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Tools and Techniques for Sourcing Passive Technical Candidates

An invited talk at HR Round Table Auxiliary (Seattle) luncheon in June 2013.
(Updated - April 2014)

There are many useful free online tools for technical recruiting. We review some of these free candidate sourcing tools and apply them to a real world example (the DevOps role at Wetpaint).

Tools and Techniques for Sourcing Passive Technical Candidates

  1. 1. Mei Lu Founder & CEO Geekology.biz
  2. 2.  Founder & CEO, Geekology.biz | Jobfully.com  My work focuses on technology job market Background info:  MS in Computer Science (University of Pennsylvania)  MS in Engineering (Carnegie Mellon University)  Software Engineer -> Software Engineering Manager  Agency Recruiting for SF Bay Area tech companies:  OpenTable,TubeMogul, RockYou!, Interwoven, etc.  (Ruby on Rails full-stack developer – “It’s a hobby.”) © Geekology.biz (Jobfully LLC) 2013-2014
  3. 3.  Don’t have enough high quality candidates replying to job postings  Shorten time-to-fill  Lower cost-to-fill (i.e. reduce the usage of higher-cost recruiting solutions)  Highly targeted out-reach (e.g. diversity recruiting, experts w/ rare skills)  Building a talent pipeline © Geekology.biz (Jobfully LLC) 2013-2014
  4. 4.  Today’s focus – tools (free) and techniques Why use these tools and techniques?  To find the contact information of passive candidates without $$$  Can’t rely on LinkedIn InMail  It’s not uncommon to see -  Technical people avoid LinkedIn  Technical people use a “special” email address for LinkedIn © Geekology.biz (Jobfully LLC) 2013-2014
  5. 5. © Geekology.biz (Jobfully LLC) 2013-2014 DevOps Engineer at Wetpaint
  6. 6.  Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.) using Boolean strings  List of People Search Engines - http://www.findermind.com/free-people-search-engines/  Rapportive.com – very useful for guessing and validating email addresses  People often list their personal (blog) site on their LinkedIn profile. You can usually find contact info on these personal websites.  Github is a great place to find people’s email addresses © Geekology.biz (Jobfully LLC) 2013-2014
  7. 7.  StackOverflow gives you a good idea of people’s expertise  but people don’t use their full name, and  there is no contact information  this means extra research work  Meetup.com  learn about people’s expertise or interest in specific subjects  sometimes linking to other social profiles (LinkedIn,Twitter, Facebook)  sometimes no full name  contact via meetup.com © Geekology.biz (Jobfully LLC) 2013-2014
  8. 8.  Sourcing takes significant amount of time and effort  It’s important to use your sourcing wisely  Highly qualified candidates  Have a compelling message How?  Partner withYour EngineeringTeam  Each week, prepare a list of profiles and get them graded  For each role, ask them why someone should be interested © Geekology.biz (Jobfully LLC) 2013-2014
  9. 9. Got recruiting/sourcing quetsions?  How to find me - mei [at] jobfully.com Free resources:  Blog - blog.geekology.biz  Twitter - @g33kology  LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/company/geekology  Newsletter - Monthly Top 3Tech Recruiting Articles Sign up at www.geekology.biz © Geekology.biz (Jobfully LLC) 2013-2014