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Service Manager Cloud Seminar introcustext

  1. Microsoft IT Systems Management Strategy
  2. 08:00 – 08:30 Registrering og frokost 08:30 – 08:45 Introduksjon til System Center Service Manager Ved Mike Clinch, Produktsjef, System Center, Microsoft 08:45 – 10:30 Del 1: IT Service Management System Center Service Manager øker verdien av System Center produktene ved å tilføre integrasjon av informasjon, prosesser og aktiviteter på tvers av eksisterende verktøy. Service Manager vil tilby ferdige prosesser for innrapportering og løsing av problemer, endringskontroll og foredling av kunnskap. Lær mer om Service Manager og hvordan man bruker det til effektivisere bedriften. Ved Karl Bjarne Westbye/Torgeir Bergsvik, Microsoft. 10:30 – 10:40 Pause 10:40 – 11:20 Del 2: Strategi og lisensiering Lær mer om System Center Service Manager strategi og hvordan System Center Service Manager, System Center Operations Manager og System Center Configuration Manager sammen kan redusere datasenter kostnader. Lær også om forandringene i System Center lisensiering ved innføringen av Service Manager i System Center produktområdet. Ved Mike Clinch – Produktsjef, System Center, Microsoft. 11:20 – 11:30 Neste Steg Lær mer om hvordan komme seg i gang med System Center Service Manager Ved Thomas Torsveit . Crayon
  3. “IT cloud services adoption is currently in the “The bottom line: Early adopters are finding “crossing the chasm” stage...the market serious benefits, meaning that cloud is on the steep part of the computing is real and warrants your adoption curve.” scrutiny as a new set of platforms for “IDC's New IT Cloud Services Forecast: business applications.” 2009-2013,” IDC eXchange, “Q&A: By 2011, CIOs Must Answer The October 2009 Question, "Why Not Run In The Cloud?", Forrester Research, Inc., August 2009 “... among large enterprises, “...most enterprises cloud computing is gaining will eventually exploit critical mass, with more cloud-based services for a than 80 percent of significant portion of their respondents at least in trial information services over time and, in the long run, a majority of these stages for public and private cloud implementations will be hybrids.” computing deployments.” “Predicts 2009: Cloud Computing Beckons,” Gartner, Inc., “F5 Study Shows Cloud Computing Gaining Critical Mass December 2008 Among Large Enterprises,” F5, August 2009
  4. ALL IN........
  5. Ability To Manage Across Both Software as a Service (SaaS Platform as a Service (PaaS) Infrastructure as a Service | Dynamic Data Center Toolkit (IaaS) | Dynamic Data Center Toolkit For Enterprises For Hosters
  6. • Well-known, • Utilization Increases • Management Costs • Capacity on Demand Stable & Secure to >50% Decrease Significantly • Global Reach • Utilization <15% • Management • Chargeback Costs Decrease
  7. • Well-known, • Utilization Increases Physical/Virtual Stable & Secure to >50% Applications Management • Utilization <15% • Management Costs Decrease Physical/Virtual Operating Systems
  8. 2009 DATACENTER MANAGEMENT 2007 monitor | configure | backup | virtualize | automate 2006 2000 1994 2006 2008 CLIENT MANAGEMENT 2010 pc | mobile | app | virtualize | security | cloud 2010 1995 2000 2005 2010
  9. Integrated Platform for Orchestrating People, Process, and Technology INTEGRATED EFFICIENT BUSINESS ALIGNED INTEGRATED | EFFICIENT | BUSINESS ALIGNED
  10. The power is in the Integration Service Level Compliance IT Business Asset Self Service Management and Risk Intelligence Management Incident and Problem Change and Release Workflows Portal Knowledge Authoring Base CMDB Data Warehouse CONNECTORS Automate and Capacity and Inventory and Alert Active Directory Deploy Utilization Usage Management
  11. Scenario - Empowering the End User Provision Software Create/view service requests View announcements Search/view knowledge base INTEGRATED | EFFICIENT | BUSINESS ALIGNED
  12. Research Points to Opportunity To Lower Costs Through Datacenter Automation Automating and standardizing IT tasks Automation Optimization Simplification Lower costs through Optimize datacenter Increase simplicity through automation of server and infrastructure through unified integrated management resource management physical and virtual Cost savings Cost savings management Cost savings per server per per server per per server per year 10,000 year 19,000 year 11,000 NOK NOK NOK Data derived from Microsoft “Spotlight on Cost” Server Study 2009
  13. Microsoft IT Systems Management Strategy