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  3. 3. TWO KINDS 1. Someone who has established a social media presence significant enough to draw interest from advertisers. 2. Anyone who stands out from the masses enough to open new professional opportunities.
  5. 5. Foster Hunting • Quit his design job in New York to live in a van. • Created #VanLife • Through a f ew blogs and social media accounts, able to make a living and expand his brand. • Now a respected author, photographer and f ilm -maker. INSTAGRA M, VIMEO, .
  6. 6. MOST CONNECT ED MAN ON LINKEDIN. Steven Burda • Immigrated to USA from Ukraine in the 90s • 50,000 Connections • 3,000+ Recommendation s • Dubs himself the “Mother Teresa” of social networking and helps others find jobs on LinekdIn for free • Leveraging connections as he builds his consulting business
  7. 7. YOUTUBE MOGUL Michelle Phan • Was a waitress started make-up tutorials on youtube • Formerly on foodstamps, now has networth of 3 million • More than a billion Youtube views • Transformed Youtube channel into company with 84 million annual sales
  8. 8. WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? To live directly off your digital presence? To leverage your digital presence into growth opportunities?
  9. 9. WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? Sponsorships Creative Projects Consulting Company
  11. 11. THREE CORE TRAITS Original Sincere Trustworthy
  12. 12. ECHOES FADE Original • The less unique you are the more disposable and forgettable your content is. • The web is a place for discussion, so be interesting. • This applies to repurposed or retweeted/shared content. What spin are you going to put on it?
  13. 13. DOING IT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS • Do you have something to say? • Post, create, comment because it means something to you. Not because you feel you should do it. • Don’t be “noise.” Sincere
  14. 14. WHY SHOULD WE ENGAGE WITH YOU? • What relationship or authority do you have to the subject matter? • Do you make a strong initial impression? • Are you consistent? Trustworthy
  15. 15. “Vocation (Calling) is the place where our deep gladness meets the world's deep need.” ― Frederick Buechner
  16. 16. Ask yourself – Will it bring me joy and energy? Will it fulfill a purpose?
  17. 17. A FEW OTHER THINGS TO CONSIDER 1.Which platform(s) make sense for you? 2.Where do you get your content? 3.What kind of influencer are you?
  18. 18. WHICH PLATFORM(S) MAKES SENSE FOR YOU? • Do you have a “why” for every platform? • Do you enjoy the platform? • Do you have a cross-platform strategy?
  19. 19. WHICH PLATFORM(S) MAKE SENSE FOR YOU? blog.shareaholic.com
  20. 20. WHICH PLATFORM(S) MAKE SENSE FOR YOU? Remember: You don’t have to do everything.
  21. 21. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR CONTENT? Self Created Recycled Featuring original work from your account, blog or website. Your unique take on other people’s unique work, or your curation of other’s work. Brand Created Content created for you by a brand, to put out. Co- develope d
  22. 22. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR CONTENT? Self Created Featuring original work from your account, blog or website. Typically the highest return.
  23. 23. WHAT KIND OF INFLUENCER ARE YOU? $$$$$$ • Silver Screen Celebrities – someone who’d be in OK Magazine $$$$$ • Social Celebrities – someone who is EXTREMELY popular on a specific social channel, over 5M Instagram followers, 1M page views a month, 500,000 YouTube Subscribers $$$$ • Large Influencers – over 500,00 Instagram followers, 500,000 page views a month, 200,000 YouTube Subscribers $$$ • Medium influencers – over 100,000 Instagram followers, 200,000 page views a month, 50,000 YouTube Subscribers $$ • Small Influencers – over 10,000 Instagram followers, 100,000 page views a month, 20,000 YouTube Subscribers $ • Everyday Influencer – Over 3,000 Instagram followers, 25,000 page views a month, 5,000 YouTube Subscribers ~ • Micro Influencer– Around 1,000 Instagram followers, 8,000 page views a month, 2,000 Youtube Slide courtesy of Sarah Ware of Markerly
  24. 24. WHAT KIND OF INFLUENCER ARE YOU? $$ • Small Influencers – over 10,000 Instagram followers, 100,000 page views a month, 20,000 YouTube Subscribers $ • Everyday Influencer – Over 3,000 Instagram followers, 25,000 page views a month, 5,000 YouTube Subscribers ~ • Micro Influencer– Around 1,000 Instagram followers, 8,000 page views a month, 2,000 Youtube Zone for career boost Zone for living off your digital presence
  25. 25. Living Directly off your digital presence. ROUTE #1
  26. 26. WHO WOULD YOU TRUST MOST? Celebrity Social Celebrity Mommy Blogger
  27. 27. A FEW FACTS 60% of marketers plan to boost influence marketing budgets in the next 12 months. AdWeek, Social Times 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over advertising. Nielsen Brands are 50x times more likely to trigger a purchase with word- of-mouth than advertising. McKinsey&Company
  28. 28. Step 1: You need to build a brand.
  29. 29. WANT TO BE A BRAND? THINK LIKE A BRAND. 1.Be consistent. 2.Do not dilute. 3.Talk about your successes 4.Invest in photography and design. 5.Purchase your own domain. 6.Have a media kit. 7.Develop your “one-liner.”
  30. 30. Step 2: Attract advertisers.
  31. 31. HOW DO I CONNECT WITH ADVERTISERS? Option #1: Connect with an agency.
  32. 32. HOW DO I CONNECT WITH ADVERTISERS? Option #2: Connect directly with a brand.
  33. 33. HOW DOES IT ALL WORK? 1.You are contacted by advertiser. 2.You are researched on a per-project basis. 3.Once a project fits, you negotiate a price. (have your data handy) 4.You post your content. 5.Your performance is evaluated. 6.If you do well, you get more opportunities.
  34. 34. KEY HABITS 1.Constant networking (in a non-annoying way) 2.Constant content production. 3.Laser focus 4.Proactive collaboration
  35. 35. WANT MORE? ONLINE.CUW.EDU How To Monetize Your Personal Brand
  36. 36. Leveraging your digital presence into growth opportunities ROUTE 2:
  37. 37. Developed the #blackbuzzfee d hashtag to imagine if buzzfeed catered to a black audience. Buzzfeed hired her for her creativity. TRACY CLAYTON:
  38. 38. A barber who has an Instagram account of the people he has met while cutting hair. He sent a link to his dream salon and got hired. CLARK WALKER:
  39. 39. Followed the managing editor of the South Florida Business Journal on Twitter. He followed back, liked her social skills, and hired her. CELIA AMPEL:
  40. 40. DRAWING A CLEAR LINE 3 key questions 1. What is it you want to do? 2. How are you showing you can do it? 3. How are you showing you are great at it?
  41. 41. BASICALLY… Why would someone choose your brand?
  42. 42. ASPIRANTS Make a list of 15 accounts aspire to. • Does this person have a goal? What is it? • What is their “one-liner”? • Top 3 strengths • Top weakness • How do you perceive social’s role in professional growth for him or her?
  43. 43. ASPIRANTS Study: - Timing: frequency, time between, timeliness - Quantity: how much content in a week, are there cycles? - Type: types of media, mix of humor, retweets/shares (and from where), engagements with others
  44. 44. KEYWORDS What are your keywords? How are you found? • Social Media is a database. • Look at job descriptions. • Think of “buzzwords” in your industry. • Use a hashtag search engine to see across platforms. • Include location.
  45. 45. KEYWORDS Example: Join twitter chats in your industry. Make smart use of hashtags, putting out worthwhile tweets. LinkedIn example: Get recommendations with your keywords. Place keywords in multiple sections of your profile.
  46. 46. CONNECTIONS Are you doing research on your connections? • It’s OK to snoop • You need to look hard to see opportunities • Be creative • Be confident and proactive • Make it a habit to grow your network by “X” every week.
  47. 47. CONNECTIONS Engage with companies • Follow them and interact on social • Keep updated on news and new positions • Connect with individuals at these companies
  48. 48. FOR CONSULTANTS A few “must-haves”: • A website (on your own domain) • Case studies (pro-bono if you are starting out) • A form system • An email system (ideally connected with form)
  49. 49. CONTENT (ESPECIALLY FOR CONSULTANTS) Are you testing engagement strategies? • Contests? • Downloads? • Freemiums? The more time invested, the higher the value, the greater reward.
  50. 50. CONTENT (ESPECIALLY FOR CONSULTANTS) What is something valuable you can give away for free?
  51. 51. CONTENT (ESPECIALLY FOR CONSULTANTS) With every engagement, try to build your email list. (it’s about collecting names). • Gate your offers with forms • Make a newsletter • Blog subscription
  52. 52. CONTENT (ESPECIALLY FOR CONSULTANTS) How do you leverage communications across channels • Your contacts will be segmented • Make sure your message is consistent across channels • Make sure your message is tailored to the platform
  53. 53. WHAT’S NEW? Can you carve out a niche on something new? • Blab • Medium • Facebook realtime video • Twitter polls
  54. 54. WANT MORE? ONLINE.CUW.EDU How to Create Professional Opportunities Through Digital Content Managing your Personal Brand on LinkedIn
  55. 55. Check out the other CUW presentations this week. THANK YOU!