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Leveraging xAPI Data: PDF Annotation Case Study

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Presentation by Duncan Welder of RISC Inc from xAPI Camp Amazon - Seattle

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Leveraging xAPI Data: PDF Annotation Case Study

  1. 1. Duncan Welder RISC Inc. @duncanwiv duncanw@risc-inc.com 20151992 Leveraging xAPI Data PDF Annotation Case Study
  2. 2. RISCInc. Initial Solution Sought Heavily regulated environment Large archive of existing materials Concerns with USB Security Needed to provide document control Students need to mark-up documents
  3. 3. ONTARGET Solution – Store Annotations in the LRS RISCInc. LMS • Credentialing • Document Control • Reporting Annotator Application LRS • Storage • Retrieval
  4. 4. ONTARGET How does it work? • Annotator Application for Browser and iPad • LMS Provides credentialing, document control and reporting • Documents stored in cloud (Content Server) • Annotations stored in cloud (LRS) RISCInc. What is the business impact? • Portability of documents and annotations for student • Satisfies security and document control needs The big bonus… • LRS data that can be used to improve materials and track use • What pages are viewed • What is annotated/highlighted/etc.
  5. 5. ONTARGET LRS Visualizations RISCInc.
  6. 6. ONTARGET Extending the Function Since the last xAPI Camp • xAPI tracking added to other resources • Blogs & YouTube Videos RISCInc.
  7. 7. ONTARGET Additional Information Duncan Welder IV @duncanwiv http://risc-inc.com RISCInc. Aaron Silvers @mkngbttr http://makingbetter.us Chad Udell @floatlearning http://floatlearning.com Andrew Downes @rusticisoftware http://rusticisoftware.com