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Is personal shopping personal enough yet? - Simon Bloom

  1. Is Personal Shopping Personal enough yet?
  2. A little about us 2,000+Customers in 60 countries across 15+ major industries 130+Partners, resellers & affiliates in 40 countries 6Global data centers 350Employees in 11 Countries 13BTransactions per day 900TBOf active data 800Visitor data marts 130+Technology patents 100%Availability of data collection & 99.999% report availability 3,600Mobile apps 2,800Facebook properties 20,000Websites Industry-leading SLA & best-in-class Security “A”-rating (3rd Party Audit) - All customer independent audits passed with high grades
  3. How do you improve customer experience? CONTEXTUAL PERSONALISATION Exploration Data Delivery
  4. Imagine a World… Where you knew what your customer wanted before they entered the store
  5. Imagine a World… You knew their name Jane Sophi e
  6. Imagine a World… You knew their shopping habits
  7. Imagine a World… You knew everything about them, including their likes, dislikes and what they purchased from you…. This World is closer than you think
  8. Personal shopping is about to get more personal • Personal shopping is no longer just on the high street. • Real online personal shopping experience is growing fast • Aligning online and offline personal shopping is the key 40% of consumers say they prefer buying from retailers that cater to their preferences Internet Retailer March 2013
  9. Personalisation • Historical Customer behaviour • Understand your customer behaviour • Optimise your customer engagement • Utilise the time they spend with you • Both offline and online
  10. = Simple Contextual Personalisation
  12. Understand your customer- CRM / EDW/DMP Content Personalisation Marketing Automation Triggered Email Data Visualisation Use data To Fuel Your Digital Ecosystem
  13. The future is closer than you think
  14. Apple ibeacons/Beacon Technology • Helps close the online and offline loop • Near Field Communications • iOS 7.1 – Small upgrade, massive impact for marketers
  15. Joseph searches Camera products HAPPENING IN REAL TIME Browses 3 Tripods Abandons session WEBTRENDS Define ACTION CENTER Configure Using online behaviour to drive offline sales PENDING Action Joseph visits retail park Joseph gets notification Joseph enters Camera Gear store purchases tripod
  16. 1. Customer visits store x and purchases a dress 2. Customer visits store x webshop to browse matching shoes but does not purchase 3. Customer returns to store x and is using their loyalty application. Rich Customer DB POSCRMWIFI ECOMMERCE In-Storebehaviour CustomerID+purch.history Purchasedetails Web shop behaviour data Marketing DB Real-time Ad engine Mobile SDK Highly targeted mobile ads delivered in right time and within right context 4. Customer receives push Ad with 10% off on the shoes she was browsing online BT BEACONS Trigger is sent to the Real-time Ad engine -20%
  17. What could happen in store
  18. Caution! • Too many notifications and people will stop using app! • Sending shoppers more than one push notification per store visit caused a 313 percent drop in app usage • Shopper interacted with beacon notifications 45% of the time, compared to 9% for push w/out location • Branded push notifications also made shoppers 7.5 times more likely to seek out that specific brand Source: James McDermott, Sep 2014, @Digiday (inmarket survey of 100,000 people in US)
  19. Source: BBC
  20. Any Questions Simon Bloom, Strategic Alliances & Partner Sales Director, EMEA & APAC E: M: +44 07917 156 085 IN: T: @Digital_Bloom

Notas do Editor

  1. Key Message: Webtrends was the pioneer of the web analytics industry 20 years ago and has continued to expand the breadth of our cross-channel offerings and the enterprise scale at which we deliver them. Today, we are known for: Our global presence and innovation [First row of stats] Our enterprise scale, reliability and security [Second row of stats] Our emphasis on cross-channel data-driven marketing [Third row of stats] Our clients rely on us for our enterprise-class technology and a portfolio of innovative digital marketing solutions. Notes: 6 data centers, 4 co-locations and 2 Amazon footprints specific to Optimize (AWS)
  2. Hotels 4 U, like many travel companies have seen exponential growth in mobile traffic, which presented a new multi-channel opportunity. The challenge however was this was a new territory for Hotels 4U, and with that came the natural restrictions on budget and internal resource allocation. Having worked with Hotels 4U for many years on conversion optimisation, Webtrends were pleased to help extend our services into mobile optimisation to help build the business case to develop their mobile presence.
  3. The use case was simple, help to deliver a mobile optimised landing page to users on a mobile device and see what the data says in terms of engagement with the site. Somewhat obviously, the mobile optimised content that Webtrends delivered saw nearly a 60% increase in hotel searches, and a significant increase in driving traffic into the booking process. This clearly showed the business the data they needed to take mobile seriously and begin their site redesign!
  4. In a highly competitive space, Webtrends are proud to have delivered a 5.52% increase in hotel bookings to Hotels 4U, and we look forward to driving even more uplift across web and mobile channels in 2014!
  5. The next customer case study is Alitalia. Italy’s flagship airline, carrying more than 24million passengers a year.
  6. As with many travel companies, Alitalia make use of promo codes as part of their extensive digital marketing campaigns. Always a fantastic way to boost revenue, but promo codes are also capable of eroding the already fine margins of the airline industry that already has to deal with increasing fuel costs and rising taxes. So Webtrends and Alitalia sat down and thought about how they could be more intelligent with their promo codes, enticing the bookings from those that just need that little bit of convincing before they book that flight, rather than just throwing away free money to everyone just because it’s easy.
  7. Working with Webtrends visitor-centric segmentation engine, Webtrends and Alitalia sat down and figured out audience segments that fitted into the target for the promo code campaigns. 3 core segments were identified – LINSUD, effectively a defined list of Italy national routes only – BEST BUY – which excluded LINSUD routes, and COUPLES which was obviously a search for 2 passengers on national routes. Crucially, the promo code was only ever displayed to the target segments if they saw the “select flight” page twice or more as part of their visit. I.e. if they proceeded as normal through the booking process, they didn’t ever see the promo code, on the logic that they were going to book anyway. This way, Alitalia encouraged more procrastinating bookers and didn’t give money away free to all users!
  8. Working with Webtrends, Alitalia saw over a 7% increase in bookings over just three months, leading to Nicola being more than happy to go to press with the uplift – this is exactly the type of partnerships we are after!