A Library of Systemic Relations
RSD Relating Systems Thinking and Design Há 6 anos
Redesign Must Die (updated Feb 2014)
Louis Rosenfeld Há 8 anos
Reed Hastings Há 13 anos
Chiaravalle Educator Workshop_11142012_final
thethirdteacher Há 10 anos
St. Francis Xavier - Drivers
thethirdteacher Há 9 anos
Waukee CAPS Strategy Presentation
thethirdteacher Há 8 anos
Lovett playbook high res
thethirdteacher Há 9 anos
Womack Modern Vs Lean Management
Chet Marchwinski Há 12 anos
How to Make Money From Writing
Adam Smiley Poswolsky Há 6 anos
Linkedin Series B Pitch Deck
Joseph Hsieh Há 9 anos
AppNexus' First Pitch Deck
Camille Ricketts Há 7 anos
AirBnB Pitch Deck
Malcolm Lewis Há 7 anos
Becoming a Design Leader
frog Há 12 anos
On Pitching
Jason D. Rowley Há 7 anos
Aging By Design: An Overview
frog Há 8 anos