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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Personal information: Name: Michal Tripes, Ing. Address: Besednice 233, 382 81, Czech Republic Temporary address: Hradešínská 2144/47, Prague 10 Vinohrady, 101 00 E-mail: michal.tripes@gmail.com Contact: tel: +420 724 137 073 Born: 28th June 1985 Education: 2008-2010 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering and Radioelectronics – Radio Communication, navigation and radar systems (Diploma thesis theme: Cognitive Radio Use for LTE Networks in TV Frequency bands – assigned by T-Mobile) In this work was created a simulation of LTE network supported with technology of Cognitive Radio. As simulating tool was used software MATLAB from company MathWorks. The goal was to determine maximal coverage and capacity of cells in TV frequency band.There was simulated behaviour of the network according variable users’traffic and reaction of the systemon a new TV signal in used band. Achieved master university degree Engineer – abbr. Ing. 2005-2008 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (Bachelor thesis theme: Application of Cognitive Radio for Prospective Wireless Systems) This work was simulated in MATLAB wireless standard 802.22 with consideration of coverage and capacity of network. Achieved university degree Bachelor – abbr. Bc. 1997- 2005 Business Academy and Grammar schoolin Kaplice, Common eight years grammar school Work experience: 2013- now T-mobile Czech Republic a.s. in position Senior Terminal Integration & Validation Specialist (Integrating and validating new terminals and features from radio access perspective for DTAG portfolio and its markets - LTE, UMTS, GSM features, RAT Interworking, Roaming, Maintain, improve, troubleshoot test environment)
  2. 2. logicaly structured under DTAG organization - IVS TIV (part of the team in Prague and part in Bonn) Projects (descend chronology): DTAG VoWiFi project - interface for T-mobile Czech as the first under DTAG and one of the first in Europe with VoWiFi launch (12/2015). Part of TMCZ VoWiFi project team, support TMCZ general VoWiFi activities, support TMCZ WiFi terminal activities, technical interface to terminal vendors (Samsung, Sony), validating VoWiFi softwares on terminals, coordination with DTAG, support VoXX project. DTAG VoLTE project - interface for T-mobile Czech as the first under DTAG and one of the first in Europe with VoLTE launch (05/2015). Part of TMCZ VoLTE project team, support TMCZ general VoLTE activities, support TMCZ VoLTE terminal activities, technical interface to terminal vendors (Samsung, Sony, LG, partially Microsoft), validating VoLTE softwares on terminals, coordination with DTAG, support VoXX project. LTE Carrier Aggregation - interface in CZ TIV for carrier aggregation project on terminal side, support TMCZ in Carrier with terminals, software and troubleshooting (launch of 3CA 375 Mbps 2015) Other responsibilities: LTE testing category - Responsible for testing category of LTE under TIV, testcases and scope definition and administration, technical support for test managers and test engineers, preparation of environment for testing of new features administrator of TIV test eNodeB in Prague - configuration changes, implementation of new features and cells, troubleshooting of CZ TIV LTE environment 2010- 2013 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in position Wireless Engineer (implentation, maintanance, technical support,testing,optimization of GSM/UMTS/LTE Huawei mobile network technologies, focusing on LTE) Projects (descend chronology): Vodafone United Kingdom LTE network roll-out – eNodeB integrations of Vodafone and Telefonica MORAN network with both PKI IPSec. Clarification open issues in Wireless, RNO departments and providing training to local Huawei employees. T-mobile Czech LTE employee pilot and LTE pilot Prague Kamyk – Implementation of indoor LTE network in important T-mobile premises and initial LTE cluster in Prague Kamyk district. Direct interface to customer and responsible for RN engineering and configuration. Autodeployment process preparation in cooperation with customer. Support Huawei RNO team. T-mobile Czech LTE Training System – design consultancy, implementation and testing of T-mobile testbed.Direct interface to customer, testing and technical clarification with customer as assistance to
  3. 3. form TMCZ strategy for LTE network and its RAT interoperability. Clarification of technical aspects offuture roll-out considering IPSEC PKI, autodeployment, configuration principles, radio parameter planning consultancy.Support product manager to satisfy customer querries. Telefonica O2 Czech LTE initial cluster – Design presentation and negotiation with customer, integration part of eNodeBs from initial cluster PPF Mobile 4G/3G/2G demo network – implementation and testing of demo network for potential new Czech operator as potential supplier (competitors NSN, ZTE). Responsible for LTE eRAN testing and preparation for internal and external testcases and cooperation with 3rd party company during network verification. Technical interface to customer during showcases (Performance, performance with IPSEC, GSM+LTE IPSEC, Co- Transmission, CSFB, VoLTE, Traffic shaping,long distance synchronization and traffic testing).Support product manager to clarify some questions. T-mobile Czech LTE pilot/trial network roll-out (so called LTE City) - responsible for eNodeBs and technical issues (design,installation supervising,configuration, network optimization, coordination with EPC team, RNO team, project team, negotiation with customer) T-mobile Austria LTE network optimization - throughput optimization in defined points accoss Austria - parameter modification, power adjustment electrical tilt adjustment, etc. T-mobile Austria GSM/LTE maintenance - troubleshooting troubletickets, on-call duties, supporting swap,supporting RNO team. Telefonica O2 Czech & Slovakia LTE trial network - 1st LTE network in Czech Republic with commercial users - basic radio tunning,testing, consultancy,preparation of events in technical view of point Vivacom Bulgaria LTE trial network roll-out - implementation, testing, optimization, reporting - 3 LTE vendor's competition (Huawei, NSN, Alcatel Lucent) containing various throughput,mobility, procedure latency, Qos and signaling KPIs Telenor Norway LTE network roll-out – integration of eNodeBs, LLD layouts,troubleshooting,preparing configuration scripts, testing (redirection to 3G), throughput optimization T-mobile Czech LTE demo in 800 MHz – main responsible for eNodeB installation, commissioning, integration and optimization for the first official demo of LTE in Czech republic Telefonica O2 Slovakia UMTS network roll-out – main responsible for integration of NodeBs (subcontractorsupervising,configuration, troubleshooting,testing) Vodafone Czech GSM pilot swap - developing configuration tool, on site support,spare parts management
  4. 4. IuFlex testing for Telefonica O2 and T-Mobile Czech RAN Sharing -- configuration, technical support 2008-2010 České Radiokomunikace a.s. in position Support center specialist (troubleshooting and solving requests for settings changes orreconfiguration from 1st to 4th levels in TCP/IP model for business costumersegment - technologies xDSL, WiMAX, Sky on 5.4 GHz, Angel on 3.5 GHz, VoIP) 2nd line maintenance. Trainings/Courses: Trainer: 2013-now Several internal trainings for colleagues in TMCZ for LTE, VoLTE, LTE CA and VoWiFi March 2012 LTE principles of air interface for Huawei employees, 4 half days October 2012 LTE O&M, RNO, RNP delta training (eRAN 2.1 to eRAN 3.0) for T-mobile Austria, 2 days,(2x) 2012/2013 LTE training for FLM – 1 day, (4x) March 2013 LTE General training for Huawei TSD, 0,5 day March 2013 LTE Commissioning workshop for T-mobile CZ, 1 day March 2013 LTE Installation and Commissioning for Vodafone CZ, 1 day (2x) April/May 2013 LTE Overview for network planners, half day (2x) June 2013 LTE general training for Huawei UK Wireless and RNO, half day Trainee: December 2015 EPC + VoLTE by Cedupoint, duration 4 days April 2015 VoLTE from A-Z by Innacon,duration 3 days 2014 UMTS, Cedupoint, duration 1 week January 2011 Single RAN Training (GSM + UMTS) by Huawei, duration 2 weeks December 2010 LTE Training by Huawei, duration 1 week October 2008 Centrum dohody,s.r.o. Communication skills, duration 8 hours Language skills: Czech: Native language Understanding Speech Written form English: Expert Fluent Fluent German: Basic Basic Basic
  5. 5. Other skills: Technologies: VoLTE, VoWiFi, LTE, UMTS, GSM - Expert Wifi, GPS, DSL, WiMAX- Advanced Transport technologies based on ETH/IP, IPsec, ATM - Advanced DVB-T - Good Software: Terminal chipsets monitoring softwares – QXDM, Shannon DM, HiDS, CATViewer, Accuver Packet analysis - Wireshark Network monitoring and administration systems – Agilent, SART, UE, NE, Performance, KPI, Network health check monitoring systems,SS7 tracing systems, NetVision, AlvariSTAR, ZMS, EWSD, etc. Microsoft Office – Advanced user Mozilla Thunderbird/Microsoft Outlook – Advanced user MATLAB - Advanced PC Languages: HTML, CSS – Advanced Java – Good C - Basic Radiotechnicsmeasurement devices and network simulators: Anite 2G/3G network simulator – Advanced user Rohde & Schwarz CMW – Advanced user Rohde & Schwarz Scanner Romes – Advanced user Spectral Analyzator– Basic control Circuit Analyzator – Basic control Specialisation: Wireless Communications especialy mobile technologies (interested in LTE air interface and its procedures, LTE protocol, VoLTE, VoWiFi) Driving licence: Specification: B Hobbies/Interests: Sport : floorball, cycling, football, squash,passive form of sport Translating: Making czech subtitles for english spoken series – in the past Others: Getting knowledge of new technologies, travelling – exploring new nature places and mountains