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Adtech Jakarta Michael Leander presentation in Indonesia

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Adtech Jakarta Michael Leander presentation in Indonesia

  1. 1. Crea%ng  your  ideal  marke%ng   world  for  maximum  impact   Michael  Leander       >  www.michaelleander.me     >  @michaelleander       >  #adtechjkt  <    
  2. 2. See  all  pictures  here  
  3. 3. 30  fast  paced  minutes  sharing   selected  marke5ng  experiences  …   Change  your  ways  stuff   Mostly  Content     Best  prac5ces   Mobility  a  bit  
  4. 4. Tweet  a  quote     and  win  the  book   Digital  marke%ng  is  direct  marke%ng  on     steroids  #adtechjkt  @michaelleander     or  any  other  quote  men%oning   #adtechjkt  AND  @michaelleander      
  5. 5. Which  presenta5on?   A  –  With  fun   B  –  Without  fun  
  6. 6. iQuestion  Time       A  quick  marke%ng  IQ  test  for     Indonesian  marketers  
  7. 7. Which  reads  the  most     words  per  minute  –  the  eye  or  the  ear?   2.500  words  per  minute   125  words  per  minute   Quote:  Eye  reads  20  ;mes  faster  than  the  ear  @michaelleander  #adtechjkt    
  8. 8. Picture   economy  is   here  to  stay  
  9. 9. Let’s  set  a  new  world  record   •  Take  a  picture  of   the  person  siBng   next  to  you     •  Pass  the  camera   around  quickly  –   we  only  have  30   minutes   •  Don’t  want  your   pic  on  Facebook  –   cover  your  face   Trondheim,  Norway   Sydney,  Australia  
  10. 10. Visuals  s5r  emo5ons  in   a  heart  beat  
  11. 11. Find  a  picture-­‐editorial  style  that   works  in  all  channels  
  12. 12. Hero  shots   telling  stories  
  13. 13. Use  humor  and  demonstrate  the   benefit  of  your  product  
  14. 14. Best  prac%ces  from  the  no   pain,  no  gain  trenches  
  15. 15. Matching  your  message  with  the     right  target  audience  is  very  important   10%   Crea5vity   30%  Proposi5on  (message)   60%  Target  audience     Invest  more  in  improving  access  to  your  target  audience  and  knowledge   about  your  target  audience  for  improving  results  immediately  
  16. 16. Don’t  count  the  customers    you   reach  –  Reach  those  who  count   #adtechjkt  @michaelleander  
  17. 17. Drive  towards  your  objec5ves  first  ,   deadlines  second  !     See  video  about  being  objec5ve  driven  hp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mxvy_usWz8     If  95%  of    your  effort  is  here,  you  are  wrong  !    
  18. 18. What  really  decides   consumers  to  buy  or  not  to   buy  is  the  content  of  your   adver5sing,  not  its  form.   David  Ogilvy    
  19. 19. Using  humor  is  fine,  but  make  sure  you   connect  to  your  core  value  proposi5on  
  20. 20. Pay  aen5on  to  details  &     don’t  be  afraid  to  experiment,  don’t  be   afraid  of  failure   Create  a  culture  of   experimenta5on  
  21. 21. Your  audience  is   exposed  to     6000  adver5sing   messages  every   single  day  
  22. 22. Short  aen5on  span,  loads  of  intrusion   -­‐  how  do  you  cut  through  the  cluer?   Brain   filter     Do  I  know  you?   Do  I  need  you?   Can  I  trust   you?    
  23. 23. Unique   passionate   emo5onal   authen5c   focused   interac5ve   meaningful…   How  to  get  into  the  Mind  Box?  
  24. 24. THE  COLOSSAL  OTS  CHALLENGE   AWen;on   Ac;on   Message   Message   Message   Message   Message   Ac;on   Increase  Opportunity  To  See  by  mul5ple  of  3,  5,  10   Pre  launch  phase   Hard  selling  phase  Nurture  &  convince  phase   The  “it’s  all  over”  phase  
  25. 25. Like  not  like,  like  AIDA     The  power  of   social  is  in  the   share  leading  to   ac5on  
  26. 26. AID+LIRA  Attention > Interest > Desire + Like – Interaction – Recommendation - Action Engagement   Share  is  good   ac5on  counts   Like  is  NOT  a  currency,  engagements  conver<ng  to  ac<ons  are  @michaelleander  #adtechjkt  
  27. 27. The  power  of  social  is  in  the  share   Page  likes   5.000   Organic   reach   845   Shared   222   Total  reach   23.168   Clicks   ?   Likes   74   Call  to   ac;on  
  28. 28. The  Power  of  Paper   Mul<-­‐channel  really  is  mul<-­‐channel.  Across  the  board  25%  of     consumers  prefer  paper  over  digital  in  cri<cal  stages  of  the   buying  cycle    
  29. 29. Make  the  share  easy  and  make  it  count  –     from  desktops  to  mobility   Think  about   -­‐  Images   -­‐  Shared  text   -­‐  How  to  make   the  share   convert  
  30. 30. Own  The   Experience  
  31. 31. THE   CUSTOMER   Experience   OMNICHANNEL   RELEVANCE   EMPOWERMENT   Innova;on   reflec;ng  the   ;mes  we  are   living  in  
  32. 32. The  customer   experience  starts   and  ends  with   marke5ng   #adtechjkt   @michaelleander  
  33. 33. #adtechjkt     now  showing     Omnipresence  means  owning  the  customer  experience  in  all  channels   #adtechjkt  @michaelleander  
  34. 34. The  Danger  of  Band   Wagon  &  The   Urgency  of   Mobility,  Local  
  35. 35. New challenges, new opportunities, new fads Touch
  36. 36. Think  about  how  your  audience  interacts   depending  on  which  device    they  are  on  
  37. 37. New  opportuni5es  to  interact   and  get  a  response  from  your   audience  using  QR  codes  (or  not)  
  38. 38. Drink  and  scan  –     if  you  can  !    
  39. 39. Scan  and   download   a  book  
  40. 40. How  does     mobile  &  relevant   ”5me  and  place   offers”  5e  in  with   the  overall   customer   experience  and   your   webpresence  
  41. 41. Your  role   in  the   mobility   space   Loca;on   based   services   Local   interac;ons   (listening)   Content   opportuni;es   &   Gamifica;on   Customer   service  point  
  42. 42. In  Summary:  Own  the  Experience   >  An;cipate   customer  needs   >  Provide  ;mely   service     >  Differen;ate     communica;on   >  Personalize     communica;on     >  Understand     preferences  
  43. 43. I  knew  you   would  be   awesome  !   Michael@michaelleander.me