empowered to take lessons to the next level. Teachers need … • With OneNote, you’ll enrich lessons with bespoke, interactive textbooks. • Get the Edge. Take online news events and turn them into engaging classroom presentations. 10
  11. 11. Schools and students love … • Skype is the ideal platform to enhance students’ online presentation skills. • Office 2016 is where students master PowerPoint and other skills employers demand. • Office Mix lets learners give presentations without taking up class time. Plus the school gains a platform for developing staff through tutorials. • Students organise information and synthesise knowledge using Sway. • Teaching how to best illustrate and animate a point? Explore Minecraft. • Your students get feedback from peers and the community on their games. Your school gets a platform for explaining development processes. That’s Kodu. • Power BI has high-impact graphics. Let students interpret data in visually exciting ways. 11
  12. 12. Assessment is a vital part of on-going improvement. Discover a range of functionality that lets teachers create more meaningful comments, encouraging learner progression that can be tracked and illustrated. Students can take part too, as they evaluate their own work and those of peers. For a steeper learning curve ... • Use Skype to integrate parents more fully into the school community via online parent-teacher conferences. • Office 2016 lets you provide feedback in real time with in-app comments for both online app and full desktop versions. • Make feedback richer using the audio and video tools in OneNote to record comments for students while annotating work through inking. • Access work via OneDrive to go paperless and avoid email attachments. • Office Mix helps you plan lessons using the breakdown of results and data from interactive quizzes to measure learning progress. ASSESSMENT FEEDBACK well done!    12
  13. 13. Even more assessment tools ... • Give instant feedback on work via an editing link to annotate each student’s Sway. • Try Kodu and find out why marking is more fun in a game environment. • Dashboard makes it easier to manage assignments using dashboards to create student projects, track progress and provide marks and feedback. • Build holistic student profiles with Power BI, to differentiate, support and stretch classes as appropriate. • Edge lets you assess the thought processes of students to measure progress and shape lesson plans. Something for students ... • In Yammer, students can upload files for commenting on by the teacher and their peers. 13
  14. 14. Want to learn more? Come to a free training day at the Microsoft Showcase classroom. For more details email: showcaseclassroom@microsoft.com