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[2015 GUIDE] Grow Your Twitter Followers

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Created by the team at Twenty20. Your source for native, social stock photos. Twenty20.com

Twitter is the future of brand to customer interaction. Everyday, Twitter sees 500 million tweets. In 2015, it's time to go beyond hashtags with 1. native advertising 2. higher engagement 3. great content.

Native advertising is a huge opportunity. It's essential for you to communicate directly with your customers, whether you are @mentioned or decide to engage in a conversation. Following helps build a great two way relationship.

The trick to creating great content is to use native, social photos. Great visuals will help you attract new customers. It's time to go beyond the hashtags to growing on Twitter your Twitter followers. Native, social photos will help you along the way.

Created by Twenty20 - your source for native, social photos.

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[2015 GUIDE] Grow Your Twitter Followers

  1. 1. Twitter GROW YOUR FOLLOWING 2015 GUIDE:
  2. 2. BRAND TO CUSTOMER INTERACTION particularly on mobile. Twitter is the future of
  3. 3. 500million tweets 49%of users follow brands 80% on mobile Everyday, Twitter sees Source: Twitter of users
  4. 4. “JUST ADD HASHTAGS” In 2014, everyone was saying:
  5. 5. BEYOND HASHTAGSto drive engagement. In 2015, it’s time to go
  6. 6. 2. Engage with others 3. Tweet great content 1. Use native advertising GROWTH TOPICS
  7. 7. WAIT! Want to read this as a high-quality PDF? DOWNLOAD
  8. 8. Use Native Advertising 1
  9. 9. Twitter spent 2014 launching new ad units.
  10. 10. Now you can…
  11. 11. Leverage robust tracking and reporting to deliver ads based on keywords, interests, & tailored audiences.
  12. 12. Create incredibly engaging ads using bold creatives, great CTAs & native feeling images across web & mobile.
  13. 13. To get the best results…
  14. 14. GET IN EARLY Twitter’s ad ecosystem is much less cluttered ~ meaning fewer advertisers bidding on your audience.
  15. 15. Source: Forrester Twitter has only 11% of the advertising quantity that Facebook does.
  16. 16. Engage with others 2
  17. 17. It’s essential to communicate directly with your followers.
  18. 18. Retweet valuable content that influencers or your followers post.
  19. 19. Respond to your @ mentions to create an engaged conversation. @
  20. 20. @ When your followers call you out, it’s a huge opportunity to show you care & keep them engaged in the future.
  21. 21. Follow to build two-way relationships 85% of Twitter users say they feel more connected to businesses after following them. Source: Twitter
  22. 22. Tweet great content 3
  23. 23. More tweets=More followers Source: beevolve.com For a majority of Twitter users, their priority is consuming content. And it shows.
  24. 24. BUT, The top reasons to be unfollowed are tweeting 1. With too great frequency 2. Uninteresting content Source: http://an.kaist.ac.kr/~haewoon/papers/2011-chi-unfollow.pdf
  25. 25. Focus on tweeting enticing, great content.
  26. 26. top reasons that users follow brands: because they like the brand 55% for special offers & promotions 52% to stay up to date with brand news 51% Source: Nielsen When crafting your tweets, consider the
  27. 27. MOST IMPORTANTLY, the trick to creating engaging content is…
  28. 28. Use native, social photos.
  29. 29. A growing emphasis on photos defines the future of Twitter.
  30. 30. Visual content is the quickest way to grab users’ attention.
  31. 31. Feel like you belong in the feed with real-life images from social.
  32. 32. Why worry about 140 characters if you can speak 1,000 words?
  33. 33. 2015is time to go beyond the hashtag and start innovating onTwitter.
  34. 34. TWITTERis a direct channel to connect with customers that are craving content.
  35. 35. NATIVE IMAGES are the secret to capturing attention & growing your Twitter following.
  36. 36. Read the full whitepaper. WHAT MAKES AN AUTHENTIC PHOTO? SEE THE DIFFERENCE
  37. 37. Your source for mobile, social images. No more boring stock. Created by the team at Twenty20.
  38. 38. Authentic, real-world photos drive engagement. NEED PHOTOS FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT? SEE THE DIFFERENCE