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EES Licensing Overview - Short

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EES Licensing Overview - Short

  1. 1. Be the schoolof tomorrow,today.with Microsoft® Enrolmentfor Education solutions
  2. 2. Two ways to buy Education licensing… Subscription Perpetual • Campus Agreement – HE/FE • Select Licenses for Academic • School Agreement • Student Select NEW for 2011: • SelectPlus for Academic Enrolment for Education • Student SelectPlus Solutions (EES) • Open License for Academic
  3. 3. So what’s different?School Agreement:• Per Desktop• Estate wide products• Software Assurance benefits included as standard• 50 points minimumEES:• Per FTE (full time employee)• Greater flexibility with additional products• Software Assurance benefits included as standard• 5 FTE’s minimum
  4. 4. Scenario 1 – School on Select to EESMontgomery High School, Blackpool 600 Desktops on Select 170 FTE’s on EES £162,000 £7,990 per year
  5. 5. Scenario 2 – upgrading to Office 2010An “Average” Primary School 100 Desktops on Select 30 FTE’s on EES 100 licenses at £33 each 30 staff at £18 each £3300 £540 per year
  6. 6. Scenario 3 – Aggregated Purchase Harris Federation of Academies, London6000 Desktops over 9 Sites 1000 FTE’s on EES 75% SAVING (PER YEAR) ADD MORE AS SCHOOLS JOIN
  7. 7. What can I get with EES? Education Desktop EES makes licensing easy • Simply count full time Windows® 7 Enterprise employees once a year. Includes Windows Live Essentials – instant • Your school computers and labs messaging, blogging, are automatically covered for photos, Web mail and movie-making tools. the products you license. • Manage and track your Microsoft® Office Professional Plus licences, add products and Includes Word, Excel®, obtain product keys online. PowerPoint®, Outlook®, • Electronic software distribution OneNote® , Publisher, Access®, InfoPath®, eliminates the need to manage SharePoint® Workspace, physical media. Communicator and Web • Be confident that your school is Apps compliant. CHOOSE: Core CAL Suite OR Enterprise CAL Suite
  8. 8. Core and Enterprise Client Access LicencesDifferent levels of functionality Core CAL Suite Enterprise CAL Suite File and print, Active Directory + Information Protection Virtualise your servers and desktops Web access to mail + Unified Messaging Messaging with conversation Advanced protection and compliance view Calendar Sharing Web portals and communities + Electronic Forms Content and People Search Excel Services Content Management Business Intelligence ToolsMicrosoft® Assess, deploy and update + Centralised monitoring, reportingSystem Cente servers, and clients across and management to proactively physical, virtual, and mobile identify hardware and software issues. environments.Microsoft® Lync™ Instant Messaging, PresenceServer 200 File transfer and chat rooms Web and audio conferencing Call management Desktop and application sharing Client security and server protection Secure remote access to applications and resources in your school.
  9. 9. Things to remember: Microsoft have a new licensing model EES makes it easy to:  Upgrade to the latest versions  Plan your budgets  Ensure you stay compliant & legal Talk to your Microsoft reseller for details