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Wild life

Destruction of Wild Life Habitat

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Wild life

  1. 1. Presentation by: DeAngelo Young Melissa Baden Jacquita Hunt Andrew Mitchell DESTRUCTION OF WILD LIFE HABITAT
  2. 2. Process in which a natural habitat is: • Hindered dramatically • Unable to support the species • Loss of biodiversity DESTRUCTION OF WILD LIFE HABITAT
  3. 3. • Destruction of wild life habitat is a huge threat. • Habitats are destroyed for agriculture, housing roads, pipelines and industrial development. • This threatens 85% of all species BACKGROUND
  4. 4. Tons of paper is wasted everyday for mail that nobody reads and therefore ends up in the trash. As many as 17 trees are cut down everyday. Ending or cutting back on junk mail will help prevent habitat destruction. CUT BACK ON JUNK MAIL
  5. 5. • Trees and forests provide shelter and food for animals. • This helps reduce levels of green house gases in the atmosphere. • The average person receives 560 pieces of junk mail per year. • Using 28 billion gallons of water for mail that is disposed of. • By monitoring our junk mail we can take control of the situation. WHY IT MATTERS
  6. 6. Websites like 41 pounds.com and direct mail.com will help eliminate junk mail by removing your name from commercial mailing list or by calling the company directly and asking them to remove your name from their mailing list. WEBSITES
  7. 7. Most people don’t know the true impact their junk mail is having on the environment. Together we can take a stand against habitat destruction Because we, nor the environment itself, are invincible. Therefore, it is our job to take care of the environment, as it takes care of us. LIMITATIONS
  8. 8. • Petitions • Websites PUBLIC AWARENESS