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Social Media Strategy for 2016

Millennial targeting, social media management and adopting new channels all should be part of your Marketing Plan for 2016. What are you neglecting? Overly focusing on sales and not marketing is not sustainable practice. The interaction of your customers with your product IS increasingly your brand.

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Social Media Strategy for 2016

  1. 1. Social Media for Millenials & GenZ – Youth Market How to do it? By Michael Spencer, Sept, 2015.
  2. 2. Adopt their Channels • If you are a brand without • Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr & Weekly video content on Youtube. • Sorry! You are behind the times, it’s not 2013, it’s 2016 soon.
  3. 3. Posting Strategy • Your follower base is only really optimized when you are posting at least x1 a day! • Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram can handle a lot more! Frequency = more followers. Numbers game.
  4. 4. Think 24/7 • You have to post on the weekend, there is no way around this! • Some channels have GREATER activity when people are off work.
  5. 5. Timing Matters • Knowing peak reading time by channel is important. • For Launching campaigns • For reaching your target audience and product segments.
  6. 6. Day of Week Matters • Knowing optimal days of the weak to post your top content. • Devil is in the details! • Social media management, is a full-time job (and then some!)
  7. 7. Facebook Marketing • To easily boost your fan base on facebook, know your market! • Target those who have liked a similar brand. • You have to spend on Facebook to be effective. Instagram and Facebook have the highest engagement for interactive branding, promos, etc.
  8. 8. User Generated Content • UGC skyrocketed in importance in 2015 • This was due to content marketing awareness going mainstream. • UGC if done well, is your single biggest ticket to viral marketing and brand reach for your company.
  9. 9. UGC is multi-layered • UGC increases truth worthiness and authenticity of your brand. • Increases brand advocacy and engagement among those people that truly matter, your customers.
  10. 10. Always do Analytics • Google Analytics, among others has to be a regular event.
  11. 11. Always do Email Marketing • Link your content marketing • With Email marketing • With social Media, basic integrated marketing approach.
  12. 12. B2B vs. B2C • B2B focus more on LinkedIn, Pulse, Twitter, Groups, Blog • B2C focus more on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Social Commerce + User Generated Content Campaigns
  13. 13. Always think SEO • Google +, Quora, Pinterest, Content Marketing, Blogging, Campaign branded #hashtags, viral marketing, influencers • Always think about how to hack SEO principles
  14. 14. SEO tidbits • SEO is about the quality of your content • Mobile optimization • Audience involvement, interactive media, landing pages are no longer static. • Gamified customer experience.
  15. 15. Study what Top Brands do • Learn from the best • Emulate and be early adopters of trends • Take risks and customize campaigns, gamify incentives!
  16. 16. Build Video Content Assets • In 2016, improve your knowledge of Video content • Work on Youtube and attempt viral marketing with video content.
  17. 17. Mixed Media • Strive to create infographics, slideshow videos, Flipagram quick slide videos, Vine vidoes, Instagram videos, Facebook videos that can share.
  18. 18. New Values • Giving back to local community • Altruism, and social conscience • Portray company workplace progressive values on LinkedIn and Instagram.
  19. 19. Storytelling Engagement • Remember social media is no longer about self-promotion • But about giving info of value, entertaining and educating audiences.
  20. 20. Storytelling • Good storytelling is about powerful visuals, memorable audio and compelling scripts • Write cheeky, appealing and snazzy copy. Have charismatic actors that mirror your target audience.
  21. 21. Targeting • If your target audience are young Millennial women, then use them in your ads and social media the most! • Identify with your audience, and they will identify with you, reciprocal mirroring.
  22. 22. Personas • Have at least 5-10 personas of your most typical customers. • Do campaigns for these types of people, not just for the masses. Think of quality leads and converstion optimization.
  23. 23. Automation Software • Consider using marketing automation platforms that can help with Email, UGC campaigns & Social media management. • Use software and cheats and shortcuts to find influencers, vloggers, etc.
  24. 24. Content Marketing • Curate good and valuable content • It does not have to be yours! • Build on your brand, develop it, don’t just repeat the same slogans.
  25. 25. Set Written Goals • And plan how to get there • Be specific, show steps, execute! • Be accountable for goals, have a social media marketing plan.
  26. 26. Social Selling • Get your sales teams to do social selling on LinkedIn and Twitter if you are B2B • This is imperative in 2015, and more so 2016, 2017, etc.
  27. 27. Be Innovative • Adopt Snapchat • Do viral marketing • Try Periscope and live- streaming
  28. 28. Experiment • Trial and error, A/B testing • If you don’t try, you’ll never know • Document everything.
  29. 29. Post Optimization • If you write on Pulse, Medium or Blog • Always share your posts on Linkedin Groups, Google +, Facebook, etc…optimize your social shares.
  30. 30. SEO • Always share your blog articles on Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, Mention them on Quora, etc… this helps your SEO and shares.
  31. 31. Always Integrate • Social Media • Inbound Marketing • Viral Marketing • Email Marketing • SEO • Copywriting • Branding
  32. 32. Marketing & Sales • They are not separate, they serve each other • Focusing on one of them more than the other is a mistake. Sales alone isn’t sustainable, marketing drives sales.
  33. 33. Funnel • Remember old advertizing is dead • The funnel is dying • The Customer experience is now paramount • Mobile is the new king • Content is the new queen
  34. 34. Company as People • Don’t neglect to show the PEOPLE behind your brand • Make the leaders of your company relatable and identifable
  35. 35. Branding • Your brand is no longer your logo, motto or image • Your brand is every interaction of your company with its audience. E.g. customer service on social media.
  36. 36. Campaigns • Run seasonal, promotional and authentic campaigns • That have a defined reward and strategic CTA • Your incentives should be VALIUABLE to your target audience.
  37. 37. Reciprocity • Always offer your audience good content, helpful info, inspiration. • This create positive value associations with your Brand. They may buy and reciprociate!
  38. 38. Know Yourself • Have a well defined and easy to relate to Unique Selling Proposition • Have a USP that speaks to your target audience • Deliver better content than your competitors.
  39. 39. Be Optimized for Mobile • You MUST have a video on your landing pages. • Website speed on mobile devices must be fast not to have high bounce-rates. • You must have a BLOG on your corporate website for SEO and mobile browsing.
  40. 40. My Strategy • I specialize in LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest growth-hacking • Boosting your brand’s presence • Creating fun Campaigns #hashtag customized to your target audience
  41. 41. My Strategy • Boosting your post frequency • Monitoring your social media channels • Researching your target audience • Giving you suggestions for Campaigns
  42. 42. Who am I? • Growth hacker, social media analyst, copywriter, content marketer, startup consultant. • I’m always writing, always thinking about digital marketing.
  43. 43. Who am I? • Michael Spencer • wujishiu@gmail.com • 1-438-932-2700 • If you liked this presentation, like me here: • Facebook • Follow & Comment on my articles here LinkedIn • Follow and interact with me here: Instagram
  44. 44. Main Interests • Start-ups • Entrepreneurs • Branding • Millennial audiences • Gamification layers – boost engagement • Content marketing, blog writing • Growth hacking • Micro-videos • Brand advocates • User-generated Content • Interactive viral campaigns • Conversion optimization via social media