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Background Checks - Avoid a Bad HIre

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There any many alarming statistics regarding the behaviors of some job applicants. For example, you might find it shocking to learn that at least 2 of 5 job applications and resumes contain serious factual falsehoods, according to The Wall Street Journal. These falsehoods include misrepresentations about employment histories, salaries, responsibilities, and educational accomplishments. Even a higher percentage contains minor misleading discrepancies or totally fails to disclose important information.

The good news is that Michigan Chamber of Commerce customers can get discounted pricing on valuable Employment Background Screening Services through our partner, LABORCHEX. They provide great service backed by superb technology to give you a cost effective way to easily and quickly check the backgrounds of your job applicants. No contract, set up fees or minimum order requirements. Just pay as you go.

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Background Checks - Avoid a Bad HIre

  1. 1. Avoid a Bad Hire Need help right now? Call or email Steven J. Austin at LABORCHEX at 1-800-880- 0366 ext. 4574 or at saustin@laborchex.com. Be sure to mention you are a Michigan Chamber of Commerce customer in order to receive the special pricing. www.michamber.com/background-checks Reasons why you should screen your job applicants: • Saves money and time • Better control of employment liability • Deterrent to undesirable applicants • Competitors are doing it. Don’t hire their rejects. • Overall environment of safety and security • Lower turnover, training, and unemployment costs • More quality-oriented employees on payroll • DOT regulation compliance Between 5% and 8% of applicants have some type of criminal record history, ranging from misdemeanors such as shoplifting and possession of small amounts of controlled substances to serious felonies like robbery, drug manufacturing/sales, and grand larceny. Over 2/3 of the requests made to college registrars for confirmation of educational credentials reveal factual discrepancies. 12% of all deaths, which occur at the workplace, are due to homicides, according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. About 21% of violent crimes occur in the workplace, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Business owners and managers commit over 42% of all employee thefts. Over 2 million thefts of personal property occur every year in the workplace. Did You Know? Employee theft is the cause of over 1/3 of all business failures, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.