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Webinar Tackle

Webinar around the Tackle and following Ruck

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Webinar Tackle

  1. 1.  20:00 tot 21:00  Micro & Video staan uit !  Vragen via de chat  Webinar wordt opgenomen en nadien ter beschikking gesteld
  2. 2. Repetition + Actors + Mouvement = Need for Coherence, consistency and continuity
  3. 3. Tackler must release Once the tackle is complete, the tackler may contest possession, providing that the player is on their feet, has shown a clear release of the ball and tackled player and arrives from the direction of their own goal line Tackler must roll away
  4. 4. Ball carrier must place or play the ball immediately – the ball carrier should not be allowed time for a second movement such as rolling, crawling, bouncing etc When the ball-carrier’s knee touches the ground, the tackler must release immediately
  5. 5. Reward the player who wins the race for possession The jackler must be in a strong position to try and lift, with hands on the ball The jackler must support their body weight throughout – no going to ground and then resetting
  6. 6. Enforce the tackle gate and penalise side entries into the ruck Encourage arriving players to drive and bind to opponents rather than diving in or tackling them Examples of counter ruck