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IoT Application Development: Make Sound Architectural Choices

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Learn about the different IoT scenarios, what the key challenges and architectural concerns of IoT app development are, and tips for selecting an IoT app development approach.

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IoT Application Development: Make Sound Architectural Choices

  1. 1. IoT Application Development Understand Your Options and Make Sound Architectural Choices Gordon Van Huizen VP Platform Strategy
  2. 2. Topics • IoT Scenarios • Key Challenges and Architectural Concerns • Selecting an IoT Application Development Approach
  3. 3. IoT Scenarios
  4. 4. Agriculture
  5. 5. Aviation
  6. 6. Pharma – Chain of Custody
  7. 7. Entertainment
  8. 8. Key Challenges and Architectural Concerns
  9. 9. IoT Logical Architecture
  10. 10. Different Approaches for IoT Communication
  11. 11. The IoT Technology Stack
  12. 12. IoT Software
  13. 13. The Digital Twin: Not Just APIs Class Instance DT — Digital Twin OT— Operational Technology b Digital Twin To ITTo OT Instance State Instance Log of Events ThingAPI TwinAPI Instance Context Data Metadata (Rules, Models, Id) Stream Analytics/Learning Instance Graph References Adapters, Quality, Integration Security, Identity Twin-to-Twin API Management API Custom Code Physical Things Information Systems Source:Gartner
  14. 14. Making Sense of IoT Data
  15. 15. Selecting an IoT Application Development Approach
  16. 16. IoT App Requirements • Ingest IoT data and analyze for trends • Operate autonomously when possible • Associate IoT events with business data and documents • Support multi-channel plus new interaction models
  17. 17. IoT Apps are Fundamentally Mode 2 Source:Gartner
  18. 18. What are the challenges of delivering IoT apps? IoT requires rapid experimentation, frequent iteration and close collaboration between business and IT. Lack of Agility Teams often struggle to integrate the heterogeneous mix of endpoints, IoT services, and big data required. Technical Complexity IoT requires hard-to-find skills spanning multiple technology disciplines.Skills Shortage
  19. 19. Leverage a Low-Code Approach Model-Driven Development using shared communication 1-Click Deployment of web & mobile applications Agile Project Management drives Business & IT collaboration Central Application Governance maintains IT control
  20. 20. Recommendations
  21. 21. Recommendations 1. Adopt a platform-based approach to simplify IoT development 2. Utilize best-of-breed IoT and Big Data services as needed 3. Create a Mode 2 organization if none exists 4. Begin experimenting today!
  22. 22. Download the on-demand webinar to learn more about IoT application development Download Webinar