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Immersive Learning with xAPI

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xAPI Camp DevLearn 2018 presentation by John Blackmon

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Immersive Learning with xAPI

  1. 1. Immersive Learning With xAPI
  2. 2. What is Immersive Learning? • Placing users in an interactive learning environment, replicating a real life scenario • Micro Learning in action! • Learning by Doing
  3. 3. Why Immersive Learning? • Attention Rate Immersive learning gets 100% attention • Retention Rate VR Learning has shown an 80% retention rate 1 year after training, traditional training as low as 20% after 1 week • Engagement rate Gamified immersive learning is “stickier” than other forms of learning • Freedom to Fail Mistakes made in virtual reality are mistakes not made in reality
  4. 4. Use cases for Immersive Learning Customer Service Chick-Fil-A is using CenarioVR to train front line workers on their customer service skills. Immersive training allows front-line employees to experience and navigate difficult interactions in a consequence-free environment. The increased repetition enabled by VR creates confidence and comfort when employees are faced with a difficult situation in the actual working environment.
  5. 5. Use cases for Immersive Learning Health Care Vanderbilt University School of Nursing is using CenarioVR to train nursing students on Ultrasound technology. Because of the high cost of the equipment, students had limited time to train. Now they master their skills in VR before they work on the physical machine, lowering the amount of time needed to be spent with the equipment.
  6. 6. Use cases for Immersive Learning Safety/Inspection AIB International uses CenarioVR to train line staff and inspectors on sanitary and safety procedures on the production floor. A single mistake in any process on the line can result in a complete loss of production, so ensuring that each employee has experienced the process before live production is vital.
  7. 7. Use cases for Immersive Learning Onboarding Service Titan Corporation uses CenarioVR to onboard staff at their headquarters. New employees are introduced to the facility and to key staff through VR to encourage them to discover all that is offered at the facility.
  8. 8. How do I experience it? Interactive 360° video Pros • Simplest method • Can be used in your LMS or anywhere on the web • Can be embedded in other authoring tools such as Lectora Cons • Least immersive option
  9. 9. How do I experience it? Cardboard Headset/Smartphone Pros • BYOD • Minimal investment • Customized headsets Cons • Quality depends on users smartphone • Gaze to select can be less immersive than using a controller
  10. 10. How do I experience it? Dedicated Smartphone VR Goggles Pros • Good quality Immersive experience Cons • More expensive than better options • Limited to a few, expensive smartphone types
  11. 11. How do I experience it? Standalone VR Headset Pros • Very immersive • No smartphone or laptop needed • Immersive sound, no headphones needed Cons • A more expensive option per user than Cardboard or Web access
  12. 12. How do I experience it? Connected VR Headset Pros • Highest level of immersion Cons • Very expensive • Requires high end PC to work with • Connected by wire to PC
  13. 13. Distribution • Hosted on CenarioVR Works from the web, and with companion apps on mobile devices and VR platforms. Both Private and Public hosting is available • Hosted on your LMS CenarioVR publishes to SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, cmi5, and xAPI • Hosted on your Website CenarioVR publishes to HTML5 which can be downloaded and used on any Web Server • Embedded in traditional Web courses HTML5 output can be used in a “Web Window” in most authoring software
  14. 14. Analyze results • Published content is natively xAPI, so when hosted on CenarioVR, all interactions are recorded and reported through the Analytics tab • Data can be drilled down to individual users and/or individual scenarios • All data can be downloaded as CSV for further manipulation in spreadsheets
  15. 15. Lets Take a Look!
  16. 16. Changing the Way You Create, View and Deliver Training