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ExecutiveSearch OUR P OINT  O F   D IFFERENCEsladepartners.com.au
The Slade point of differenceWhen you need to secure high impact, executive talent, you can depend on yourpartnership with...
Sector specialisation                                    Research — our point of difference  the sectors we specialise inc...
MELBOURNELevel 7, 15 William StreetMelbourne Victoria 3000P: +613 9235 5100F: +613 9235 5102                              ...
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Slade Partners 2011

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Slade Partners 2011

  1. 1. ExecutiveSearch OUR P OINT O F D IFFERENCEsladepartners.com.au
  2. 2. The Slade point of differenceWhen you need to secure high impact, executive talent, you can depend on yourpartnership with Slade. Each of our practice leaders has experienced this questfor talent first-hand in their past leadership roles in industry. They bring thisperspective to their clients as trusted advisers. Slade Partners’ executive searchstrategies are executed through outstanding research capability, talentmanagement systems and quality processes. Heritage and global reachAll of our Consultants have had As part of the broader Slade Group founded in 1967, Sladeextensive management experience Partners Executive Search is a Tier 1 Search Practice.in roles for which they identify Founder Geoff Slade has been deeply involved in thecandidates. They are former CEO’s, recruitment sector for over four decades and was thebusiness and finance leaders, HR first national president of peak industry body, the RCSA.managers, scientists, board members, In recognition of his dedication to the field of employment,commercial managers and CFO’s, Geoff was awarded the Centenary Medal for Services tosales directors, property and facilities the HR Industry in 2000.managers, entrepreneurs andacademics. They possess intimate Slade Partners Executive Search is part of EMA Partnersinside knowledge of how organisations International – one of the world’s top 10 Executive search groups.work and where to find the best For our clients, this partnership opens up unparalleled globalpossible talent. We value their insight reach, and when combined with our expert local knowledge, itand integrity and you know your allows us to have ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground in most majorassignments are in safe hands. markets and business centres in over 50 cities around the world.KNOWLEDGE The right person Generating – Resulting in –EXPERIENCE OF for the role –SLADE PARTNERS’CONSULTANTS Is effective in a Business continuity, Increased profitability; short period of time productivity, market operational effectivenessOffers confidence share or operational and therefore –of success and risk Quickly grasps excellence shareholder returnsmitigation organisational culture and champions new Maintenance of Your organisation’sThe right initiatives brand strength reinforcement as anplacement makes and reputation employer of choiceyour organisationstronger Brings solid experience and Confidence in the a fresh perspective organisation by employees, to the role customers, suppliers and shareholders.
  3. 3. Sector specialisation Research — our point of difference the sectors we specialise include: Slade Partners has built what is arguably the finest» Digital Media Business Technology in-house research reputation in the Executive Search» Education – Higher Education, VET/TAFE Sector. All research through Slade Partners is bespoke and Schools and brief specific.» Energy, Resources and Sustainability» Finance and Professional Services MARKET InTELLIGEnCE» Government and Public Sector KnOWLEDGE» Industrials MAnAGEMEnT TALEnT InTELLIGEnCE» Information Technology and Communications MARKET STRATEGy PREPARATIOn» Property, Construction and Infrastructure inTElligEncE SOlUTiOnS» Retail and Consumer CAnDIDATE» Sports, Leisure and Entertainment SOuRCInG we offer other specialist services, including:» Board and Organisational Reviews» Psychological, Emotional and Behavioural Research — prevailing conditions Assessments Knowledge ManageMent provides clients with a starting» Outplacement Services point from which to ‘Set the Course’. Through Slade» On-Boarding and Talent Retention Strategies Partners’ bespoke Market Intelligence, clients can gain» Senior Executives on an interim basis valuable insights into their sector, their competitors, industry trends and labour market data.» Leadership Development» Remuneration and Benefits talent IntellIgence can provide ‘real time’ information» Diversity Advisory on ‘positions of interest’, ‘executives of interest’, which positions they occupy, their background and often their Approach and follow through performance track record. Slade Partners has a dedicated research unit, the pivotal point of the firm’s knowledge management. Strategy PreParatIon is the tactical recruitment plan It tracks management moves, industry news, economic developed in response to our understanding of each indicators, impacts of government policy and global/ particular role, its sector, degree of difficulty and risk local issues affecting business culture. It follows attached to optional recruitment paths. industry leaders, what they are doing and how to get in touch with them, always operating with discretion candIdate SourcIng navigating the journey to secure and confidentiality. the desired candidate. Our Executive Search Consultants complement the research, using their own extensive networks. It’s one thing to unearth great talent. It‘s quite another to convince someone to expand their horizons, leave their current position, move cities, states or countries and take up the challenge of a new position. We do it everyday. Beyond possessing the skills to invite exceptional candidates to consider new positions, our consultants are also conscious of offering considered counsel and very effective candidate care to unsuccessful candidates; ensuring their pride is retained – and clients’ reputations protected and even enhanced.
  4. 4. MELBOURNELevel 7, 15 William StreetMelbourne Victoria 3000P: +613 9235 5100F: +613 9235 5102 INTERNATIONALOFFICESSyDNEy Argentina Germany RussiaLevel 10, 20 Hunter Street Belgium Hungary SlovakiaSydney new South Wales 2000 Brazil India South AfricaP: +612 9006 8777 Bulgaria Italy SpainF: +612 9006 8700 Canada Malaysia Sweden China Mexico Switzerland Columbia netherlands TurkeyBRISBANE Costa Rica new Zealand ukraineLevel 3, 2 Edward Street Czech Republic norway uAEBrisbane Queensland 4000 Denmark Poland uKP: +617 3221 4022 Finland Portugal uSAF: +617 3221 4088 France Romaniasladepartners.com.au