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Rousseau Associates Brochure_v7

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Rousseau Associates Brochure_v7

  1. 1. 1 Client Services
  2. 2. 2 Contents Introduction 3 Case Study How Do We Work? 6 What is the Professional Business Exchange (PBE)? Contact Us 9 4-5 7-8
  3. 3. 3 Introduction Rousseau Associates are able to work across a complete range of business sectors and we specialise in working with companies that are profitable and growing. It is common knowledge that the country’s largest companies enjoy specialist advice from the top 4 accountancy and consultancy firms which give them huge advantages in how best to manage their corporate liabilities and by using economies of scale, they are able to operate in a more cost effective and profitable way. Our proactive business planning goes way beyond what is possible using traditional accountancy services and due to our existing infrastructure, we are able to bring this advice and expertise to the SME sector in a more cost effective manner. In fact, so confident are we in the ways in which we can help, we guarantee that we will add true monetary return to your bottom line even after all costings are considered. By utilising Rousseau Associates expertise, company owners will also be able to substantially increase the wealth they are able to extract from their companies as well as allowing them to be more profitable and efficient. As a result Rousseau Associates will add real value to your business. Rousseau Associates are a specialist corporate business consultancy that operates with SMEs, offering a bespoke service to leverage them a unique market advantage.
  4. 4. 4 Case Study – The Challenge Company A are an established company importing furniture from abroad for use by bespoke interior designers. They employ 95 members of staff in two countries. The company is owned and managed by 4 shareholding directors. The company is one of the market leaders and are growing steadily whilst making good profits. However, as expert as they are in running this type of business, they have a need for help in various different sectors. One major issue is making sure they operate a strong Human Resources department to manage staff and contracts. They also want to avoid any legal disputes not only with contracts but also with any third party companies they deal with when buying furniture both in the UK and abroad. They have an existing firm of lawyers on retainer and although this is expensive, they do not want to set up a legal department as not only will this cost a lot more but they only need this help every now and again. They have two staff members who try and manage the HR side of the business but they have come across issues which they are not expert enough to deal with and also struggle with an ever increasing workload. Again, it is very expensive for the company at this stage to set up a completely new HR division. Rousseau Associates visited this company in order to see how we could help.
  5. 5. 5 New IT infrastructures were also discussed which would help how business was documented and how the business was able to communicate not just with each other but with clients. This was a project that was put in the pipeline for the near future. The pleasing part for the business owners was not only could they do all this at a fraction of the cost that it would take for them to do this individually, they also didn’t need to spend any time on it as Rousseau Associates in association with the Professional Business Exchange managed all of this for them. The business owners were also able to benefit from extracting wealth for themselves as individuals in a far more effective manner which was benefiting the business and themselves. Thanks to the structured approach of Rousseau Associates this was achieved cost effectively whilst adding to the bottom line of the overall project. Rousseau Associates were able to improve the logistical planning when shipping items from around the world Case Study – The Solution Rousseau Associates were not only able to supply a full suite of legal and HR services at a fraction of the cost that they were already paying but were able to give them more specific and concentrated help in the areas that were needed most. Rousseau Associates were able to help with sorting out travel arrangements for the directors when they needed to visit different offices and suppliers and improve the logistical planning when shipping items from around the world. Company A were keen on letting clients know how ethical they were when sourcing furniture but this was not reflected in their marketing and the little social media that they did. Rousseau Associates were able to totally improve not only the marketing material but the message they were looking to get across. The company were also looking to build or buy another distribution centre in the UK and possibly one abroad. They wanted to do this without having to use the business to purchase this as if they did this as individuals, it would be far more flexible, tax efficient and also help with retirement planning in the future. We also assisted in foreign exchange to help the business owners save margin opposed to what their banks could offer.
  6. 6. 6 Rousseau Associates, are able to deal with any business sector in any industry. We need to establish if you and Rousseau Associates are a fit for each other and whether your business is in a position to benefit from our help and advice. This meeting normally takes about an hour with the business owner. The accountants are also invited along if they have a better knowledge of the business’ finances. 1. Initial Meeting Sales & Marketing, Social Media, I.T., H.R., Legal, Travel & Logistics, Finance, Foreign Exchange, Property and Corporate Events Areas where we can help: This will be a more in depth discussion around your business and the areas in which we can help. Following this, Rousseau Associates will produce a complimentary business plan covering the areas that are important to your business and how we can help and add value. Allow 2 hours for the meeting. 2. Business Review Having established that Rousseau Associates can assist and derive additional value then the business agrees to engage Rousseau Associates. In order to facilitate our recommendations the relevant documentation is completed and start dates are agreed. 3. Engagement A Professional Services Agreement is drawn up and given to your business together with suggested board minutes and accountants direction. It should also be noted that Rousseau Associates do not have agreements that are binding or for a set period of time. It is our intention that we work with your company on an ongoing basis but this requirement may be stopped or adjusted at any given time. This could be the case if the services provided are no longer needed or that your company executes its exit strategy. 4. Documentation As our relationship is intended to be ongoing then suitable dates and timescales will need to be discussed in order to review progress and requirements as well as making any necessary adjustments. 5. Review How Do We Work?
  7. 7. 7 What is the Professional Business Exchange (PBE)? The PBE is a company that is used to supply and distribute a whole range of services outlined in this brochure. The company has grown from the need for high level contractors to obtain specialist support in a variety of areas specific to them and their business. Such has been the need and volume of this requirement that, over the years, these separate entities have become businesses in their own right and we have gathered various personnel over this time who are experts in their field. The services that are provided include but are not necessarily restricted to: Human Resources (HR) I.T. Finance & Capital Management Mergers & Acquisitions Exit Strategies Social Media Legal Travel & Logistics Property Foreign Exchange Corporate Events
  8. 8. 8 It is common for many companies to outsource some or all of a range of services as it may not be a requirement for a company to have a specific department dedicated to this area due to costs and usage. Many companies have retainers with different external companies in order to supply these services when required. That, of course, makes good commercial sense but can still be expensive. However, we can take this a step further as not only do we have all these services under one roof but we can, as a result, supply these services in a far more cost effective manner. So much so that we can save companies a great deal of money. There is also an opportunity to invest in these services for the longer term in a way that can significantly increase a company’s profits and also their EBITDA. Rousseau Associates will not work within your business unless requested to do so. Nor will your business need to put any existing work or projects aside. We are a professional resource working alongside your business giving advice, guidance and a suite of services whenever needed. Call Rousseau Associates without obligation today for a free consultation and business plan. What is the Professional Business Exchange (PBE)?
  9. 9. 9 Contact Us +44 (0) 333 222 4058 info@rousseauassociates.com rousseauassociates.com professionalbusinessexchange.com HEAD OFFICE Rousseau Associates Bahnhofstrasse 52 CH-8001 Zurich Switzerland
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