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31 breakfasgt

  1. 1. Breakfast The Most Important Meal ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  2. 2. Dairy • Whole Milk; 3.5% milk fat, 8.5% milk solids, 88% water • Evaporated milk; 60% water removed • Sweetened condensed milk; 60% water removed, 40%-45% added sugar • Dry milk powder; 99% water removed • Half & half; whole milk/cream equal parts, 10%-18% milk fat • Light cream; 18%-30% milk fat • Light whipping cream; 30%-36% milk fat • Heavy whipping cream; over 36% milk fat ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  3. 3. Fermented Milk Products • Buttermilk; fresh milk with streptococcus lactis bacteria added, becomes tart & thick • Sour cream; pasteurized, homogenized light cream with streptococcus lactis bacteria added, becomes tart & thick • Crème fraiche; pasteurized, homogenized heavy cream with streptococcus lactis bacteria added, becomes tart, not as thick as sour cream but richer in flavor and more expensive • Yogurt; fresh or pasteurized milk with lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus lactis bacteria added ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  4. 4. Processing Milk • Pasteurization: heating milk or milk products to kill pathogenic bacteria • Ultra pasteurized: very high heat for a short amount of time • Homogenization: fat globules reduced in size and evenly distributed • Raw milk • Unpasteurized • Not approved by USDA • Not approved for sale to the public • Many states do not allow Raw Milk to be sold in any way • Some states allow for Raw Milk Shares for private use only ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  5. 5. Butter • Salted; 2.5% salt • European style; 82%-86% butterfat • Whipped butter; air is incorporated • Clarified butter; all butterfat – milk solids and water removed If you over whip cream you will have butter ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  6. 6. Cheese • Made from the milk of cows, sheep, goats & water buffalo • Rind; a natural edible coating, some rinds are consumed some are cut off • High moisture cheeses = softer, more perishable • Low fat cheese; 20% milk fat • Double cream cheese; 60% milk fat • Triple cream cheese; 72% milk fat • FDA requires raw milk cheeses to be aged at least 60 days at 35 ̊F ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder
  7. 7. Cheese Types • Fresh • Blooming rind • Semi-Soft • Washed rind • Firm • Hard • Blue ChefMichaelScott LeadChefInstructorAESCA Boulder