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#TDC18 - Retain.me - Unbaking the digital customer journey - A (revenue) uplifting experience

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Learn more about MetaPack's The Delivery Conference 2018 (#TDC18) at the event website https://www.thedeliveryconference.com.

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#TDC18 - Retain.me - Unbaking the digital customer journey - A (revenue) uplifting experience

  1. 1. Leaders & Heroes THE DELIVERY CONFERENCE ANDREW CURRAN CEO Unboxing the Digital Customer Journey - a (revenue) uplifting experience Solutions Theatre
  2. 2. the Digital Customer Experience Unboxing Andrew Curran andrewjcurran
  3. 3. 360o Digital Customer Experience
  4. 4. Accuracy Speed Options Communication Tracking Frictionless Returns WHY? We are all investing in the Customer Experience:
  6. 6. Meet Louise… Had a good web experience Comms & tracking, all good Product met expectations Order arrived on time Is she happy? YES Won her loyalty? NO !
  7. 7. “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” MAYA ANGELOU
  8. 8. Between zero & 7 days post purchase When is the best time to re-engage a customer? What does “re-engage” actually mean? Second purchase Social engagement Refer a friend Product / service review After Sales & Returns
  9. 9. Inspired?
  10. 10. SmartSlip®
  11. 11. Louise Receipt and Returns Product & Category Recommends Loyalty Scheme Updates Product Review Links Customer Profile Based Messaging Personalised URLs Variable content Per Customer • Multi-Territory • Multi-Language • Multi-Currency SmartSlip®
  12. 12. AMARA New Product Launches Weekly Web Content Social Media Links 3rd Party Advertising Brand Ambassador Profiles Customer Get Customer Fixed Content Per Cohort • Multi-Territory • Multi-Language • Multi-Currency SmartSlip®
  13. 13. • Continue the digital journey right into the unboxing experience • Combine transactional and marketing content in one SmartSlip® • Maximise the existing tech stack • QR Codes, promotions and search terms, driving customers straight back to site • And provide a seamless Returns function
  14. 14. Case Study Fast Facts: ● Nursery Campaign beat email by x 2.09 GP ● ROAS of £11.49 (first time customers) ● Reduction in variable marketing of 2pp ● Increased AOV for repeat customers of 11% Case Study online SEARCH: AMARA LIGHTBULB MOMENT
  16. 16. Case StudyCase Study online SEARCH: AMARA LIGHTBULB MOMENT