What Analytics Won't Tell You: Get Essential Insights for Content and Design

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Analytics alone leave out the context and “the why” of people’s behavior. Learn practical ways to supplement your analytics and make smarter decisions about the content and design of your websites and apps.

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What Analytics Won't Tell You: Get Essential Insights for Content and Design

  1. #high5conf@melissa_eggPresentation by What Analytics Won’t Tell You:   to Inform Content and Design   melissa eggleston #high5conf@melissa_egg Get Essential Insights
  2. #high5conf@melissa_egg You sell snow cone machines
  3. #high5conf@melissa_egg
  4. #high5conf@melissa_egg Exit rate high Time on page low
  5. #high5conf@melissa_egg ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?
  6. #high5conf@melissa_egg To get the insights, get to the people behind the numbers!
  7. #high5conf@melissa_egg Our Goals 1.  Agree that using analytics alone leaves you with questions 2. Learn three methods beyond analytics for gathering useful data 3. Walk out with practical tips on how to get started with these methods
  8. #high5conf@melissa_egg About me Meteorologist Content strategist UX researcher Author
  9. #high5conf@melissa_egg Ingredients for success •  Pen •  Paper •  Time •  Knowledge (some) •  Open-mindedness
  10. #high5conf@melissa_egg Method 1: Interviews
  11. #high5conf@melissa_egg Interview Definition
  12. #high5conf@melissa_egg “Learn everything that might influence how the users might use what you’re creating.” - Erika Hall, author, Just Enough Research
  13. #high5conf@melissa_egg Interviews vs. Focus Groups
  14. #high5conf@melissa_egg
  15. #high5conf@melissa_egg
  16. #high5conf@melissa_egg Favorite tool: Livescribe Echo Recording Pen
  17. #high5conf@melissa_egg Resource for Better Interviews Interviewing Users by Steve Portigal
  18. #high5conf@melissa_egg Method 2: Usability Testing
  19. #high5conf@melissa_egg Usability testing definition
  20. #high5conf@melissa_egg People lie — to your face and to themselves.
  21. #high5conf@melissa_egg People are terrible at remembering and predicting behavior.
  22. #high5conf@melissa_egg
  23. #high5conf@melissa_egg
  24. #high5conf@melissa_egg
  25. #high5conf@melissa_egg Usability Testing vs. Expert Review
  26. #high5conf@melissa_egg Resource for Usability Testing Rocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug
  27. #high5conf@melissa_egg Method 3: Field Research
  28. #high5conf@melissa_egg Defining field research Jane  Goodall   observes  the  an0cs   of  two  chimpanzees   in  Gombe  Stream   Na0onal  Park,   Tanzania.   (Photograph  by   Michael  Nichols,   Na0onal  Geographic   Blog)  
  29. #high5conf@melissa_egg
  30. #high5conf@melissa_egg
  31. #high5conf@melissa_egg
  32. #high5conf@melissa_egg Resource for Field Research Just Enough Research by Erika Hall
  33. #high5conf@melissa_egg To get the insights, get to the people behind the numbers!•  c
  34. #high5conf@melissa_egg Q & A•  c
  35. #high5conf@melissa_egg What small step can you take toward getting the insights you need?
  36. #high5conf@melissa_egg Ask Me Questions! Email: melissa@melissaegg.com Twitter: @melissa_egg Slides: melissaegg.com/blog