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Managing Time & Stress A Different Approach

  1. 2 Rules to Reduce Stress & Manage Time
  2. Imagine a stage performance…
  3. ….with a dozen instruments playing different tunes at the same time!
  4. Does it sound irritating and painful?
  5. Realize…
  6. Our mind is like that stage, with many things fighting to take center stage
  7. This naturally leads to… Stress !
  8. While we try to work on one thing…
  9. Things that occurred in the past crash into our minds…
  10. Things expected to come up in future crash into our minds
  11. Realize that only when mind and the work at hand are in sync do we avoid stress
  12. So, the first rule in time and stress management is:
  13. A simple way to do it is… Set time for each activity Focus on one activity at a time
  14. Now the second point:
  15. Imagine you are hungry and trying to eat your food…
  16. What would you do if your friends keeps shoving more and more food items onto your plate?
  17. Would you… 1 Leave things half-eaten? 2 Feel overwhelmed? or 3 Ask them to stop?
  18. We face the same thing at work where people keep shoving work at us
  19. In the middle of our work, these people crash in with other ‘urgent’ things…
  20. This naturally leads to… Stress !
  21. So, the second rule in time and stress management is:
  22. A simple way to do this is… Not to allow people to crash in on time allocated to other activity
  23. Make a note of what they want, but finish your task ‘on the stage’ first.
  24. If your mobile is a regular time-crasher, you could keep it mute and return calls later!
  25. So, the 2 simple but practical rules to reduce stress and manage time better…
  26. Realize.. This is all the time you have. YOU Either time- crashers and take mind-crashers fill it or.. charge
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