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Transworld presentation setup (1)

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A power point presentation by Michael Shea PA of Transworld Business Advisors on why you should use Transworld.

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Transworld presentation setup (1)

  1. 1. www.tworld.com
  2. 2.  40 Offices Nationwide  100 plus business sale specialists  Bizbuysell’s Largest Customer  Pratt Statt’s Hall of Fame for sold deals  Largest Independently owned business brokerage in the United States  Partnered with United Franchise Group
  3. 3.  1400 Franchisees  50 Countries  SignARama, EmbroidMe, Billboard Connection, Plan Ahead Events, SuperGreen Solutions, and Transworld Business Advisors
  4. 4.  Great people with many specialties ◦ Healthcare ◦ Hospitality ◦ Insurance ◦ Rest Bars ◦ Mfg ◦ Dist ◦ Service ◦ Pools, Pest, Auto ◦ Publishing ◦ Franchising ◦ Salons ◦ Many more  Very talented people
  5. 5.  Founded in 1979 in Fort Lauderdale, FL  Andy Cagnetta in 1997 – 7 agents/30 for sale  Awarded $3.5M in Capco in 1999  Paid Capco back in 2003  Acquired dozens of competitors over the years  Built out 8 Offices in Florida  Partnered with UFG in 2010 to expand nationally
  6. 6.  Over 100 full time business brokers  Always more than 1,500 businesses for sale  200 franchises available for sale  Sell more businesses than any other firm, year after year  We sell approximately 300 businesses annually  Specialize in business sales
  7. 7.  Integrity ◦ We do “good deals for good people”  Objectives ◦ To sell businesses at the best price to the most qualified willing and able buyer we can find  Excellence ◦ Seek continual improvement in providing higher quality service  Involvement ◦ To be an active part of our community and strive to make it a better place to live and work
  8. 8.  Provides confidentiality  Educates all parties on process  Create customized marketing package  Executes strategic marketing plan  Provides negotiation skills  Find the needle  Facilitate process from start to finish  Enables sellers to run their business rather than sell their business  If your profitability slips, so does your price
  9. 9. No upfront fees! Worldwide marketplace/network Competition True valuation Vast resources Specialties Marketing dollars
  10. 10. Three Approaches Asset Income Market Mostly based on future income  The past only predicts the future  Risk – Quality and quantity of income drives multiples.  Proven potential!
  11. 11.  Keep Good Books & Records. Computer a must  Grow before you sell.  Separate fringe benefits from company expenses  Have proper management and staff in place  Have capacity to grow, make capital investments  Keep Good Books & Records. Accountant a Must  Keep Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Leasehold Improvements in good repair  Increase owner benefits  Control, manage and document inventory  Keep Good Books & Records. Three years needed to obtain SBA financing
  12. 12. Transworld’s 10 Step Selling Process  Comprehensive Business Analysis  Structure the Sale  Network the Sale  Market the Business  Organize all Necessary Documentation  Qualify Buyers  Negotiate the Deal  Provide Support  Tie up loose ends  Help with Transition
  13. 13.  How can I prevent my employees, my customers and my vendors from knowing I’m considering selling?  How long will it take to sell my business?  I have a long term lease with my landlord , am I going to be able to transfer that?  I’ve taken a good bit of cash out of my business and not recorded it, in valuing my business do I get credit for that?  What’s it going to cost me?  How do I determine what my business is worth?
  14. 14.  Cash flow  Diverse customer base  Growth potential  Transition  Reasonable price  Flexible and reasonable terms  Leverage their money  ROI  Lifestyle
  15. 15.  Do I need an attorney and an accountant to buy a business?  I’m a resident of another country interested in obtaining an E-2 visa, can you help?  Where can I go to look at what businesses are available to buy?  What will the process of buying a business cost me?  Will the current owners train me to run the business?  How do I know that the profit figures that the sellers claim are true?  Will I have to come up with the entire purchase price?  How much money will it take to buy a small business?
  16. 16.  Plan your exit!!!  Tell your friends, family and clients to meet with us to plan.  Run all deals by us! Let us be your advisor!  Keep good books and records.  Partner with Transworld’s buyers and sellers.  Support Mom & Pop Businesses!  Help find Transworld franchisee’s who want to join us!
  17. 17.  United Way of Broward County ◦ Board Member  Cooperative Feeding Program ◦ Past Chairman  Junior Achievement ◦ Past Chairman  Legal Aid Service ◦ Chair of Executive Counsel  Security On Campus ◦ Clery Act  Leadership Broward ◦ Class XXIII